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Are you ready to revolutionize your journey to motherhood? Have you ever wondered if the products you use and the food you eat might be hindering your fertility? Many women unknowingly expose themselves to toxins that can impact their ability to conceive and the health of their future children. This is a common struggle, but […]

Healthy Pregnancy Revolution with Stephanie Wilson


In this episode, Carolina and Kim engage in a live Reiki coaching session for the guest’s pregnancy. They discuss the baby’s connection to baseball, the importance of communication, and the baby’s life purpose of fostering connection. They also touch on birth plans, the role of Kim’s father, and the anxieties and fears associated with pregnancy […]

Success Story: Kim Bickard with Pregnancy Reiki

Pregnancy, Reiki

In this episode, Carolina Sotomayor interviews Taylor Nosikera, a prenatal coach and birth doula, about rocking your pregnancy like a badass. They discuss the importance of preparing mentally and emotionally for birth, being unapologetic and advocating for yourself, and debunking misconceptions about pregnancy coaches and doulas. Taylor shares her insights and experiences in supporting women […]

Ultimate Guide to Rocking Your Pregnancy Like a Badass with Taylor Nosakhere


In this conversation, Christine Renee shares her personal journey of conceiving after an abortion. She discusses her background as a shamanic Reiki practitioner and trainer, as well as her experience in women’s health. Christine opens up about her first marriage and the decision to have an abortion, highlighting the emotional and physical impact it had […]

What to Know About Conceiving After An Abortion with Christine Renee

Fertility, Pregnancy, Reiki

Laura Beck shares her journey of discovering Reiki and how it helped her during her second pregnancy and birth.. After finding a Reiki practitioner and attending regular Reiki sessions, she started to see improvements in her overall well-being and decided to have another child. She shares her personal experience of using Reiki during her second […]

Why I Learned Reiki for My Birth with Laura Beck

Birth, Fertility, Pregnancy, Reiki

Welcome back to the Make A Baby Podcast! 🎙️ I’m your host, Carolina Sotomayor, and today’s episode, number 118. In this episode, Carolina Sotomayor discusses the topic of getting pregnant after an abortion. She shares her personal experience and addresses the common misconception that women are being punished for having an abortion. Carolina emphasizes the […]

If You Had An Abortion and Want to Get Pregnant


Welcome back to the Make A Baby Podcast! 🎙️ I’m your host, Carolina Sotomayor, and today’s episode, number 109, is a game-changer for every woman dreaming of getting pregnant. Dive into the continuation of our “Pregnant by Christmas” series – and trust me, this one’s a heavyweight. Ever felt a gap, a void, a yearning […]

The Episode Every Woman Who Wants to Get Pregnant Needs to Hear…


Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to welcome a little miracle into your life and get pregnant by Christmas? If you’re on a fertility journey, struggling to conceive, and seeking a spiritual path to healing, you might be inadvertently overlooking the power of your choices in this process. In this episode, dedicated to the […]

Get Pregnant By Christmas


Do you want to unlock the power of your womb and elevate your energy centers for an optimal journey to conception and pregnancy? For many women on their fertility and pregnancy journey, blocked energy centers and closed womb chakras can hinder their path to motherhood. Unresolved emotions, past traumas, and the overwhelming stresses of trying […]

How to OPEN Your Womb in 1 Minute


Are you ready to experience the incredible journey of a spiritual pregnancy and deepen your connection with your spirit baby? For women on the path to motherhood, there’s often a missing piece in the journey – the opportunity for a truly spiritual pregnancy. The stress and trauma of infertility and the struggles that come with […]

The #1 Best Way To Have A Spiritual Pregnancy


You will learn and experience the following from this What is Fertility Reiki? Series:
  • What is Fertility Reiki? 
  • What is Reiki Womb Healing?
  • Chakras and Baby-Making: Separating Fact from Fiction
  • Conception & Connect to Your Spirit Guides & Spirit Baby
  • High Vibe Fertility: Elevating Your Consciousness for Conceiving Your Spirit Baby
  • Experience Reiki: Fertile Womb Activation
I created this mind-blowing series to for you to know and experience Reiki for your own fertility. It is the exact method that helped over 95 Reiki babies be conceived! The next wave of Reiki babies are coming - are you going to be one of those mamas?

What Is Fertility Reiki? Series

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