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Have you ever wondered how to break the cycle of being broke? Being impoverished is one of the biggest obstacles many have to overcome. Today we’re joined by Rebekah, a Master Mindset & High Performance Coach and financial expert with over 15 years of experience helping people reach their financial goals. You will learn how […]

Single Mom to Six-Figure Entrepreneur with Rebekah Kiger

Self Development

Are you stressed about going to a doctor visit? Most women who are struggling with conceiving their babies face some type of anxiety around managing their relationships with their medical providers. In this episode, Carolina and Lakeisha discuss what a good relationship with a doctor looks like, how to manage communication, and what self advocacy […]

What everybody ought to know about advocating for yourself in fertility treatments with Lakeisha Entsuah

Fertility, Pregnancy, Reiki, Self Development

Do you need support in your fertility journey? Look around you. The friends you had yesterday may not be the friends who stick with you through this trying to conceive journey. Some will stay with you.  Friendships in fertility are tricky at times. Carolina will share how to navigate and recognize what great friendship consists […]

Friendships in Fertility

Fertility, Self Development

Have you ever thought how your brain works in your fertility journey? Meet Tessa Mills! Tessa Mills is a life coach, Certified Fertility Awareness Educator and full-time authority questioner on a mission to help women take over the world. She combines brain-based coaching and body literacy education to help women connect with their innate wisdom, […]

How to Hack Your Brain for Optimal Fertility with Tessa Mills

Fertility, Reiki, Self Development

Is your house driving you crazy? Over 27% of adults in the United States report their homes are cluttered, according to SpareFoot. In this episode, Carolina and Organization Expert Rebekah Saltzman discuss how an organized home can deeply benefit. your fertility and emotional health. Rebekah shares her experience how creating space for your baby in […]

How to move on from clutter to organization for your baby with Rebekah Saltzman

Birth, Fertility, Postpartum, Pregnancy, Self Development

Being scared of pregnancy and losing control of their bodies is a very common fear among women. However, not sitting in that fear is key to moving forward. In this episode, Carolina will explain how Reiki can transform your pregnancy mindset and how to get to the root cause of a belief. If you are […]

Pregnancy Mindset Prep: Using Reiki to Nurture Your Emotional Well-being

Pregnancy, Reiki, Self Development

What is blocking me from falling pregnant? Why can’t I just conceive already? These are the questions most commonly asked. Often enough women never get the answers from their doctor appointments as to why they are not pregnant yet. In this episode, Carolina will share the most common blockages found in the fertility journey of […]

Conception Blockages: What Could Be Standing in the Way of Your Pregnancy?

Fertility, Pregnancy, Reiki, Self Development

In this episode of the podcast, “The Mindset That Helped Me Fall Pregnant 2 Weeks Later,” Michelle Gordon shares her journey of overcoming the struggle, pain, and trauma of IVF. She recounts her experience as a burnout nurse, overwhelmed and numbing her emotions with food and alcohol, and how this lifestyle was hindering her ability […]

The Mindset That Helped Me Fall Pregnant 2 Weeks Later with Michelle Gordon

Fertility, Pregnancy, Reiki, Self Development

Have you ever wanted it meant to be grounded? Are you trying to conceive or are you pregnant? The need to ground is very real.  In this episode, Carolina will take you through exact methods on how to get aligned, how to ground, and never be off centered again. These methods can be applied to […]

Staying Grounded During the Fertility and Pregnancy Journey: Tips and Techniques

Fertility, Reiki, Self Development

Want to crush your goals in the new year? According to Forbes, 80% of people are unsuccessful by February in their resolutions made for the new year. In this episode, Carolina and Haley Rogers are giving you the best tips on how to be successful in your goals. These tips are not exclusive to New […]

How to be successful in your 2023 Goals with Haley Rogers

Self Development

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