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In this episode, Carolina Sotomayor interviews Laura Pizzetti, a nutritional therapist and naturopath specializing in women’s health. They discuss the topic of pain-free periods and provide valuable insights and tips for women to reduce pain and improve their menstrual health. The conversation covers various aspects, including the causes of period pain, the connection between inflammation […]

Want Pain-Free Periods? Listen Up!

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In this episode, we reached out to our past guests and asked them one of four questions. We’ll share their responses with you, offering insights and wisdom from their journeys: Christina Vega (Episode 13) shared her healing journey regarding her father’s relationship, emphasizing the importance of healing your father’s wound when trying to conceive. Rachel Tran (Episode […]

Greatest Wisdom of All Time for Getting Pregnant and Motherhood

Self Development

What do you do when everything seems to be falling apart, and you feel like you’re hitting rock bottom? Carolina had always been consistent with her podcast, but life threw her a series of challenges and unexpected events. A cherished friendship of 15 years suddenly came to an end, leaving her heartbroken and questioning her […]

What to Do When LIfe Hits The Fan

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Avoiding is costing you more than you think. I recently received a DM from a person who was inquiring about a Reiki session, but not for conceiving. They had wanted to sort out some career things, and she described her circumstances, and I said, it’s, you don’t have an income problem, you have a money […]

Avoiding Is Costing You More Than You Think

Self Development

How do you determine if you are being productive? If you’re a woman who is struggling to balance your priorities in your fertility journey, and your productivity levels, you might be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to achieve your goals without burning out. It’s time to stop feeling frazzled and scattered. In this enlightening […]

How To Be Productive As A Mom with Michal McCracken

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Do you truly know your menstrual cycle? Many women struggle to articulate their fertility vision, feeling overwhelmed by the options and unsure of where to begin. In this episode, Carolina alongside Amy Murray — a Fertility Coach and educator, Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner, and mother of two, will help us relearn the basics of cycle, […]

How Does The Menstrual Cycle Work With Amy Murray

Self Development

Do you truly know yourself? To conceive and heal spiritually, self-awareness is key. Join host Carolina Sotomayor as she explores the power of knowing yourself on your fertility journey. Beyond job titles and salaries, what are your true tendencies and strengths? Envision your fertility path, pregnancy, and the kind of parent you want to be. […]

Do You Know Yourself Well Enough to Conceive?

Self Development

In this episode, I delve deep into the lessons life taught me in my 40s. Join me as I celebrate growth, healing, and self-discovery. What you’ll learn: 2:00 20 things I learned in my 40s Click here to listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Click here to listen and subscribe on Spotify. Professional bio The […]

Things I Learned At 40

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In this episode, we’re breaking the lies about motherhood and the pressure to do it all. Carolina shares her personal journey of changing her mindset, healing her inner child, and still working on her self-worth. Carolina talks about leaving her six-figure corporate job due to a toxic and misogynistic leader in her 17-year career. She […]

Breaking Lies About Motherhood: You Don’t Have to Do It All

Self Development

In this episode, we explore the controversial topic of manifesting a baby. Can it be done? The answer is yes and no. Carolina shares that while there are steps you can take to increase your chances of conception, it’s important to prioritize taking care of yourself and healing any past traumas. She emphasizes the importance […]

Can You Manifest Your Baby?

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