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I’m your host, Carolina Sotomayor, and today’s episode, number 118. In this episode, Carolina Sotomayor discusses the topic of getting pregnant after an abortion. She shares her personal experience and addresses the common misconception that women are being punished for having an abortion. Carolina emphasizes the importance of healing emotional wounds and changing beliefs surrounding abortion. She also talks about the belief in conceiving after abortion and understanding soul contracts. Carolina highlights the need for emotional resiliency and the power of sharing one’s story. She concludes by inviting listeners to join the Ricky Baby Movement and previews the upcoming episode on crystals for fertility.


  • Getting pregnant after an abortion is possible and women should not feel punished for their past decisions.
  • Healing emotional wounds and changing beliefs surrounding abortion is crucial for conception.
  • Believing in the possibility of conceiving after abortion and understanding soul contracts can help lessen guilt and shame.
  • Emotional resiliency and setting boundaries are important for emotional safety and healing.

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Podcast Episode Transcript

You’re listening to the Make a Baby Podcast, episode 118. I’m Carolina, your Reiki Womb Healer, and podcast host. Before we jump in, I want to preface that in this episode, we’re going to be speaking about a strong and controversial topic of abortion and getting pregnant after an abortion. If this is triggering to you, please skip this episode and join us on Friday when we’re going to be talking about crystals, top crystals to use them for fertility with Cassandra boring.

So let’s continue. I, this might shock you, and you may have heard this, but I had an abortion in my 20s. And the reason why I want to talk about this, it’s because I’m seeing more and more women who want to conceive are not able to. They had an abortion before and now they want to get pregnant.

I want to talk about some of the things that I see that are patterns and how you can conceive after abortion. So the most common mistake that I see women doing is that they think that they’re being punished because now is the time that they do want to get pregnant and it’s either slow to happen or it’s not happening at all or and they feel like because they had an abortion before.

That they’re being punished now. And I assure you that is not it at all. You’re not being punished. However, you might have some emotional wounds or some trauma that we need to address that may have been incurred from the abortion or might have come from any emotional residual feelings such as shame and guilt are the biggest things that come up.

With abortion that we need to go ahead and address? Have you connected with that baby? Have we done any womb clearings? The reason is because there is a belief around abortion, the belief that if you get an abortion, you’re a bad human. If you get an abortion, then you’re going to hell. If you get an abortion, then you’re instantly worthless or you’re not worthy of anything good in life.

I’ve heard it all. And the reason why I came forward to speak about my abortion is because I wanted to see change made. Because there’s so much shame that if you have an abortion, oh, and you’re instantly just done. Either people write you off, they’re gonna judge you, they’re gonna hate you.

And I get it’s a heavy topic, but guess what? You’re still here and you’re still human and you’re still very much worthy of having a baby and you’re very much still worthy of being loved and living a full great life without shame, blame or guilt. And this has everything to do with the belief around abortion. And I’m not talking, I’m talking to you.

I’m not talking to the person and why they believe what they believe in abortion, but I’m talking about your belief around abortion for you and your healing.

What are your beliefs around your experiences? I’ll give you an example. For me, I believe I made the best choice for myself, my body and my future at the time that I made the decision to have an abortion.

And with that, I hold that as my core belief.
I put protection around that belief. I am not a bad person for making a decision that was best for me at the time.

Now, I have done a lot of deconstruction around my Christian faith. I’m no longer religious. I am a spiritual person who has a deep relationship with God outside of a church. That’s how I describe my faith.

I believe God has led me here. And over the next couple of weeks, I’m gonna go dive deep into all the things that have happened to my womb that have led me to be a womb healer. And when I meditated and I actually prayed last night, I pray often, I pray every day, but I don’t know if I talk about that here enough.

I prayed to my higher self, I prayed to Mother Earth, I prayed to God, I prayed to the archangels, I said, guide me, what do I need to share? How can I impact and serve others? And this is what I woke up talking about because I had not recorded this episode for today, December, January 16th until right now. It is 3.40 in the afternoon. I want you to know if you’re wanting to get pregnant now in 2024 or whenever you’re listening to this.

And you had an abortion, no matter how long ago it was, you can get pregnant. And your baby that you want to conceive wants you. And perhaps the baby that, the spirit baby that was then, maybe they’re reincarnating for their next pregnancy. That’s not always the case. It wasn’t for me, but we can channel that. I also believe,

That another belief I think that is super important to have is that worked for me was understanding soul contracts. I believe before we come into this life, we have a purpose. I believe that we travel with a group of people, 30 to 40 souls, and we make agreements as to what the purpose of our interactions and our relationship will be with those souls.

The souls that are aborted or the souls that are miscarried, their life purposes are completed fully within the womb. So I believe that belief helped me lessen my guilt and shame and my mental burden and on my heart greatly when I understood that. I worked with a shaman on my healing this wound that I had created because I had gotten an abortion.

But I do believe because I did that work and I worked on my worth and I redefined because what happened after I got my abortion, I went through an identity crisis. I was the good girl and the good girl got an abortion and I wasn’t supposed to be the person who did stuff like that. So I had to, and I got tired of self-loathing. I wanted to stop hating myself, went to therapy.

I went to hypnosis, I saw a shaman, I did all the things. Eventually I stopped tainting myself.

And it became because I believed that there was more to me other than my abortion. I believed that I was still lovable. I was still a person that volunteered. I was still a person that was loved by her friends. I was still a person that was breathing. I was more than this one moment in my life. I was more than this abortion. I was, I still had a whole life to live.

And it was mine to live. And again, these are my feelings, but I changed my beliefs around my personal experience with abortion. And for that, that shifted the paradigm for me. And then, once I learned Reiki, I was able to send Reiki back to my younger self that did have the abortion and that helped heal a lot of wounds.

Going forward. So when we’re trying to conceive, the first thing, and if you had an abortion, we have to heal the event. We have to address the event. And sometimes it’s not necessarily the event itself. It could be conversations that were had afterwards. I have found working with a lot of women, it’s the…

There’s things that happen after the event that are more traumatizing and that are stinging still, that are still painful now, that have inflicted deeper wounds than the actual abortion themselves. And that’s usually judgment from others, fear of being judged by others. But if other people have found out that you had an abortion, there is usually sharp words that come with it. And then that can sting.

So with that, we have to work on emotional resiliency and emotional safety. And also putting proper emotional barriers and boundaries up around this. I don’t live in shame anymore and I don’t live in fear anymore. And this has been a very long journey. It’s been 10 years since I was first virtually awakened.

So I’ve had a lot of practice at this. I’ve had a lot of time to sit with what am I willing to share? What am I not willing to share? And what is my emotional safety look like around these huge life events that were very painful?

You get to share or not share your story with whomever you wish and whoever you feel safe is with.

And the first thing that you need to know is that you can get pregnant after an abortion. We can heal all the things before, after, or even the event itself. And the third is we can change the beliefs we have about ourselves in the events that happened. You’re not tied to a life of shame. You’re not a bad person. You’re not going to be a bad mom. And your body definitely is strong.

And you’re not being punished.

I really am thankful that you shared space with me today and were here to start this healing journey with me. I’m gonna ask you to join the Reiki Baby Movement. I believe all women deserve to have their babies. I believe that all women deserve to heal their wombs so they can feel whole and complete and powerful in their bodies. In the Reiki Baby Movement, you can go to the link in the show notes and

You’ll receive three things. You’re going to receive an invitation to join the free Facebook group, the Reiki Baby Movement Facebook group. You’re going to receive a Spirit Babies, Meet Your Spirit Baby Now meditation. It’s brand new. And three days free inside the Make a Baby membership to give it a try. I know that once you’re inside the membership, you’ll love it. You can give it a try. You also get a 10-minute call.

Free with me when you join the membership. And while you have your phone open, I want you to go to the first line in the description, in the show notes, and you can leave me a 90 second voicemail or voice note about what your greatest takeaway was from today’s episode. And if you have any ideas or topics you’d like me to cover in an upcoming episode, I would love to hear from you.

Now coming up on Friday, we’re going to be talking about the five best crystals for boosting your fertility. Super excited about this. I have loved our guest. Her name is Cassandra Boring. She’s fantastic. And I know you’re going to love that episode too. I’m literally get so excited to share space with you, but I really just get humbled and floored that there’s so many of you listening to me every week and I love being here with you every week, every Tuesday and Friday. So.

I will see you next time and until then, let the Reiki flow.

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