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Have you ever wondered how to break the cycle of being broke? Being impoverished is one of the biggest obstacles many have to overcome.

Today we’re joined by Rebekah, a Master Mindset & High Performance Coach and financial expert with over 15 years of experience helping people reach their financial goals.

You will learn how she was able to transition from being a Single Mom to a Six-Figure Entrepreneur. Rebekah started to explore the connection between mindset and money, and that’s when she decided to become a coach and has been helping a lot of people fix their mindset when it comes to money.

Now, she is known for The A.L.I.G.N. Method which is a unique approach Rebekah developed to help people identify and overcome the blocks holding them back from financial wealth.

Her only desire is to help others see that no matter where they’re starting, and no matter how hard it may be to see a different future is possible – with the right path, you absolutely can create lasting wealth and do it from a place of fulfillment.

If you want to fix your money mindset, this episode is for you.

What you’ll learn:

1:48 Know more about Rebekah
8:48 The importance of choosing the right coach for you
12:02 How Rebekah started her career as a coach
19:27 The most impactful self-development tip Rebekah received
24:30 The first step people need to take if they want to change their life
37:20 What redefining wealth means
35:10 Rebekah’s ALIGN Method


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Podcast Episode Transcript

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Hi, I’m Carolina, your podcast host, an expert wound healer. Over the past five years, I’ve served over 500 women to remove physical blockages in their bodies. We achieve this with Reiki. I believe healing doesn’t have to be done alone, nor should I be. We will hear stories of healing methods to heal with and guest speakers covering taboo topics you won’t hear anywhere else.

Let’s continue this journey of wound healing together. Hi, I am Caroline. You’re a podcast host in Reiki Master, and before we get started today, I want you to go ahead and do me a huge favor and leave a rating and review. It helps out the podcast so much and we’re so grateful that you’re tuning in today.

I’m talking to a dear friend. I’m so excited to bring you this episode. It is single Mom to six Figure Entrepreneur with Rebecca Keer. Rebecca, thank you so much for being here. I’m excited to be here. Thank you for having me. I love you so much, and I have loved how much our lives have overlapped, and I can’t wait to have you share your story with our listeners.

For anyone that doesn’t know Rebecca, she is a transformation story that you must know about. There’s just so much about you that I resonate with, and I know a lot of our listeners are also going to relate to you and find true inspiration from your story and where you’ve come from and where you ended up is just a true inspiration.

Can you share with people a little bit about you? Well, first and foremost, thank you again for having me, and I feel the same way about you. I think your description, I think it’s amazing what you’re doing in the world. So thank you, and I’m excited to be here. So I am actually in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so I know that those steel.

Hey , I know that you grew up around here and I know I can’t wait to see you. Next week. We’re actually gonna meet in person how we’re gonna be able to actually meet in person. This is so much fun. I love, love, love connecting with people and it just, it’s amazing. So I’m really excited to do that. But my story really started in a nutshell.

I grew up incredibly poor, right outside of Pittsburgh. So in actually Keyport, Pennsylvania, which is, I know where that’s at. most crime-ridden areas actually in the country. It’s like the top five I believe, Phil. So, you know, we grew up in poverty essentially with really no path out. My mom was a single mom of seven children.

I definitely know what it’s like to be on both ends of the spectrum, which is also why it’s a real big passion of mine to teach on money and help other people essentially, you know, work through their limiting beliefs and the things that are holding them back. But essentially what I’ve done is gone from that place knowing that there was always more available for me.

Like when I was growing up. I knew that. I knew that I was meant to do something big in the world. I just never knew what that was. And I didn’t have a clear path or a mentor anyone really until I reached adulthood. So I started working right out of high school because I had a six month old when I graduated high school.

So I got pregnant at 17, had my daughter at 18, and started on the corporate hamster wheel. And it wasn’t until I met my mentor about, say, five or six years into. Career that things shifted for me cuz I was really on this hamster wheel just working as hard as I possibly could. I knew that, uh, I started in the financial services industry, so in, in banking, and I knew that one of the biggest things that I had heard from the very beginning was, you know, if you work hard, we’ll move you up.

Right? So I was like, okay, well I’m gonna work as hard as I possibly can. And, and that worked for a while until I got to a place where my first recognition of burnout , which was, oh yeah, I, I’m familiar with burnout. Yes, yes. And it’s rampant right in our society, which is also another reason I do what I do now.

But when I got to that place, it was really a fork in the road. I was like, I just don’t think that this is going to work for me. But I didn’t know what was, and that’s when my mentor walked into my life and really he saw more in me than I saw in myself. He helped me to develop a plan. We set goals, and that was really like my first understanding of manifestation and what it was like to set a goal and then actually achieve it.

that was much higher than what I had ever imagined in my life. And that was about a decade or ago or so. But I remember sitting down with him, we started our first smart goal to make a a hundred thousand dollars in a year. Never even imagined that it would be possible for me coming from where it came from.

And about nine months later, I had achieved that. And from that point forward, I knew that it was possible to be able to, again, with the right guidance, with the right path to create whatever life that you desire, right? I was able to see it in my mind and then hold it in my hand such a short period of time afterwards.

So now what I do, I am a, essentially, I’ve gone on to. Really be super passionate about giving back to others, just like my mentor did for me. I believe that if you have the right guidance, if you have the right mentors, if you have the right people in your life to surround yourself with, that really is possible for you to create what you desire.

I’ve seen it time and time again in my own life, so now I am a mastermind and high performance coach. Um, love it. Thank you. I also have 15 years experience now in the financial services industry, helping others achieve their financial goals. So I know a thing or two about all of this, and I also have a unique approach to marry a lot of the masculine structure and concepts with the feminine, right, with manifestation and receiving and really slowing down those kinds of things.

So that’s what I do now, is I just help other women essentially, you know, get to where they want to go. And I use a proprietary process that I downloaded from the universe to do that. So I am, I have an opinion, Bob, mostly everything, but like in my other brand, I did coaching and online business management, and I have met every mindset coach under the sun.

And they’re not all created equally, meaning like they’re not all offering from an ethically, they’re not all operating from an ethical place. They’re not even like certified. There’s no regulation in titling yourself. A mindset coach. The one thing that I’ve absolutely freaking loved about you is that you’ve, like, you are, the real deal for me is I want someone that has done it before they teach it.

So like you’ve actually worked in the financial industry, like you were in banking, you were in investments. Like, you know what it’s like to create wealth for others. Doing it like, like the actual way versus like someone who has never been. Has that, you know, pass that financial licensing, test an exam.

Like you have to be licensed to do all those things. And you are, and you are taking that along with, dare I say, woo, and the subconscious and marrying them together and allowing, especially for women to step into empowerment and knowledge and abundance because you’ve already done it. So like you’re like a true expert.

And I think that’s very rare. And again, I’m coming from a different space because I’ve coached like so many different type of mindset people or abundance coaches. But like, I’m like, okay, so how are you certified? Or how are you qualified to teach this? And most of the people, because, oh, in my lived experience, that’s great.

I think a lot comes from lived experience. But if you’re teaching numbers and you’re teaching like. You know, how do you move through all of this? And I know that you’re certified in nlp, which is neurolinguistic programming, which is really fantastic for rewiring your subconscious mind. I know because I did a session with you and it is freaking mind blowing.

I was like, wait a minute, am I about to give up Ricky? Cuz this was fucking powerful. I just wanted to tell like our listeners, like make sure, like when you’re hiring someone, you vet them. I think that’s so important. No matter if it’s your doctor or a coach or anyone, vet them. Ask a million questions, make sure you feel comfortable with them.

Cuz they’re really gonna get in those nooks and crannies of like, especially with a coach like yourself of like what are your biggest fears? What is the root cause of your fear? What’s your first memory of that? So like, I think it’s so important to make sure you’re working with someone that’s authentic, that’s qualified and is an expert like yourself.

Hmm. I agree with that. And I actually have had. Unfortunately experienced a setting with a coach where they weren’t trauma, you know, informed, they weren’t, uh, accredited to be dealing with some of the things. And it was a pretty gnarly . It was a one-off experience. I never ex, I never worked with them beyond, above and beyond that.

But the truth is that, yeah, I think it’s just, um, you know, know, knowing that your energy doesn’t lie, especially when you’re vetting someone, when you’re working with someone, just knowing that, you know, your gut intuition, the way that you feel about something, your intuition is not going to lie. So just making sure that, of course, if you are.

Feeling drawn to working with someone. If you want to have that experience of hiring a coach, going against your gut is probably the worst, , the worst thing we could do in any area of our lives. Right? And so, yes, I’ve spent, I’ve been a student of this knowledge and information for a very long time. When I first started in the financial services industry, I.

Really made it kind of a mission to see, okay, why are there some people coming in here who are living paycheck to paycheck? They’re, you know, consistently broke, right? Or worse than that, overdrawn, right? Versus the other people who are here seemingly living their lives the way that they want to. Having free time, having, you know, hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in the bank.

And what is the difference between these people, you know, how, how can I be a student of this so well before I ever knew that I was going to use this information? to teach other people this stuff. I was certainly learning it for myself because I wanted to genuinely know. And so as I have grown in what it is that I do, and I’ve begun to become a mentor in this space, it really does allow for me to have all of that experience as well as, of course, my own experience as well.

Because I do believe, of course, you have to be an embodiment of what it is that you’re teaching. Right. I love that you have to have the learned experience. Absolutely. And it’s definitely important, like you said, to make sure that you’re working with someone that you feel aligned with and that feels right to you.

And checking, yeah, vetting them. Absolutely. Making sure that they have, I don’t wanna say proof in the sense that you’re, you know, making them prove anything to you, but it’s more so like, do they, do they practice? Is there something there to back up what they’re saying? Exactly. Yeah. And you should be able to get that from, in my opinion, from a person’s website.

Like even when I’m looking at podcast, you know, guess I vet them before, you know, I even. Do a planning call with them and I look at their website, what is their background? What is their credentials like? Like is what’s their about me, Paige say, and does it speak to you? You know, it’s this like, you know, do you connect with the person?

So from single mom to six figure entrepreneur, that’s a big jump. So you were single mom at, you did a corporate ladder, you got a mentor, and you started to get goals. And then you mentioned you got very curious about what are the difference between all these people who have different amounts and patterns in their bank accounts.

So you study this, but then how you jump into, I know because you and I’ve spoken and were friends, is that you then went on to get different licenses and then to six figure entrepreneur. So that’s a big jump. So can you connect the dots? So like what happened to your career and then how did you jump into being a coach?

Great question. Yeah. So how, what happened in my career was when I met my mentor and we, we sat down and we started doing things from more of a place of alignment, more of a place of working less and receiving more. My mentor is now a business partner and a very dear friend of mine, so we’re still connected.

And he’s one of the people that I know that literally works. I mean, he barely works and, you know, receives passive of income in the multiple, you know, six figures a year arena. And I knew that like, hey, learning from someone who’s done this before, is going to be the fastest way to get there. I knew that back then.

So I went on to, uh, really just advance my career. At that point in time, I became the best financial advisor that I possibly could. I won all kinds of trips and awards in the corporate space, and I stayed in that space really until I felt like my soul was calling for something more. When I was kind of, you know, I was making a, a lot of money , but I was crying on my way home from work every day.

Like, you know, I’m making all of this money but completely miserable, missing, you know, events with my family, not being able to show up when I want to for my daughter. Those kinds of things. And I spent far too long in that cycle. And when I ended up getting married and had an amazing support system at home, and also a husband who believed in me, I made the decision to go ahead and jump ship and do what it is that I love, which is what I get to do now.

So that was about three years ago or so, but. I’ll back up a little bit about a year before that. So probably about four years ago, five years ago or so, one of my best friends had introduced me to the work of personal development and spiritual development. And once I got down that path, that was also when I started.

I went to my first personal development event and then got down the rabbit hole of N L P and then went on to become a master practitioner of N L P. I just realized that, oh my God, there’s people. Not only was I obsessed with it because I was seeing so much change in my life and in my husband’s life. So our relationship, our marriage was improving incredibly, our finances were improving incredibly as a result of us diving into this work and releasing the things that were holding us back, overcoming limiting beliefs, stepping in the footsteps of our highest self, right?

Just because we were doing this, not from a, I don’t wanna call it like a selfish place, but it was really about us in the beginning. It was like, how can we become the best versions of ourselves? And then when I started really getting around the people who were at these events, I’m like, these people are actually out here teaching this and they’re doing this for a living.

I didn’t even know that the coaching space was a thing at the time. And I was like, it’s true. People here, so many people that don’t know that coaches exist and there’s a coach for everything. There really is. And I started looking and I’m like, There’s people who are doing these things with less background, less knowledge, less

That the truth, it’s true. And I’m like, they can’t do this. I can do this. Because I knew that it was a passion of mine to help people, and I wanted to expand above and beyond just what I, what I was confined to do in the financial services industry. I wanted to help people on a deeper level. So that’s where the, um, transition took place.

It was more like, how can I go out and actually create something from this? Knowing my background and knowing that I’ve been able to do this for myself. And actually even before I ever became a coach, I was mentoring as I was on my personal development. I was working with other financial advisors at the time and the, the skyrocketing that their income did during that time, I’m like, I mean, I’m talking 10 21 was a hundred x, a hundred x her income in nine months of us just literally being friends and me sharing with her the stuff I was learning.

So I’m like, I’m onto something here, like can really help people with this stuff. So that’s when I decided to jump ship and now I’m in a position where, , you know, I get to wake up and do what I wanna do every day and I have time freedom, and I have the ability to, to impact lives and make an income from it.

And so that’s kind of the trajectory of how it all happened to connect the dots. But it’s just interesting to know that wherever it is that you’re starting, right? Like I didn’t, I didn’t know that that any of this existed. I didn’t know that we could manifest our dreams. I didn’t know that it was possible to speak your life into existence or how powerful, right?

How much of an impact we actually have on what it is that we’re creating in the future until I started doing it right, until you actually see the evidence of it in your own life, and then you’re like, oh my God, I can do this now. I’m doing it with everything. I know that feeling when I actually like learned I was a medium and I said, okay, I’m ready to step into this.

And as I got more reiki attuned, uh, to the different levels, my mediumship got clearer and clearer as a channel and like the more accurate I got in my readings and in my sessions and my ability to see exactly where like the pain was in somebody. I think that when you start to experience things for yourself that are not tangible in physical form, it’s much easier to continue to trust.

I think that also goes for your intuition. So a lot of my clients have had traumas where they have, that innately have taught themselves to not trust the. and so they have to learn to connect back with their body. There’s a lot of people that are walking around the world that are like disconnected from their body and to learn to integrate that there’s like steps that we will do to help them rebuild that connection.

But now as an adult, not as like your inner child, that’s another conversation. But like, and I think when you have like repetitive. Life experience. That’s like proof that this intuition that’s dis alignment, that nest manifestation, that the power of your subconscious mind, the power of looking and examining like your beliefs and choosing new beliefs to replace them with and releasing whatever it is within you, whether that’s your physical body, your subconscious, or both.

Like it’s just much easier to believe once you experience it. But I also love it when like if you’re surrounded by other people who are going to it. So like, so I bet you the people who were watching you and that you were mentoring in that financial space, they’re like, and then they started to experience like that a hundred X woman.

Like I bet you that was super, like, I bet she was screaming from the mountaintops. Yes. Yes. And actually, I mean, who wouldn’t? I mean if their income is a hundred x, like let’s light the world on fire in, I mean, in a good way. Not in the bad way, but like let’s celebrate, you know? Yeah. Like that’s super powerful.

So what is the most impactful self-development tip you’ve ever received? So I think that I would have to say as it relates to money, cuz that’s what I’m an expert in and that’s what I teach, is really about how money is just an energetic exchange. Like money is simply an energetic exchange. Money is energy just like everything else, right?

And so when we look at it from that perspective, it becomes a lot easier for us to really. Kind of detach from it all right? Cause there’s a lot of people here who are afraid, just in general, like I see as entrepreneurs, they’re afraid to charge for their services, or they’re nervous to like send an invoice and actually get paid for the things that they’ve even done, right?

So recognizing that money is energy, just like anything else, it’s an energetic exchange, right? It wants to flow to you. It actually desires to flow to you, right? And we are the ones who can cause that blockage. That blockage, essentially just like, you know, with, you know, reiki and energy and all of that, right?

It’s the same exact thing as it relates to money. So, Along those lines. Once I realized that we actually have the ability to co-create our reality, to speak things into existence, to, from a quantum physics perspective, actually be able to manipulate those, you know, subtle energies to be able to remove what’s in the way so that energy can flow to us.

That was a game changer for me. That was, that was the biggest piece of knowledge or wisdom or you know, that, that I really felt like I needed to be able to kind of open up that field so that money could flow. I just had to remove it from an energetic space. It wasn’t anything. It wasn’t anything else.

Right. It’s just energy, just like everything else. so powerful, but also so simple. Right? What is something that someone told you that you can never do, but you achieved? . So , lots of different things, right? Because statistically speaking, genuinely, I, I really shouldn’t be here. My family shouldn’t be here.

You know, if you, we just went by statistics. This would not be my reality, but I do remember one thing that sticks out and I’m just gonna allow it to flow because at one point I was a single mother and, you know, the father of my child, I do remember him saying that I will never amount to anything, right?

And I’ll never find a husband, you know, if I left him right, it would be the worst thing that I ever did, and that I would not recover from it. You know, not make the kind of money that I want, I wouldn’t be supported and I would never find a husband that would actually care about me because I have a child, right?

Because I have a child and I’m a single mom. So that was really painful, right to hear. And for a very long time I actually did believe that, um, for sure, which is also why I perpetuated the cycle of pushing away anyone that wanted to come close, right? In terms of a man, even though I wanted a partnership, my energy did not feel comfortable or safe having that partnership.

And of course, you know, now I am incredibly happily married and we’re going on five years married. Congratulations. Thank you. And my husband is like, could not be more. Of my daughter’s father than he is if she were biologically his. He loves her sometimes I think more than me, which is okay, , that’s totally fine.

Because you know, now I look back and I’m like, wow. I was the one perpetuating that by believing the story that I wasn’t ever going to be able to, you know, get to where I am today. But I do sometimes have to pinch myself looking at, okay, I have all of the things that statistics and society and everyone told me through the years that I could never have.

And I literally have overcome all of those things and have basically been able to check off that I’ve achieved almost every single goal that I’ve set. And of course there’s some that I’m working on now. But yeah, statistically speaking, there’s a lot , there’s a lot of things. I love that. I think it’s really important, especially in the service industry to understand you don’t know the point that someone’s coming from.

You also don’t know the point that they’re also thinking from, which are two different things, like their reality and then also their mental state. Like they might be, they might be further along but not realize it, and they might be stuck in the past a little bit. So they’re thinking from a past standpoint.

But a lot of people may have never met a six figure earner or have never seen a woman make six figures or have had open conversations about money before. I think representation is incredibly important. So for the soul that doesn’t know or is familiar or thinks it’s absolutely impossible to. No. A six figure earning woman.

What is the first step that they can take today to get to the life that they’re wanting? Or if they even wanna make six figures, what is the first step that they need to take today? The first step before anything else is to recognize that if it’s possible for one person, then it’s possible for you. You know, no one.

Was stamped, worthy, or unworthy when they were born. Right. I was not stamped. You have the ability to overcome this and overcome all of these things. And then my sister wasn’t stamped with that. You know, it’s just, it, it, it’s literally foolish right? To, but, but we believe these things because of programming and because of other things, right?

So the first thing I would say is if it’s possible for one person, it’s possible for the next. And if you desire to create change in your life, right then it is possible for you. Because quantum physics will tell us that the moment that you desire something, the moment that you actually put a desire out there into the universe, that there is a probability exists Now that that is true.

And I believe that if, that, that could actually, that could actually occur. So I believe that you have to see it in your mind first to be able to hold it in your hand. That’s how. , everything was created, right? Think about this iPhone like, you know, this had to be seen in someone’s mind before it could ever come into the reality.

So I believe if you see it in your reality, and it is a desire of your heart, that it’s meant for you. I don’t believe we live in a universe where the universe or God, or energy or source, whatever, you know, you subscribe to, right, is like, oh, I’m gonna, I’m gonna make you want all of these things. I’m gonna make you desire all of these things.

But they’re not really, they’re not for you. Like, haha, you’re never gonna be able to achieve. It’s like, that’s crazy, right? I believe we, we live in an unconditional, unconditionally loving universe, and a and a benevolent universe, right? So if the desires are on your heart, that actually means that they’re there for you.

The word desire comes from. The root, the, the root of the word desire comes from a Latin word that means of God. So if the desire is on your heart, then who do you think placed it there? Right? Your higher self God, um, source. So if there is a desire on your heart, I do believe that it is meant for you and it’s just a matter of.

gaining some evidence, right? Like of other people who maybe walked through a similar path and were able to overcome, you know, their adversities, right? Getting, when you can show your unconscious mind the evidence of the contrary to what you might believe right now, that that can in and of itself can be an incredibly powerful process.

So find yourself some mentors or, you know, read some books or listen to some podcasts, or just find some other people in the world, right, who have come overcome a lot. I know Carolina, you’re one of them as well, right? , like you’ve been able to, so there’s evidence, there’s evidence that it’s possible for you.

So even if you believe that it’s not, or you don’t think that you’d ever be able to get, you know, you would ever be able to get there if it’s possible for when it’s possible for all. And I can tell you 100% beyond the shadow of a doubt, when I sat down with my mentor for the first time and he asked me the question of, You know, if you could make any kind of money that you want in the world, like what would it be?

I genuinely could not even fathom making a hundred thousand dollars a year like it was, it I know exists in my realm of possibilities. It didn’t. So he had to push me for that. He was like, I remember saying something like $80,000 and he was like, if you could make any amount of money in the world, like you would only wanna make 80 grand.

Like, are you sure ? And I’m like, I don’t know, I guess. Okay. Like I wanted something tangible and I was like, okay, whatever. A hundred thousand, sure I’ll set a goal for a hundred thousand. And I almost did it like sarcastically, like yeah, , right? Because I was, came from nothing, you know, came from, from literally living on government assistance after I had my daughter.

I was still on government assistance for years and. Just didn’t even remotely see it as as possible. So just know that if you’re questioning yourself, if you’re questioning your abilities, if you don’t think it’s possible for you, you’re 100% not alone. in that. And there are many, many examples that exist, especially in this day and age of people who have started where you are right now and have overcome it and have been able to achieve their goals.

So just finding evidence of that I think is really, really helpful in and of itself. I also take hints from the universe and I think some obvious hints that are obvious for me now I see them and I’m like, aha, thank you for that reminder is that not necessarily knowing the signs of how close you are if you have friends or if there’s someone in your orbit or in your circle that you are interacting with and they have what you’re aspiring to have and they recently got it, that means soon it’s your turn.

Because if, cuz that, that shows, like if we wanna talk about energetics that talks about. How close you are to that vibration because essentially when you’re manifesting, you’re matching that frequency. You’re raising your vibration tend to be an energetic match of the thing that you’re wanting, right? So if you see somebody with the red Honda or the red car, I don’t know why it’s always a Honda.

I drive a Honda, I love me, my Honda, but , I was like, I, I got my Hondas here, but I was like, girl, I made it. And, and that that’s true. And just understand your rival or your place or your thing that you want is yours and there’s no apologies needed for wanting the things that you want. I want very simple things and I’m unapologetic about it.

Like, cuz that’s my happiness is unique to me versus someone else, you know? So I think that if you see someone in your orbit that has. Or if you make a new friend that you know, like was an accidental friend and they have a lot of the things that you’re looking to understand, that that’s just a reminder from your nervous.

That’s how I receive it. That’s how I was taught from my mentor, is like, just letting you know, like if, if that happens, a new friend comes into your orbit or a friend that your exists or a family member and they have the red car that you’re trying to get, that means it’s close. That means that’s a reminder that it’s it.

You’re almost there. Yeah. To keep the hand open, keep your energy open, which means like I always say open hand, closed fist. Do you have an open hand? Meaning like are you allowing this to come into your life easily or are you fighting and resisting? It’s really important to take a look at like, where, how are you feeling?

And a lot of that has to do for me is the chest space. Like how are you feeling about your emotions? And it doesn’t mean like, I call bullshit on some of the TikTok ERs on, on spiritual TikTok where it’s like you have to live in 5G all the time and be high vibe. That’s not human, but like what is an 80 20?

Like, what is your mindset? And I think holding the visualization of like knowing and trusting that the thing that is coming for you, that you are intending to invite into your life is coming. It’s just a matter of waiting and, but being open, don’t block it. . I love that. I love that. And so often I see, especially as like women, right?

When someone has what it is that we want, our initial, you know, we’ve been, we’ve been programmed to, to do this. Our initial reaction can be to have jealousy, right? And to experience like, oh, well why does she get to have that? And I don’t. But the reality is, like you said, it, when that comes into your, your space, even this podcast, right?

Like even as you’re listening to the stories of the people who are on here that Caroline, you share each week, right? That is proof that it’s possible for you. But sometimes, right, we look at it through this lens of like, oh, well, you know, she gets to experience it and not me and that guy couldn’t be further from the truth, right?

You know, when we experience jealousy based on what someone else is achieving, that actually can be blocking our abundance from coming to us because. The language of the universe is not English. The language of the universe is imagery, emotion, and vibration. So when you’re experiencing, let’s say that you imagine you know a person who has what it is that you want, and then you’re experiencing a low vibrational emotion of jealousy, and you’re feeling like this icky energy around it, quite literally, what you are signaling to the universe is that thing that you actually do desire from a conscious level is not something that you want because you’re experiencing a low vibrational emotion.

So you wanna be sending love to those people and reminding yourself, just like you said, that this means that I’m just closer to it. It doesn’t mean that she was able to get it and not me. It means that it’s on the way to you as well. Right? I always remind myself, I, I coach myself a lot. is that. If I ever go down that track, cuz I think it’s you just, if I ever get down, if I ever go into like, oh, or if I feel anything other than like gratitude for the reminder or appreciation or celebration for the other person, I just remind myself that it’s super important to get busy on working on myself again.

If I have time to think about another person, then I’m not doing my job and getting obsessed with the things that I’m actively working on in my space. Super goal oriented person. So G God knows I have a lot of things in the fire cooking at all times. That’s just a reminder for me to get back to work. So that’s how I, I train my brain is like if I have enough time to think about another person in a negative way, it’s just my reminder of like, Hey.

get back to your shit. Like . Yeah. I have to like be like, what? I think it’s, as women, we face so much negative things that it’s, it’s important to celebrate one another. But, and, but I think that, you know, we’re all human. We get angry, we get jealous, all the things. But it’s important on like what tools you have to pivot away from it.

So let’s talk about the good stuff. So I know you had mentioned you have a special method that you downloaded from the universe. Do you wanna share it with us? I would love to. Yeah, absolutely. So this method that I downloaded is called the Align Method, and Align is an acronym. And essentially what this method is intended to do is really help you go from a place of being uncertain and unsure of what it is that potentially could be holding you back.

Especially if you listen to this podcast, you realize everything is energy, right? And so, you know, if you are not where you want to be in your financial life, and by the way, you can use this method in any area, but I, I tend to focus on money, of course, because that’s, that’s what I teach on. So if you are not where you wanna be from a financial perspective, you can use this method to figure out why, and then also help you move towards that place of normalizing wealth in your life.

So the aligned method is an acronym. And I can go through each of the letters if you’d like me to. I would love to. Um, I’m all in. I think money is important, especially if you’re trying to get pregnant. You’re pregnant, you’re gonna give birth or postpartum. I think money is always important. I always like to add in this perspective, it’s not money that you should be after.

It’s the options and freedom that it allows you. And then what do you feel about those options and how do you feel knowing that you do have choices? I think once you sit in that space, it’s not that you’re aligning towards a money goal, you’re aligning to what’s gonna come from once you use the money.

And I think that that’s a big fact that people miss. And I just wanna add that in. So like, as we talk about this, I want people to resonate as like, so if you had $30,000, what would you do with that $30,000? How would you feel about and when, when you use it, is it savings or whatever? So I just wanna add in that one spot because I think, I think it’s a huge point.

That if, and again, I’m not a money expert. You are, but I just know as, as I have changed my income over the past several years, it’s the emotions that I associate with the money when I receive it, when I don’t have it, and when I use it, that matter the most. Oh, I love that distinguish meant that you made because it is true and it’s all about, one of the biggest things that I’ve been talking more and more about with my clients is, is really just redefining wealth cuz we live in this place of right social media where we think to be wealthy, we need a mansion and the Lamborghinis and all of the things.

And the truth is that some people, like you and I, we don’t value those things the same way that other people do. I value my time freedom, I value other things. I value choices and I, oh my gosh, that nailed it on the head for me. Yep. I wanted autonomy over my time and I recently ended a contract because I wanted my time and it was a great, great opportunity.

But what I, what, what made me very unhappy was I didn’t have control over my time. And actually in this season of life, that’s what I desire the most. Not necessarily the monetary. Compensation that I’m getting. I need to have control over my time because the demands of me and the variables of which I’m curious about that I want to study cause I’m a human design projector.

Like I need freedom to study and to go be in my kids’ classroom. If they need a volunteer, I want, I wanna do a podcast at 11:00 AM And I also don’t wanna, I wanna run and get coffee at 10:00 AM So like I wanted that autonomy and I also know that’s privilege, but I worked incredibly hard to design it that way.

It’s taken me years. Yeah. So, yeah, getting clear on what it is, why that you want the money was the biggest big crew for me. Yeah. And I, I had to pause and really sit. It took me about two weeks actually recently. I was like, I told, he goes, I want you to tell me do you want more money or do you want more time?

Mm. Because I know it’s one of the two. He goes, Carol, get honest with me. And I said, I’m gonna sit with that cuz I don’t know the answer. And I pa it’s okay to pause. It’s okay to reflect. And I, and I came back to him as he was heating up our lunch one day, cuz we both work from home. And of course I said, I have an answer for you.

And he’s like, what’s that? I was like, I want control over my time. I want time, autonomy. It’s not about the money. Yeah. And he goes, whoa, talk about that in your marriage or your partnership or your relationship because it will blow. Like it will blow the hinges off of what you thought was possible. And then it opened up different conversations about what does he want in his career.

You know, how do we want to spend time with our five-year-old? Yeah. Super, super incredible. It starts with money, but it’s much deeper than that. It’s so much deeper than that. And I start with money because number one, that’s what I’ve studied for the last 15 years. But I also start with money because I do believe that when money is not an object, that we have the ability to then go and do more of what we want in the world and make the kind of impact that we want.

Right. I know what it’s like to be extremely broke. So, you know, when I was in a period of being broke, you know, and not having any money, what was I worried about? Just how to get more money. That was it. Like how to pay my bills and how to make, you know, and there are still people in my family who are experiencing this and I watched that and it’s like the only thing that you are concerned with is how to make more money because you wanna be able to, you know, To be able to do the things that you wanna do.

Right. So you’re right, there’s a million different reasons that we would wanna start with money that are way beyond money . So I love that it’s all about redefining wealth. I believe that wealth just means that you have more choice, you have options of what you wanna do. Oh, let’s put that in your fucking t-shirt,

I love it. So I just believe that wealth is simply about having choices. It’s having additional choices in life. So whether that means to you that you have all the time in the world, like right now at this period of time, I’m 34 years old. I’ll be 35 next month. And wait, you’re 34? Yeah. Shut the front door.

You’re so young. I’m, oh, cool. Okay. I’m 39. Are you, you look, gosh, I thought we were the same age. You’re so fucking young. Oh, cool. I didn’t think I was young. I’ve been like, I mean, girl, I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be 40 next year. I’m just like, you look going. No, you look great. You have good gene. Aha. Thanks.

You’ll meet my mom next week too. You can see how much younger I look. You bring out the best of me, Rebecca. Aw, you’re so, I’m thriving today. We’re just so, . Wealth is just having choices. I think that’s also really important because a lot of choices get stripped away from women. A hundred percent. A hundred percent.

That’s also why we need to have, you know, again, not every single coaches and mentors. Yeah. That’s why we need the coaches. That’s how my, and and I think that bringing the money back into the equation, empowering ourselves as women to make more money, to be the ones with bags in hand, right? Like that brings the power back to us.

Right? I mean, think about the patriarchy, all of this shit, like, it’s crazy. It’s true that, you know, the people with the power would you rather have the power in the hands of the people that you know, which power and money, you know, in the current paradigm and the current structure that we’re in, those are one and the same, right?

So when we come with. , uh, more of that wealth, more of that power, more of that financial abundance where we can make conscious choices about how we wanna co-create our reality, right? But the, and the companies that we invest in, the people that we invest in where we are spending our money, that really is co-creating a new reality all in itself, right?

And so, as women, don’t we wanna take that power back and don’t, you, wouldn’t you rather see the power in the hands of those that you know that are going to do good? , right? And I, I see percent this shift happening. So I love that so much. It’s all about redefining wealth and it’s all about getting, um, so I love that you brought that up cuz it is a nuanced point.

This isn’t just all about money and like being greedy for the sake of being greedy and, you know, all of the, like, that’s, that’s not it. It’s about choices and it’s about being able to transcend all of the noise, all of the burnout, all of the things that we’ve been programmed to think are important to now be able to say like, I’ll be 35.

And the reason I brought that up is because I’ve been saying for the last five years that by the time I’m 35, I wanna be able to retire if I want. I know that I wouldn’t want to, um, cause I love what I do, but I am going to be 35 next month and genuinely I could. Literally 100% retire. I never work another day in my life, but that is not fulfilling to me.

My, my, so my time is here, right? Like I have choices with my time. Like you said, I can be on a podcast at 11:00 AM I can go to Target at at 9:00 AM if I want to, right? But for me, my choice is that now I get to show up and do what I wanna do in the world and help other people get here. So I know I love that so much.

That’s my, that’s my choice that I’m choosing to make. So, as it relates to, and that’s actually leads us right into the first step, and I’ll go through this one. Quickly. And then, you know, your, um, for your listeners, they will have the opportunity to dive into this method a little bit more if they want. So I’m gonna go through these quickly.

But the aligned method starts with a, is for awareness. So like you were talking about, it’s a, about awareness to a couple things. I believe that awareness is the key to self-transcendence because if you’re not aware of the things that you’re doing in your life that are perpetuating a paradigm that you no longer want to have, then you’re not gonna be able to shift them.

Right? So it’s, it’s about becoming aware of. , what part am I playing in my own suffering? What part am I playing in this, these cycles that no longer serve me? And then it’s also about looking at what do I even want? Like what do I actually want? What, if anything, were possible? What would I desire? So it’s about getting clear about those things, right?

And then starting to look at what are some of the stories? What are some of the limitations? What are the limiting beliefs? What are the cycles? And all of those things that are going on behind the scenes, right? And I walk you through this in more detail, but it’s all about bringing awareness to the things that are not serving you in life.

And then determining from there, getting really clear about what it is that you actually desire. If all things were possible, Then L is where we go into letting them go. So whenever you get clear about the limiting beliefs that you have, and when I talk about a limiting belief, just for context, a limiting belief is just something that you’ve been repeating to yourself over and over for probably as long as you’ve been alive, right?

That is quite literally just limiting you. So, would show up in like, well, I don’t know if I could go and do that. Like it’s possible for her, but I don’t think it’s possible for me. Well, why not? That’s a limitation, right? That’s just a story that I would continue to perpetuate, which by the way, that was of course a story that I used to say all of the time, and it was more like, well, where did that even come from, and why would I continue to say that?

Why would I continue to perpetuate something that, you know, I learned from childhood? Right? It’s because of the program that we’re running on, so it’s. , becoming aware of those things that are holding you back the cycles and then letting them go. So once you have become clear about some of the things that are standing in the way, it’s about letting them go.

It’s about releasing them. It’s about releasing them really in energetic ways. You can do this with N L P techniques, right? Mindset, ways you can do this with behavior changes. Again, there’s many different ways to let go of those things, but it’s all about, okay, so now that I’m aware of what I’m doing to hold myself back, how can I let them go?

And then I, I stand for identifying the highest version of you. I call this as it relates to money, the wildly wealthy woman. So if you were to be able to create. This wildly wealthy version of you. Like, what is she doing in the world? What are some of the things that, what are the characteristics and the ways of being, and what are some of her beliefs that she would have that are different than yours?

Right? It’s about recognizing the difference and seeing how you might be perpetuating your current circumstances, right? She is then from that place, getting into inspired action. So most people start there. Most people say, well, I’m not making the kind of money that I want, so I’ve gotta go do something else.

I’ve gotta go get a second job. I’ve gotta go start another business. I’ve gotta launch another offer, right? Where if you mi like most people start there, that’s step four of the process, right? Um, start there because if you start there, then you’re creating from the same energetic space that you were and, and doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, right?

So we don’t wanna be starting from the place of getting into action. We wanna be starting from the place of. Letting go of the extra stuff that’s in the way so that we can come from an energetic place that is more in that vibration of what it is that we desire and getting crystal clear about where it is that we wanna go.

Right. You would, you would not start moving, like you wouldn’t just. Plug into like you, you need to know where you’re going. You wouldn’t plug into your GPS if you were wanting to go somewhere. Just, I don’t know, take me somewhere. Like you, you have to know where is it that you wanna go and you wanna set those goals and get really crystal clear about that before you get into inspired action.

You don’t wanna just move just the move and be on a hamster wheel. You want to be able to move to progress. And then last is n, which is normalizing and stabilizing the wealth once you receive it. So as you’re taking Ooh, that, that’s so important cuz you could self sabotage and lose it too. That’s exactly it.

So lottery winners do this a lot and my father, um, hit the lottery and that’s happened to him. Which again, I know this stuff on a very deep level, but Wow. That’s so interesting. Isn’t it crazy. Yeah. So most lottery, did he lose the money? Yeah, of course. Yeah. , there’s a whole documentary on lotto winners.

Yeah. And like the negative effects that it can do to a lot of people die. Yeah. Or they commit suicide. . It’s super sad. Yeah, and that’s because they haven’t attuned their nervous system. They haven’t normalized wealth in their life. So think about this for a second. If you genuinely desire to get a lump sum of money for, let’s call it a million dollars, okay?

And a million dollars hit your bank account tomorrow. And you still identified as a person who wasn’t good with money, right? Or you still have a limiting belief that I’m not really worthy of money or I’m not, it’s not possible for me to create wealth in my life because not nobody in my family ever did.

Those are all limiting beliefs that we become aware of, right? In step one. But if you haven’t become aware of any of those things and you haven’t let them go, then when you receive the wealth, your nervous system begins to go into Hyperdrive and it’s like, oh my gosh, I’m not safe here. I’m not the type of person who, I didn’t work for this.

You know? Especially if you believe like hard work equals success, right? I didn’t work for this. I’m not even worthy of this. Like why am I gonna get this wealth? And other people aren’t like, what did I do for this? I’m no, I’m not special. When all these things begin to come up, people are out to get me. It comes.

Yeah, that’s a big one too. It’s a big one. People are out to get. Now that I have this, and that’s the thing is that really, you know, when we, so what’ll happen at that point is this is all happening on an unconscious level. So of course you’re not sitting here saying a lot of these things out loud. This is unconscious behavior that’s going on well below the conscious awareness and in our nervous system.

So what’ll happen is, you know, you’ll essentially just. Not be able to get rid of the money fast enough. . And that’s what happens to a massive majority of lottery winners, is they’re actually in a worse financial position, usually three years on average later. And this happened to my father, you know, so it’s, it’s interesting.

So we need to be able to normalize and stabilize the wealth once you get there. Otherwise, if you don’t feel safe around wealth, because to your nervous system, the things that are familiar are safe, and the things that are unfamiliar are unsafe, period. So if you’re like me, where you grew up, maybe not having any money and.

Large lump sums of money begin to flow into your life. Well, to my nervous system, this is an unsafe environment, and so I need to get rid of it. I need to repel it. I need to make it get away from me, right? I can’t actually hold onto this wealth unless I retrain my nervous system. So we do a lot of work inside of normalizing wealth.

In your life, which there’s many different ways to do that. One is just getting around other people who normalize these conversations, right? That’s a way that you can co-regulate your nervous system. Um, but there’s many different ways to do that. But it, that portion is probably one of the things that I see missing a lot in our space.

Cuz everyone’s talking about how to attract money and to manifest money and all of those things. But if we don’t know how to hold onto it, once it gets here, then that can be very catastrophic. And you know, and I’ve seen people who make a million dollars a year and have $3,000 in their bank account. And that’s simply because all of the money that’s coming in it, it feels unsafe to hold onto it.

So they do anything that they can, um, to get rid of it. And so that, that will happen. Close my mind. I didn’t think about that part. . It’s huge. Can I, can you enroll me in your program now, ? Yeah, of course. Can you tell us how we can find you and how people can work with you? Absolutely. So I hang out most on Instagram as of right now.

I just started a TikTok. Dude, shut up. You didn’t tell me. I’m like queen over here. No. Well, your Instagram is a vibe. It’s super pretty. Oh, thank you. So you started TikTok, what’s your handle? Started it. Oh wait, what’s your handle? It’s spiritual Money Mentor, I think is what it is on there. I’m fucking gonna go hook you up right now,

I just started so I don’t have any followers on there, but it’s okay. I I’ll be your first one. It’s fine. I have 15,000. I know. I said I don’t have money. I probably have like a handful. But the thing is like, I don’t care. I don’t make those things mean anything. Right. To me it’s just like I know that sharing, it’s really fun to connect with people.

Yeah, it’s just fun. It’s really fun. So Instagram’s work. Oh, I found you. Here we go. We’re fun. We’re you have to follow me back. Okay. Of course I will. Of course I will. Oh, these are cute. This is good. This is good. Girl, you, you, you’ve been on here for a minute. You have like 30 tos. Oh, I do. No. Yeah, like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

You have 33 TikTok. What are you talking about? Oh gosh, I have 33. Well, Razel is like repurposing stuff for me, so I’m just now like actually intentionally showing up. You share the same virtual assistant . We share virtual assistance. So are we related Because we share the same virtual assistant. I feel like some ways we’re like kind of family now, so Right.

The same She is. We love her. We love you Raelle. Yeah. Anyway, we do. So they can find you there. And I know you do launches, when do the doors open for the line method or the wild Wealthy woman? So that is, I’m still determining whether or not I’m gonna do another launch this year, but as. because I’ve had a lot of people reaching out to me and they’re like, I wanna work with you between launches.

So what I’ve decided to do is I do have a bundle of trainings called the Rise to Richest trainings, and essentially this is designed to use the aligned methods specifically in the financial area of your life. So there’s probably, oh my gosh, there’s, I don’t know, five different. Courses inside of that bundle.

It’s like a whole lot of content. That’s something that is available all the time. So if they go to just like the on my Instagram that’s there, and then what I’ve decided to do for your guests is to give them the first module of the Rise to Riches bundle for free. Oh my gosh, that’s so generous. Thank you so much.

Yeah, of course. It’s called the Rise to Riches using the align method training, and it’s epic and you’ll be able to dive into this and really just get super crystal clear about all this stuff. I know we only had, I kind of went through it fast just to make sure that we’re be, I’m being mindful of everyone’s time, but there’s so much juiciness and it’s a ton of resources that you’ll be able to actually tangibly use to be able to uncover this stuff for.

Oh my goodness. It’s so good. I remember we did an NLP session. It was at the very end of July. It was like, right, it was like before I went to the lake. So it was right before beginning of August and I walked away and we worked on worthiness. And I remember for weeks, I mean even now, I randomly hear as you are worthy.

I am worthy in my head. I remember walking, I’m around and we went to the lake that weekend, like I literally think I did it a couple days before I left to the lake. Every year we go to, the first week in August, we go with my in-laws to a lake in Iowa called Lake Okoboji, this gorgeous glacier lake. It’s super cold water, and I remember walking around their apartment, it’s this beautiful apartment and I remember.

Just in my mind it said I am worthy. And then I was just like, because I was admiring the apartment and I was like, oh wow, this is this like Caesar luxurious place. It’s so beautiful. It’s the furnishing in the house, the apartment, like it’s a three bedroom apartment with a wraparound balcony top floor. I mean it was, it’s really gorgeous.

And I was just like, look at that. Rebecca’s in my head. I am worthy. And I just kinda swed a little bit and I chuckled and I was like, I felt like so snatched. So I was like, , I got my subconscious on points, you know? So , it’s amazing how it happens permanently and instantly, right? Like we did, yeah, it was like, like that.

It was a couple minutes of like the actual process and then yeah, it’s permanent and it shifts and it’s. It’s so funny. I think, I think that was a huge change for me because that was also like right after that I went on a two week, I took two weeks off from working completely and I spent the, the last two weeks as summer with my kid before he went to kindergarten.

I just wanted to like sandwich and eat up all the time I could with him, you know, like cuz that’s a big change cuz then your life is basically around the school calendar, like just so much to have taken two weeks off and knew all my bills were paid and like, I wasn’t going anywhere like that was just the intention of that time was to, you know, reconnect and send him off feeling safe and grounded into kindergarten and then like the rest of the month and went, like, I went back to work and it was fine, but then I reduced my hours like, so then I was like, I would pick him up.

He was, he’s not an afterschool care or anything, so I like intentionally wanted to only work from like eight to three and like, that was, that was like mind blowing to try to do. And then after that in September I was like, I was still adjusting to the time reduction but still like trying to cram like what I was doing full-time into part-time hours.

And then I was like, I don’t think I even wanna work full-time anymore. I think I wanna work part-time. And then as soon as I switch into October, it’s so funny cuz I run my O B M brand and the reiki brand, I made more changes, but the changes were aligned, but they were easy. I like, Signed three new OBM clients.

Easy. It was not even like, my website’s not even like operational, like, and I don’t have a social media. It was like all from my personal network and it was just so like, wait a minute, is that possible that I’m only working X amount of money? Uh, number of hours. Not even, like, not even part-time hours is crazy.

Like I’m working like 30 hours a month and I’m like, okay. And then like, this is gonna take care of everything for me. And it’s doing, it’s so funny. It’s like, oh man, my husband’s like, what would you really love to do? I was like, I would love to do people’s systems and plan their podcasts. And he goes, shut up.

I was like, yeah, I know. I’m having such a good time with this whole podcasting thing. Usually in my life, what I’ve learned is I just never really had a natural talent as a young child. Like I worked hard to be at good at things. Like I’ve worked really hard to be. Good at all the things in my career, but when I came onto podcasting, I was like, man, this is really fun.

And then I learned, I was like, wait, I’m pretty good at this. Yeah, this is pretty good. And then like all the clients I’m working with, I’m playing their podcasts. It’s wild. And let me tell you, I just started the whole podcasting thing like this year in March. And it’s insane. So like, and I literally said that to probably three people.

I said, well, I really wish I could, like, my dream client would probably be besides Reiki, like this is my online business thing and I don’t really talk about it too much on my socials, but I’d really love to plan some podcasts for some people and for you. Yeah. So then like I left a comment and the James Wedmore’s Facebook group got a client from there, I was like, this is what you need to do if you’re gonna start a podcast, da da da da.

Literally a lady signed because of that comment. Wow. Look at like another sign from the universe as to know that if you’re, if you’re on the right path, If it’s just easy, it doesn’t mean that you’re not working hard at the things like I work hard at studying and learning new things and bettering my craft.

Like I’m spending hours doing that and learning how to, can I optimize this? How can I make this a better, more automated experience? Cuz I’m an, I’m a tech geek. But like, just the big things that were once really like anxiety ridden are easy now. Oh my God. And I don’t know exactly I, at this moment, I can’t really like pinpoint it exactly what the shift was or what happened it was, other than I just sat in my feminine energy and said it’s gonna happen.

And I trusted that it would, and I said it a few times and. , I was just resting. I decided like the month of October I need to slow down and I’m gonna figure things out. And that also during that process is once I said, I want time, autonomy. Yeah. Then the customers came and it was really wild. It was really, really wild.

And I know you did a workshop and I was on it and I, I like, I shared a little bit, but that, like, literally I think the time that I, I deliberately said I’m not gonna rush back into corporate. Cuz my husband’s like, well, so what are you gonna do? Like, what’s your plan? And I was like, I don’t really have one.

But I was like, but I didn’t need to rush. We also had like savings. So I was like, I’m, I’m just going to figure this out. I’m gonna sit and. Decide what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna take this time to heal. Like I was really tired and pour energy back so I was sleeping more and you know, going on dates with my son, that might sound weird, but like literally after school, let’s go get some ice cream and let’s go to Barnes and Noble.

And I thought, I love a bookstore. I love the smell books, but like, let’s do these little things that I had been working so hard on, like had been so burned out for such a long time. And I was like, I just need to have some fun. I need to live a little bit. , things like that was very healing for me and just like really intentionally.

So, you know, like literally laying on the couch. My phone is, I don’t know where in the house. And intentionally I don’t care. I’m not talking to anybody. I’m like taking care of me. I started cooking again and like literally like every day, just having a goal of like the dinner’s cooked and we’re all eating.

As soon as all he gets home, he’s like a ravenous tiger. So like, we eat at three 30 and then we eat again at six 30. Like, but just having to have the time to be able to cook again from scratch, not from a back and, you know what I mean? It was just so, like, that’s happened so much since like all he went to kindergarten.

Like so many changes, you know, you may not know, have all the, the answers as to like how things are gonna go, but continue to be open to things being better than you originally thought they would be. Hmm. I love that. Yeah, I love that. It’s like the best is you have to come. That’s one of my affirmations.

It’s like the biggest I heard someone say on a TikTok once was, it wasn’t that they’re trying to do things on their vision board. Like their mantra that they say to everything is, I’m just trying to see how good life can get now. But was like, her goal in life is just to see how good life can get. I’m like, well, that unleashes a whole nother like, yeah, I’m gonna steal that.

Like steal it. Like, because I don’t, I don’t know who said it. I wish I had saved the video, but. It stayed with me cuz I was like, well fuck, this is explicit podcast so I can say fuck. But like, like well fuck, well what am I doing? Like how good can things get? Well I’m thinking pretty small by the way cuz you, you had told me once that you wanted to move to Florida.

Yes. Or you wanted a second place. Okay. So I had tried to move to Florida since we’re talking about all the alignment things for two. We looked at every single place you could. You don’t understand how many trips I went to freaking Florida. Frontier Airlines and me have a personal relationship. I would fly to Orlando, I’d fly to Clearwater, I’d fly to Naples is our favorite.

So we’d try fly to Fort Myers. I’ve done, I’m from Miami, Fort Myers. I don’t want East Coast. Don’t come for me. I like West Coast. Yeah. And I like Central, but I don’t like Orlando traffic. So we fell in love with Naples like, but also I realized through many, many trips and reflection that the way you vacation is not the way you live.

Cuz I was staying at the Ritz Carlton every time that I went down there because I would get a good deal. And I was like, well this place I wanna live here. Well, yeah. Cause you’re staying out the fucking Ritz. Yeah. So Hurricane Ivan recently hit there and just totally savaged the state. Right. However, I saw a TikTok of this community, and then take, take this for signs from the universe.

I saw a TikTok about a community that was completely solar powered, that never lost power during the entire hurricane. It’s north of Fort Myers, south of Tampa. It’s called Babcock Ranches. Not everyone go run by a condo. Anyway, this was a very intentional community and it was, I forget how many solar painters they have, but I don’t know if it’s like 800 acres that can’t be possible.

Or 800 solar planters. I don’t know, something with 800. But it was the, it was complete. It’s an intentional community, um, where they have it’s solar powered every Friday they have like food trucks and it’s like one of those curated. Definite fluoride communities where, you know, you have a grocery store, it’s a planned community.

People drive golf carts. You have, you know, also these communities have like walking paths and lakes and you know, typical curated, gated kind of thing where they have the apartments, town homes, and larger homes, like different pricing points. I was like, cool, cool, cool. But then, then I saw like they didn’t get any damage.

They didn’t lose any power the entire time of the hurricane. I was like, I looked at that and I was like, that’s curious. I saved the video. The next day when we were in Fort Myers last December, we had toured a lot of homes and we had gone to this one builder, it’s the same builder for Babcock ranches.

And I got the email for the community and I said, I told Ryan, I was like, I told my husband, I was like, I think I found the place, but I no longer wanna live there. I wanna buy a second home. Same. I don’t, I, I have decided that there’s a reason why it could just never quite leave Nebraska. It’s a very easy place to live and I love it here, but I also love Florida very much.

And as soon as we, I drove past this community that we live in now, I was like, wait a minute. This is everything I’ve been wanting. This is everything that I’ve been wanting. I think sometimes as a projector, as a human design, it’s a lot of waiting. Yeah, it’s, it’s a lot of waiting. But when you finally.

Find the thing. You’ll know it. Yeah. And I, I was like, hit it and I was like, ah. I kind of partially had given up for a while for looking for an area in Florida that would be a home. And I think it’s because what I was searching for was not aligned. Yeah. That my, my truth desire was never to fully leave Nebraska, but to live or have a vacation home and then do like Airbnb or something like a, like an investment property.

So this feels aligned. Oh my God. That’s amazing. It’s not wild, so don’t, don’t miss out on the signs because it could be an email, it could be a TikTok because things come in patterns. A hundred percent. A hundred percent. And actually, yeah, I, I love that you bring that up because it’s, it’s really important to know that when we are becoming aware of these signs, when we’re actually starting to become conscious of that, we’re not just running the same patterns every single day.

And you’re starting to use all of these things as, you know, indicators of what direction to go. Like you’ll start to see that everything is like working in your favor, right? And it’s all working out the way that it’s supposed. And I just, I love that. I love that so much. And I just wanna say that I think it’s amazing that you followed your heart and your, you followed your intuition, and I know that you were struggling with, you know, the decision of, of going part-time, right.

And it, what a beautiful right testament, I know that you had shared inside of, you know, my workshop, right? That like you had signed your clients and, and all of the abundance that comes through when we do follow our heart and our intuition. I actually have a module inside of one of my trainings called the, uh, is it, is it trauma or is it intuition?

Right? Because a lot of times we don’t know the difference. Oh my God, , that’s good. Is it trauma or is it intuition? Mm-hmm. . That’s, that don’t live in the body, right? They both live in the body and we have to make sure we’re listening to the right voice. I think it takes a lot of, I’m not even sure a lot of what, but it takes either skill training or guidance to know what the voice is coming from and which voice it is.

It’s a discernment. That’s what it was. Discernment is the word, and I always tell people like discernment is the thing that will really disturb you through all of it. No matter call it healing spirituality or in your church or any decision that you make. Discernment is like, like coming from your gut.

But then the alignment of trust and listening to the guy and then like then, then the next step is like, okay, then now I listen to this. And their discernment is like, okay, I recognize it and then make the decision. The discernment is the pause in listening of both and aligning, okay, what is my body saying?

What am I feeling? Okay, I don’t like this and I’m not gonna make, I’m not going to sign this paper, or I’m not gonna buy this house. Or it’s the discernment. Is the concrete like decision making and conclusion of like how do you feel addressing that conclusion? Yeah, absolutely. Cuz you wanna make sure you’re following the right.

Voice , right? Because both trauma and are intuition live in the body. And you’re right. And it is a muscle. So the more that you do it, you know, I usually don’t recommend people going out and saying, okay, well I’m gonna ask my intuition for the first time ever, um, , it’s like, well, maybe don’t start there nervous.

Something small, right? So you can go ahead and. Make sure that you’re building the rapport. It is a process of building rapport, but once that place, then go ahead and quit your job. You know, or, or, or get a divorce or get married or, you know, whatever it is. Right? It’s, it’s , uh, then making sure that you’re, that you’re building that intuitive

Yeah. Don’t make a decision so late on the number of the, the repetitive numbers that you see at the gas station and the license. Please don’t. Anyway, thank you so much for being here, Rebecca, you’re an angel and I just am super in awe of you always. Ah, thank you for sharing your expertise, your stories, and I’m sure all of our listeners are agreeing to just run to connect with you on Instagram and follow you on TikTok and we’ll make sure to link everything in the show notes.

Awesome. Thank you so much for having me. And yes, I love, love, love connecting. With other high vibe women, so shoot me a gm, send me a message. I’d love to connect with you if you are listening, and if you have any questions or you just want to connect. That’s one of my favorite things to do. I share that all the time, but this is, I love to get to do this, like this gets to be working.

I know, right? It’s kind of like, this is our life. This is our life, and this can be your life too. You know, just like you were saying earlier, you’re such a testament to following your intuition and getting to actually slow down. Do less and receive more. Like that’s, that’s us being in our divine feminine.

That’s the goal of this all. So if it’s possible for us guys, it’s possible for you too. , sending you so much love, and thank you again, Caroline, for having me. It was a pleasure. Absolutely. I’ll see you next week for sure. Yay. So excited. All right, take care. Have a good day. It was an honor to connect and serve you this week.

If you are a spiritually curious person wanting to conceive, heal blockages in your fertility, click the link in the episode description to learn more about the Fertility Foundation collective. Until next time, my friend know you are love.

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