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In this episode of the podcast, “The Mindset That Helped Me Fall Pregnant 2 Weeks Later,” Michelle Gordon shares her journey of overcoming the struggle, pain, and trauma of IVF. She recounts her experience as a burnout nurse, overwhelmed and numbing her emotions with food and alcohol, and how this lifestyle was hindering her ability to conceive.

Michelle decided to make a change and moved to a different state in Australia, where she found a less stressful work environment and began to focus on her mental and physical well-being. She also credits her partner for being a support system and for ensuring that their needs were met during their journey of infertility.

One of the key takeaways from the episode is the importance of belief work and holding a vision for what you want. Michelle shares that she truly believed she was going to be a mother and didn’t let go of that vision. She also mentions that alternative therapies could be something to consider for listeners who may have a fear of the IVF process or if it is out of their budget.

What you’ll learn:
1:40 Who is Michelle Gordon?
2:20 What NLP is
5:53 Michelle’s fertility journey
10:17 Michelle’s story about conceiving her 2nd born
13:50 How Michelle was able to handle all the stress she was facing because of not being able to conceive
16:29 IVF journey is very grueling
22:10 The changes they experienced after moving to another country
27:47 How to start changing mindset with fertility
31:40 How Michelle busted all the negative beliefs


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Full episode transcript:

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Uh, single episode Today, we are talking about something that is going to be super helpful for you. It is the mindset that helps ni fall pregnant two weeks later with Michelle Gordon. Michelle, thank you so much for being here. Thank you, Carolina. I’m excited to be here all the way from Australia. I can’t believe it, so, so I love the online space so much because it connects us in ways that I don’t think we would be able to otherwise.

I know, I know. And we’ve, we’ve been chatting over on Instagram for a few weeks now and it’s just, yeah, I love everything that you do. Can you tell everyone who you serve and what you. Yes. And with giving your company, so my name’s Michelle Gordon. I have a business called the Healthy Happy Nurse. So I’m a registered nurse of 24 years, and now I have stepped into the coaching space.

So I’m an alignment and manifestation coach, N L P practitioner, and I help men and women become free from overwhelm, burnout, and create a life they love. I love that. Just in case anyone didn’t ever know, I’m a huge fan of N L P. Can you explain what that is? Actually, there might be a lot of people that don’t know what that is.

Yeah, so I’m fairly new to the N L P space, but it’s neurolinguistic programming, which is all about really understanding the information that we filter through our brain. And how we process it and make sense of it. And a lot of the stuff that NLP has really helped me do is understand. Deep subconscious programming in our brain, um, our belief systems, how we make sense of information, how it’s stored, where it’s stored, the emotions that we attach to it, and how that affects us every day.

How we show up, how we act, how we behave, and what we make it mean about ourselves and the world. So it’s super, super interesting since I’ve done this work. It’s. Changed my life and now my clients. So yeah, I felt like it was. Well, maybe this is not even a great description of it, but I felt like it was like hypnosis on steroids.

Like it really, cuz it does get you into a like N-word state. Yeah. And the practitioner that I had worked with, she was fantastic. She’s gonna be on the podcast too a little bit later. So Amazing. She worked with Money Mindset. . I learned that every limiting belief, or every belief, whether it’s limiting or not, is a decision.

At some point in your life, you have decided. So whether that was your beautiful, tiny five year old self when you were learning as your parents use certain language, like, we can’t afford that, or there’s not enough, and usually that’s around money. So that’s like scarcity versus abundance. Whereas like we say, well, there’s more.

We just have to wait a little. The power of your words, so like we’re reshaping our son. Relationship with money by using language like that. Yeah. So it’s not as limiting, you know? So, or like he grows up with abundance, but not entitlement. So things like that. I, I love that. Yeah. It’s a lot of inner work.

It’s a lot of reparenting yourself. Yeah. But understanding that all of. our decisions. So like when you’re doing whatever it is that you’re healing or working on, is like what are we deciding? But with the N L P, it allows you to, like, if you are just like logically journaling about it, you wouldn’t get the same effects as you’re working with a practitioner that’s allowing you to go into your subconscious to mm-hmm.

release, reprogram. And then allow it to integrate like all, which are three different phases. So definitely I’m talking like I’m an L L P expert. . You should be. I did buy a certification. I haven’t started it yet, so, but anyway, Carolina, I know with reiki too, I’m taking over the world. Ha ha ha. So

Anyway, Michelle, you’re here for a story. I feel like, wait, let me hop on a plane so we can go get some cocktails. I feel like we gotta stay on task. Other people are gonna run, they’re, they’re gonna be like, what is she doing over there? Okay, so we’re gonna talk about what’s your infantry. and then like how did you get pregnant after you, like your mindset changed.

Let’s dive in. Tell me, let’s, let’s dive in. Tell us a tea. This is such a great story because I share this with so many, like of my friends and my family and, and my colleagues, and I love to share this now and, and get this out, especially to your beautiful listeners because I know if I can share with them.

How I struggled through infertility twice. Um, and, and what I did to really get through that and now have three beautiful children and help someone with their vision and their dream and become a mom or dad, it’s something that I wanna share. So thank you for, for allowing me to, to share this. My infertility journey, I have got three beautiful children, 17 years old now, 15 and seven, so there’s a big gap there in, in the last two we suffered with infertility, my husband and I, when we were trying to get pregnant with our first child.

And we went on a whole unexplained infertility journey, which was a bit of a, you know, hang on. How, how can that be? What’s going on here? Like, nothing’s actually wrong with me, nothing’s wrong with my husband. Like we, we are all good to go. And we ended up going down the IVF pathway. Yeah. So that was. Where the sort of road turned, and mind you, like, this is 18 years ago now.

So we were directed onto an infertility specialist who was like, yeah, okay, I can’t see why not. Let’s do this. And so we, we journeyed down that path, which was a whole other journey in itself. It is. Yeah, so we went through ivf. I’m a registered nurse, so obviously I was working at the time finding myself in all sorts of.

Situations and, and dealing with the, the physical and mental process, you know, mental, I guess side of the whole I V F journey and, and found myself injecting, you know, with all of the different medications that you have. I can’t even remember what they are now, but everything’s time critical with I V F and.

It’s very stressful and I found it stressful and, and as a nurse, I was running into the toilet cubicle to, to do what I needed to do, give myself the medication. And I also had suffered some, some minimal side effects of bloating and fatigue and all of those sort of things. So that was affecting me. But ultimately, we came out the other side with a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

And that was with your third or your first? This is our first child. So that’s how you conceive your first Yeah, and there was no explanation as to why we weren’t able to fall pregnant, and we were just sort of, okay, well this is your next step. And as a young couple, husband and wife, yeah, we didn’t know.

We were just like, okay, all right. That’s where we go next. When you’re a young married couple, you just assume it’s gonna happen. My husband told me this. We’re in this season, a lot of our friends are either getting remarried, . I’m like, well, we got married very late, and his friends got married very early, like 18, 19, 20.

So now they, they did their 10, 12 years they got divorced and now they’re on, I was gonna say they’re remarrying each other or new pilots. No, , I’m sorry, this is a really bad metaphor, but he says Nobody ever enter. A marriage expecting to get divorced so no one ever get enters their marriage or their relationship or when it’s time to have a baby expecting not to happen.

So those a really bad amount of divorce. . Yeah. You’re expecting like this happy time. Everything’s gonna be easy peasy. Mac and squeezy, you know? Yes. It, my son says, so I can totally relate this how we started ours too. It was not exactly. A walk in the park when we decided, yeah, this is the time I took out my I U D and month after month.

Yeah. We weren’t getting pregnant. Mm. You totally get it. What happened with the second? How did you get pregnant with your second one? Did you do IVF again? So our second born, we literally thought about. You know, our first born was around 12 months old and I said to my husband, this, you know, this is a really good time.

I’d love to have another baby. And he agreed and we had just literally put it out there. Agreed. Hadn’t really gone much further. And within a month I was pregnant, natural. And yeah, big shock because it happened so very quickly, so easily without any real planning, I guess, much to my husband’s disgust, . So we were just like, okay, here’s his baby, and we had another beautiful boy.

So yeah. Do you have all boys? So I’ve got the two boys at the start and then a little girl. Your seven year old’s a girl. Yeah. That’s a good mix. So I bet that’s really lovely, like to have the older brothers teach her all the things. Oh yeah. It’s beautiful. So the boys are now 17 and 15 and after our second born we went through, again, the, the sort of around the 12 months to two years, I thought, you know what, yes, I would love to have another child.

Another discussion, another little chat with the husband, and we both agreed that, yeah, this is, yep. Okay. Third child, let’s go there. Like let’s do this. Your family wasn’t complete yet. Yeah, we weren’t complete. And I remember you had said that when we first chatted and I, oh wow. That’s like a really deep feeling.

I had never heard anyone say that before. That must have run really deep. It’s a knowing and I didn’t know until. The second child was, you know, our second boy was around 12 months of age. And I, I knew then that I wasn’t, it was a knowing that we needed, wanted a third child, a third child, to complete our family, so, wow.

Yeah, and, and again, we went down. Okay, well let’s Now’s a good time. Let’s start this journey. Complete our family with baby number three, and we fell into some infertility struggle again. Yeah. How long did you try for this third one? Six years. And during that time, did you ever attempt to, I. or considerate again.

Yeah, and we were in a very stressful time in our work. My husband’s work was very stressful. I was working a lot in my nursing position, so things were stressful at home. We had toddlers, I guess. Yeah. And it was a time where we were just going, oh my gosh, what do we do? Like we, we know we want a third child.

We know we haven’t completed our family. Oh, like it’s how can we hold space for this? You’re living life and trying to conceive, but also like when you, when you have young families and you’re like in your twenties and thirties, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Like you’re, you’re building life. You’re like saving money, buying a house, and like ti littles are so consuming.

They’re like, they. A lot, you know? And then add on like this, if you have health struggles, you have your plate super full. Mm-hmm. , how did you manage all that stress? I didn’t very well and I ended up drinking quite heavily, so I turned to alcohol during that time and we were struggling. Obviously not falling pregnant.

My, our old I V F. Specialist was like, well just come back and we’ll, we’ll start the process again. And that thought of dealing with I V F on top of what we were already dealing with was just really scary for me. And my husband was like, we can, we can do that. Like, let’s just go, like, let’s just start the process.

Where we know, we know the specialists, we know what to do. We know everything. Like, let’s just go down I v F again. And, and my heart was like, no, I couldn’t go there. And my stress really spiraled. I was numbing myself with food, numbing myself with alcohol, numbing myself by working really hard whilst having two little children.

And a marriage and that, you know, managing home life, obviously. Were you scared because, did you have fertility trauma from the I V F, do you think? I think what made the process scary to you? The le there was a level of trauma because every step in the IVF process, It’s like you’ve got all of your hopes and dreams on that next step.

You know, do we have enough eggs, you know, to harvest? And then it’s like, are they good quality? How many survive? You know? And every step of the way, there’s just so much hope riding on it. And then you do get to the embryo transfer. Stage, which is amazing, but it’s like, are these little embryos going to take, or, or one for that matter, you know?

Or the testing. Now they do this testing, okay. Like, are they gonna pa like you hood, you can opt for it. You can pay for like, for abnormalities. And when I’ve worked with different clients, that is also very stressful to do it, not to do it. So then you choose like, Which embryo may go, and then like, what do you do with the extra embryos?

There’s so many things to go with it. There is, I can’t, is Yeah. I haven’t met a single person that has gone through I V F that doesn’t have a form of fertility trauma. Yeah. Yeah, a hundred percent. It’s so grueling. I have never done it, but I have worked with enough clients to know it’s so grueling in every aspect, but everyone’s reason to want to do it or not want to go back and do it is so very different.

Mm-hmm. . Yeah, and, and we had such a great outcome with our first, had a beautiful, healthy boy. Yet, I was still not able to go down that path again. I, I just said to my husband, I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I don’t want to do it. And he said, okay, okay. You know, he was trying to help me for this desperate desire and need to have another child, but I wasn’t willing to go that far because I knew my mental health wasn’t, wasn’t able to stand up with it.

You know, we just continued and. We tried and we actually tried some Chinese herbal medicine and we spent a lot of money with a Chinese herbal medicine specialist who was specialized in infertility. But again, we, we didn’t have any luck and at that point we just, Very quickly decided. So the, ever since, over a period of six years, we got to this point where we were just like this, our life isn’t working for us right now.

We, we are stressed. Our children are not getting the best of us. You don’t like your job. My husband, I was. Driving a long way to get into the big hospital where I was working. Something has to change. We actually packed up, sold up everything. We were living in Melbourne, in Australia, in built up suburban area, and we packed up our lives and moved to sunny Queensland by the beach

So what is life like there? Oh, So different is Melbourne, like very busy. That’s like one of the largest cities, right? Yeah. Busy and cold. . Cold weather. Cold. It is gray. It, it is just, everyone’s super busy and that was had been our lives. What? That’s all we knew. And we literally packed up on a whi. , I found a job for my husband here now where we live in, in regional Queensland, on the coast, on the east coast, and I, I found myself a job at the hospital and, and we found this gorgeous little coastal town where we live.

I’m looking at the beach right now at my window and it’s so slow and it’s just so, it’s just, it’s a intentional. Is it intentional? I say all those choices were very intentional. So basically you’re like, problem, problem, problem. Let’s fix this. Let’s disrupt, I’m gonna change this and we’re moving this right now.

So you went from busy to intentional and slow living, is that what you’re saying? Mm-hmm. . Yeah, absolutely. By the beach. Okay. So now what happened after that? So like you went from busy to slow. So what did your life look like? What lifestyle changes did you make then because. Because you’re like new jobs, new house, new town.

What happens next? Like what would, what did your life look like then? We felt. Like, we’ve been here for nine years now, but we actually felt like we were on holidays the whole time. for the first couple of years. We were like, everyone lives outdoors. It is hot. You can swim all year round. Pretty much. It’s, it’s warm.

The beautiful beaches. Everyone lives outdoors. It’s barbecues and everyone exercises like they’re up super early in the morning, you know, walking at five o’clock in the morning. The sun rises here in summer at 4:30 AM it. It’s beautiful. Houston rises at four 30 in the morning. , are you serious? Okay. I have have two questions that are really random and nothing to do with fertility.

Do you have sharks in the water? Yes, we do. Oh Lord. Is it where they find the great whites? They’re, they’re big tiger sharks in, in our water here. And, and my family. I was mentally preparing myself to hop on a plane. We were gonna get cocktails and go swimming, but now I’m not. We can, we can the pool, we can do the pool.

I, you know what? I’ll just put my feet in. It’s like, you know, I’m just not, I, I am very friendly to many things of the animal world, but it’s, sharks are not my thing. This jaw has scarred me for life. Okay, so then like the next thing is, I need to know this cuz I’m fascinated by architecture. In some countries have air conditioning and some don’t.

Does Australia, is that something that it’s a thing? . Oh my gosh. If you don’t have air conditioning here in Queensland, you will die . Okay. Not die, but, because in some countries that’s not a thing. Oh, right. No. We have air conditioners in nearly every room. . Okay, okay. Okay, okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. That was two things.

Do you have, do you have sharks and do you have ac? Yes, because like in some places in the world, that’s not a. No, we have, we have lots of air conditioning because we have to have it here. Yeah. . Okay, continue. So you, sorry, tangent between two best friends. Oh no, that’s not, that’s my British accent. That’s not even a good Aussie accent.

Okay, so you moved st. You were burnout, you were very busy, unhappy. And you’re like, things gotta change. You move across, you move to Queensland, things are great. You make and everyone’s happy, thriving. Then what happened in your marriage and the baby? Yeah, so we got found, our jobs, got back into work. We bought a beautiful home, like right on near the beach, like only a few steps to the beach.

Loved this beautiful home and my husband and I. We’re cleaning up the garage one day and he said, we’ve still got all this baby stuff. Like, what are we doing with all the baby clothes? We’ve just like brought all of this stuff from Melbourne. There’s boxes and boxes, and there’s the cot, and there’s all of these things.

And he said, what are we doing, huh? And I said, oh. And he sort of looked at me as if, let’s talk about this, you know, here we are. Oh, so he wanted an answer. He wanted an answer. He was like, what are we doing? Like, can we revisit this? Because I, I was not done like I was. How, how long had you shut down the conversation For Probably 18, nearly two years.

It’s a long time. Yeah. But we, we were in so much stress and sadness in that time, you know, for leading up to before the move. Neither of us could. Bring up that subject again or bring up the conversations. Yeah. And so this was seven years, I guess now her time had passed and he said to me, what do you wanna do?

Can we just sit and talk about it? Now let’s, let’s, let’s have a chat. And I was like, oh, here we go. And I sat in that moment and we just really looked at each other and had a really good conversation. He said, are. Finish. Do you wanna have another child? Or what are we doing? Let’s, we’re gonna clear up this baby stuff and, and do something with it.

And I said, do you know what? And, and I said, I looked around and I said, I’m actually really happy now. I said, I’m complete. And he is like, what? , what? What do you mean? And I said, look at where we live. Look at our life. Like the, we have the most beautiful life and I’m so complete. And he was like, Okay. Radio.

And he said, how about, and this was in, I can’t even remember. He said, let’s give it till the end of the year, so it must have been around April. He said, let’s give it till the end of the year, and if nothing has happened, we haven’t fallen pregnant. We will call it a day. I said, yep. Let’s do that. I’m happy with that.

Two weeks later, I was sick, unwell, tired, emotional, exhausted, and my doctor said to me, you’re pregnant, Michelle

And I was. . Yep. So, okay, so we’re gonna go back to this. Go back. We’re gonna go back to this. So, okay. So essentially, I’m gonna sum this up too, like cuz I know enough about manifestation. The more that you’re detached from the thing that you’re trying to manifest, the better the top things is set. The intention trust that’s gonna happen.

Hold the visualization that it’s gonna happen, but also get busy doing something else and detach from the outcome because there’s complete, utter trust and safety that is gonna come true. So the urgency and like the timeline and the control of when it’s gonna come true is the success is letting go of those things.

Yeah. So in your story, that’s essentially, you had the recipe for all of those things. . Yep, exactly. Beautiful pregnancy. The most amazing birth. She was just absolutely beautiful baby girl. And she was meant to be here. And the you are right. A big part of that story and how she came into our lives was because for one, I held the vision and I had set the intention.

I never gave up. Even though we had that really stressful time, I still deepened my heart, kind of knew that, that we were, we had, we had another baby somewhere like this was going to happen for us. And then the last thing was, I actually, for the first time in seven years, I let go of the need and I leaned back and didn’t need to have that lo have a third baby like I was before.

Yeah, so it’s letting go of that, that the attachment. The attachment. Now I wanna preface this cuz I don’t . I can, I can hear the TikTok coming for me. This is Michelle’s story and this is not everyone’s story. Michelle had done. You know all of the things that the doctors had said and you had not been diagnosed with any, like technically everything.

Physically you were fine. Yeah. If you have physical ailments, always work with your doctor, whatever it may be. The mindset was also something in the visualization of this third child is something you both shared in your marriage. So it wasn’t just you holding this, it was your husband too, your partner, and there was communication on this equal wants.

Yeah, of this child. I believe that to have a successful mindset, like if someone wanted to take your story and be inspired and take action based upon your story, the first thing that you should do is look at your beliefs. What do you believe about your fertil? Mm. And this is simple things like what are you choosing to define and what language are you using when you describe your fertility or infertility, however you wanna word it.

Your journey to conceive. What language are you using when you talk about it to other people, when you think about it in your head, because these are deliberate choices that we need to be intentional with. So do you believe fertility is hard? For example, I did a money mindset training probably. Last year, last October, November-ish, and they’re like, write down what your beliefs about money were.

I did the exercise and it turns out I believed money caused conflict. Yes. Yeah. So these are like, what are the beliefs around? And that was after that was digging through and that’s like skipping a few steps. But like what do you believe about your fertil? , what do you believe about fertility itself? So are we saying that fertility has to be hard?

Evidently it is, and I’m not discrediting error, invalidating anyone’s experience, but I want to put in the belief work as into like what can we put in for the success. For our outcome. Like my turn, I’m just waiting for my baby. My baby is coming. And making sure that you’re believing those things as fact.

Mm-hmm. like those things to your core Just as much as if I were to say Michelle is a great person. I believe that to be fact. She’s loyal. She’s kind. She’s sincere. She’s generous. So however you would believe and say that about your best friend, cuz this is gonna hit home. To make it super easy. However you would describe your person, your favorite person in the whole world, those characteristics, and you believe those to be true, like, Because it’s the ride or die kind of friend that I’m talking about.

Like those things they Yes. Yes. Those are the things that I believe to be true about my friend. Yeah. Well, I want you to believe the things that you’re gonna define about your fertility. You get that. You choose those things. I want you to believe it with that much passion, that much ferocity, but that much fierceness.

I want you to believe that my fertility is X, x, X, whatever. Fill in the. Only you can decide that. And I want you to have belief around your fertility and with such passion and belief and conviction. So like if someone were to say, describe your best friend. I guarantee you any woman that has a best friend is gonna light up.

And they’re like, yes, my best friend. You know, Tiffany is this, this, this, and this. It’s like I just listed all those things about you. So I want you to speak with conviction, joy, and passion about your fertility beliefs as that, and that is gonna allow you to shift into your mindset a little bit easier. I hope that’s helpful.

Do you ? Sorry for my tangent. No, that is, you’re so on point. And. You always receive what you believe most. Wow. Wow. That should be on a t-shirt. Michelle . Oh my God. Where did you get that? Did you just make that up? Right now? I’ve, it’s been part of my language for a long time now because look, look at my eyeballs.

Hello? I can see your eyeballs. It’s good. Hey. Oh my God. That’s gonna be one of our content. You always receive what you believe. Michelle Gordon. Love it. PE people, put that on a t-shirt, run right now and put it on a t-shirt will all be rich . But how true is it like when you stop and you go, whoa, it’s fucking true.

It’s fucking true. If I believe that’s why this is rated explicit. I said the word buck. Yes, it’s fucking true. Yes it is right at the start. In our infertility struggle, I could have chosen to believe that we would be. A couple with not being able to have children, that we would be our family, would be my husband and myself.

Did I believe that to be true? No. Right. I didn’t believe it for one bit, and that energy and that knowing and trust. Is so powerful and it, and it affects your thoughts. If you think, if you believe that you are going to have a struggle or you are, you are going to have a difficult pregnancy or, or infertility issues, your thoughts become around that.

Your thoughts around that will be fear, lack, worry, doubt. Your feelings also then settled, anxious, worried, stressed, right. And your actions and results come off of those how you’re feeling. So it all lines up. I agree. Okay, so I am a healer. I also am a very practical person and you’re in medicine, so this is where , I differ from the, you know, the New World, new Earth, 5G bullshit.

I do believe that people have. These medical things, so like I don’t believe that just magically we’re gonna manifest if they say you have low A M H or you’re not ovulating, or if you have no period that you’re like, you’re gonna manifest a baby with just mindset. Mm-hmm. , I believe that your mind is a very powerful tool, but I also.

Combined with medicine, it’s necessary. Don’t listen to this episode and be like, I’m gonna fix my mindset and not go to my doctor. Don’t do that. Don’t be that person. Go to your doctor . Find a doctor you feel safe with, but also make sure you’re doing your emotional and your mindset work. And if you need me, DM me on Instagram.

If you need Michelle DM her, you’ll find everything in the show notes, I promise you. But like that’s very important. This is for my listeners. So if no matter where you are in your fertility journey, whether you have endometriosis, P C O S, Hashimotos, Whatever it may be. Just understand the best plan for you is the one that you decide, one that you feel empowered with, one that you’ve researched, one that you’ve discussed and evaluated with your doctor or your fertility specialist.

I never want you to think that mindset alone, Reiki alone, or massage or acupuncture alone will fix. Any serious medical condition, like there is a place for everything. But I do believe mindset can carry you very far. Just don’t skip out on seeing your doctor. I just wanna preface that cuz I think that’s really important that, and this is when we talk about manifestation, cuz it’s something that I now love, I love to talk about, I teach it.

Manifestation happens when your mindset, your beliefs, Line up and are in alignment with your actions, so you have to take action. It’s not just sitting back or doing all the mindset work going, I’m going to fall pregnant, I’m going to fall. No. What actions are you taking to make this happen? Are you seeing a specialist?

Are you following the process or the plan that your doctor has for you? All of these things, you have to take action in some way, shape, or form. I sell meditations and I had. that said, boost your fertility. And I had a woman DM me and said, I bought your meditation a few months ago and I’m not pregnant.

And I said, maybe we should do a session. Have you asked her all these questions? Do you have any ailments? Have you, what’s your plan with your doctor? Da da da, da. I was like, what’s your cycle like, all these things. And she’s like, well, my partner and I are not intimate. I was like, okay. I could see that she was in a heterosexual relationship and I said, as much as I wanna think my reikis that good, Reiki is not a replacement for actual sex.


So I was like, that’s the action part. . I was like, you have to have sex or go see your doctor and make an embryo and have it transferred. I said, but my Ricky’s not that good. Yes. I was like, my reiki is horrible , but it’s not that good. I promise you. It’s not that good. Yeah, so always go to your doctor. Come up with a plan with your partner, or if you’re doing it alone, then you know, definitely go to your doctor.

You need to buy some sperm. Mm-hmm. . So , that’s, and this is, this is the taking action part. Yes. Your act is gonna look different, right? Yeah, exactly. Like, and you coach clients, their things that they need to heal in, in their NLP sessions are probably radically different from the next. Right? Absolutely.

Absolutely. And this is, I’ll give you an example, and this is not related to fertility, but I think it’s a good example. I had a client come to me about her. Business. We’ve done some work on burnout. She’s released burnout, love burnout talk. Yeah, and, and she’s released burnout. She’s in a really good place now.

She’s not in that P overwhelm, and this is where I was right before we did right the move. And she’s got this great little beauty business that she does part-time from home. She’s got a great little setup. Clients coming in, great product range, great service. And she said to me, how can I increase my sales?

And I was like, Ooh, yeah, let’s talk about this. Let’s talk about this. Anyway, I said, how about are you selling on some products? And she said, I’ve got products here. They’ve sat there for months. My clients haven’t bought them. And I said, why not? And she said, because I feel bad selling . I said, oh yeah.

What’s your belief around selling? Let’s talk about that. Right? So her belief was selling was bad. Salespeople were bad, right? True. And we brought that apart. It’s very common. Yeah. Got into her mind and, and she had those aha moments. Oh, wow. Like, where did that belief come from? What did I make it mean? Is that actually true?

No, it’s not. And I, and we, we switched it over to your serving people. You’re giving them the product and what they need. She had a complete different shift in her belief and in her mindset. She texts me a week later, she said, I’ve got no products on the shelf. All of my products are gone. Love it. Yes, love it.

So there, there’s the belief and what she was receiving was a business that was half operating, you know, and she wasn’t using it to its full capacity and serving the way she should have. Yeah, I love that. So cool. I did sales for a while and , I used to think I was bad at sales, and then the person that was mentoring me and she’s like, how could you possibly be bad at sales?

Everyone loves you. I was like, oh, I’m afraid to ask for their money. Yes. And, and then she goes, , but you’re gonna make money from them and their money is none of your business. And was like that. And she’s. It’s none of your business. I was like, you know, I had a guy tell me he lost his job and I was on the sales call and she’s like, that’s none of your business.

What if he has like 10 rental properties and a million dollars in the bank, or like a savings account? What if he quit his job on purpose and like, you know, like. Yeah, he’s retired. , maybe he’s gonna quit and he’s like retired. You know? Who are you to decide how much money they have and where they should be spending their money, you know?

Exactly. I called him back and I sold him and I got commission from it. I was like, Hey, hey. Wow. So good. I learned a long time ago. I do online business management as my other gig as my other company, and I was talking to a colleague of. You know, we have a contract together. And I was like, pay her very good wage for what she does for my company.

And then she has a client that has like 15 hours a week, but it’s a third of what I’m paying her per hour. And I was like, I really need more hours from you. But she didn’t have capacity, but I know that other contract, well, she shared it with me and I said, well, , can I buy that contract? Can I give you the same amount of money or are you gonna have.

Like a conversation with that person and she’s like, oh, I don’t know. I don’t wanna cause trouble, whatever. I was like, well, just think about this every time that you work an hour and I’m paying you three times as much. You’re taking money out of your daughter’s mouth, . She’s like, what? I was like, just think about this.

I was like, basically you’re robbing time. You could make more money working less hours and have more time for your kid, or you’re basically saying no to more money doing work that you’re actually more aligned with and have your doing, versus you could have more time with your family and have more money in the process like that.

It’s a. Good thing. And I was like, so you could either , she says, that was a very ballsy thing to say. I was like, but it made you shift. Like think about it. It’s not just about you. Like how much could you give more to your family if you had three extra hours in a day to sit on the floor and play with her?

Hundred percent. And she’s like, I didn’t think about it that way. That’s right. I was like, and what about now? Well gone and, and disrupted the belief that she had. Yeah. And she’s like, I never thought I could make that much money. I was like, B bullseye. I was like, have you ever thought that you’ve arrived?

And she’s like, what does that mean? And I was like, some version of yourself when you were younger. Maybe it was three years ago, maybe it was five years ago. Dreamt what you’re living right. Thought of it, like of the reality you’re currently living that one day you would be living a life that would be exactly what you have right now, so that there is a younger version of you that would be wildly proud of you, that you have achieved this and you have what’s in front of you.

And I said, when’s the last time you celebrated that? She goes, oh, . And then she goes, why Didn’t know how I arrived, so how could I celebrate it? I was like,

And I said, well, it’s a good thing, . So I was like, I do this to myself Often. I realized since I went into entrepreneurship a year ago, a year and a half ago, goodness gracious, that I didn’t celebrate enough. God did I work hard, and I have worked harder than I ever have my entire life. And I thought I worked hard before.

Entrepreneurship is a lot of hours. And yes, it’s over glamorized , like have this 10 freedom. But nobody says like all the things on the back end that you absolutely have to do. But it’s anyway. It is worth it. You have to stick it out. But anyway, just in your fertility journey, I want you to find moments also that you can find.

Joy while you’re going through the thick of it, so. Mm-hmm. , I believe that at some point there are going to be breaks in your fertility where you’re gonna a, have moments of joy. I want you to savor them. I want you to celebrate as much as you can in the present so you can get through to the next step, especially if we’re doing fertility treatments.

Yeah. It’s also okay to take breaks. I think intentional breaks, like if you’ve had failed fertility attempts or unsuccessful fertility trims attempts is a better term. Not failed. I don’t like that. But unsuccessful attempts then you honor. Maybe take a break if, if that feels right for you. If you wanna keep going, that’s fine too.

I’m not telling you what to do with your fertility, but it’s okay to take a rest. It’s okay to take maybe a few months off, give your body a break, maybe do some talk therapy, do a massage, go on vacation with your spouse or your partner, whatever it may be. , you know, work on your mindset a little bit and then go back to your fertility plan and do however you’re going to move forward with.

I think that when I asked you, I was like, have you taken a break lately? Or like, what are you doing to care for you? Or like, you know, they’ve been at it for such a long time that you know they’re worn down just like you can have. So fertility burnout, like not just Oh, absolutely. Burnout. Burnout is not just, you know, work.

And I think that that’s not talked about enough. Like, you know, especially if some of the women I work with nine years, five years for you, six years, right? Yeah. So like that’s a long time to hold hope and you might need breaks, you know, to live a little. Yeah, definitely. And I think, you know, that was really key in, in what we.

in having our beautiful girl was, we had that big break. We had that shift. We just let go and got our lives back on track because everything was in such a mess. I guess we were stressed and not in alignment of what we wanted out of our lives. And once we sought that out, made some different choices. Got into back into alignment and a lifestyle.

That was what we really dreamed of. It all just fell into place. It happened, so yeah, and we took that break, not intentionally wanting to have a baby. We’d sort of just took the breaks off. Yeah, I was working crazy hours and my pharmaceutical manufacturing job, I used to make tablets and all this stuff, and that was my corporate career and I.

A very good checkbox person. I had lists for days for everything you can imagine, bucket lists, goal list. I had marriage goal lists. I had it all to be a fully rounded person and by societal standards be successful. Boy, I did it all. I had it all, but. I was grieving, I was sad, and I fell off my horse. I had horses and I fell off my horse.

The horse went right. I went left into a ditch and I had my helmet on, but I was put on medical leave cuz my concussion would not heal. And during the medical leave I went and got Reiki cuz it was recommended to me and I had a very hard time taking deep breaths after my dad had died. And mind you, this was like around the two year mark, cuz right before the two year mark that he had been passed away.

So it wasn’t like a month prior. So this had been lingering for a long time. And I was put on medical leave for like three months. During that time, I got Reiki, I got pregnant . Wow. And I wasn’t allowed to be on the phone. I couldn’t watch television. I couldn’t drive . So I couldn’t read cuz I couldn’t, my eyes wouldn’t focus on the page was, oh gosh.

So wait, I had a lot of time on my hands. Yes. . I had a lot of time on my hands, so I meant a baby . So beautiful. But. If you go, go, go. So it’s very similar. It was like you are super busy and burn out and probably unfulfilled on some level, I guess is like you wanted more meaning more death, right? So , I say I got Gods smacked and the horse accident is the reason why I’m pregnant.

Besides reiki, yes, but the reiki was a Reiki massage and when I walked out of there, I could breathe again. Since my dad had died, I felt like I couldn’t breathe after he died. And that was a very physical change for me and . I just remember that being like, okay. And I remember my husband driving me there and the conversation.

I don’t think I’ve shared this yet, I think maybe a piece of it, either this is gonna. Because A, a psychic had told me to get reiki and so did my therapist in the same week, and they didn’t know each other and they didn’t know about the conversation one or the. I took it as a sign, like a giant one, and I said, either this is gonna work or we’re just gonna not have a baby because I’m not, I mean, I guess we could have tried more stuff, but I just knew, I said, I don’t wanna do I V F, I don’t wanna do fertility treatments, I don’t wanna do needles, I don’t wanna do, I couldn’t do it.

I just knew that I wouldn’t. I just had enough, like my threshold for like pain and trauma at that point before, like I couldn’t do it like it was, I was just doing the best I could by waking up every day. So then the next month af, it was one month after the reiki session, I was testing positive and then the anniversary of my dad came around and we told Ryan’s parents who didn’t know we were.

Like nobody knew we were trying. Maybe my best friend, my best friend knew that was it. And we took a pacifier and put it in a box and we gave it to my mother-in-law. So every year I’d do something to honor my dad’s death. And it was on the two year anniversary, we gave her a box and she opened it and she’s like, what’s this?

And I said, you’re gonna need it soon. And my goodness. And that’s how he told. Them and we were pregnant with all, she cried of course, and I cried and nobody knew that we were really trying, so nobody knew the like the disappointment of, yes, the negative pregnancy tests and things like that. But if it wasn’t for that reprieve and that medical leave and like, The forcefulness of me having to slow down, just stop.

I, that’s what I like. Literally slow down cuz I couldn’t do anything. I was so bored outta my mind. Like I also had trouble like depth of perception, like for me too. Like how far was like the curb, like how far away was that? Like I was pretty much set for a while. Yeah. Take a break. Because pausing is good.

I always say, if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a. It’s not necessary. Hell no. We’re not blocking ourselves. Just wait. I find it’s a more feminine healed response as I’ve gotten older and more mature. I used to be. Hell yes, hell no. But like if I wait, I’m waiting for the better option to show itself to me.

Yes, that might come with another conversation. It might show itself to me literally in some other way. It also might come with a change of perception or perspective with time, and that might be a week. Might be overnight after I sleep. Maybe I need a good meal. Yeah. You just never know by waiting and taking a break how your feelings might change or what will happen to you.

So , but we’ve covered so much belief work and we have done fertility, all the things. So how can people work with you? ? You’re a magical self. How can people work with the magical Michelle? Yeah, so I have a beautiful program that I now take women through, which is the Health and Happiness Formula. So it’s the program that I wrote from my own burnout journey that takes them through a gorgeous, I guess, self-discovery, self-healing, personal development journey where they.

The women that come through are feeling burnt out, are feeling a bit lost, are feeling like there’s gotta be more to life, Michelle. And they go through this journey and typically, Start to feel different and notice big changes in their life after about four weeks. So that’s the health and happiness formula.

And I also have a beautiful 12 week breakthrough program, and this is where I really apply all of my N L P processes, really get in and rewire the brain and get deep into the subconscious mind. There’s some beautiful practices that I do there to help people release trauma. Release limiting beliefs really access their true potential.

So that’s the gorgeous programs that I run. And you can find me on Instagram, that’s where I hang out. Michelle Gordon underscore coach. It is. Michelle is with two Ls, right? Yes, yes. It’s important. I know some Michelles use one. So can you tell us who those programs are geared towards? Is a business owner’s fertility or just any woman who they geared towards?

So the health and happiness formula is towards women. Women who are feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. And mostly I do work with a lot of nurses in that program, but I’ve also had some non nurses come through who are just feeling stuck in their life, feeling a bit lost and feel like they are burnt out in some way, shape, or form.

So that’s that. My breakthrough program is for men and women. Yeah. I love that. I love that. Yeah, I can’t, can’t, I don’t know if you can tell, but I absolutely freaking love you. So I’m super grateful for you. I had the best time chatting with you. I even like got super relaxed. I.

I just gotta hang out here and drink my Mountain Dew . It’s eight 30 at night. I’m like drinking Mountain Dew, the gas station. Thank you for having me. I have so enjoyed this conversation and yeah, can’t wait to listen to this episode. Me too. All right, have a good night, Michel. It was an honor to connect and serve you this week.

If you were a spiritually curious person wanting to conceive, inhale blockages in your fertility, click the link in the episode description to learn more about the Fertility Foundation collective. Until next time, my friend know you are love.

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