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Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to welcome a little miracle into your life and get pregnant by Christmas?

If you’re on a fertility journey, struggling to conceive, and seeking a spiritual path to healing, you might be inadvertently overlooking the power of your choices in this process.

In this episode, dedicated to the wonderful Gigi who wants a Reiki baby and her Christmas miracle, Carolina dives deep into the concept of choices. Are you making choices that align with your belief in conceiving by Christmas? Carolina challenges you to evaluate your mindset, the content you consume, and the language you use, urging you to make conscious choices that empower your fertility journey.


  • The pivotal role of mindset in your fertility journey.
  • How your daily choices impact your ability to conceive.
  • The importance of language and narrative in shaping your reality.
  • Ways to create a positive and empowering lifestyle conducive to conception.

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The Make A Baby Podcast is proudly presented by the incredible Carolina Sotomayor, the Make A Baby Membership, and the Next Level Fertility Program.

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But that’s not all – she’s also the heart and soul of the Make A Baby Podcast, where we dive an amazing Reiki meditations, empowering healing tips, and taboo topics you won’t hear anywhere else. 🎙️Over the past 7 years, I’ve had the honor of helping over 90 babies come into this world through the power of Reiki.

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Carolina’s on a mission, and she’s already helped over 700 women find their healing path. She’s all about making your family’s dreams a reality. No wonder there are now more than 95 Reiki babies in the world! 👶❤️

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DISCLAIMER: This episode is not a substitute for professional medical care but aims at relaxation and stress reduction to support natural healing. Reiki complements, never replaces, medical care. Carolina is not a licensed healthcare provider; always seek appropriate professional help for physical and mental health. Individual results may vary.

Podcast Episode Transcript

Welcome back to the Make a Baby Podcast. Nice to see you, friends. It’s episode 107 Getting Pregnant by Christmas This is a new series that we’re diving into and a hundred percent It is what is needed you ask and I am serving we have a new feature here on the podcast And it is, um, in the description is the first line.

It says, ask Carolina anything. And this allows you to leave me a voicemail to ask me any questions and you might be featured. And that’s exactly what’s happening today. We received a really sweet, sincere voice note from Gigi and Gigi was asking, what could she do to use Reiki to get pregnant by Christmas.

She wants a Reiki baby. She wants her spirit baby. She wants to be pregnant with her Christmas miracle. So, Gigi, I hope you’re listening. This episode is dedicated to you. And thank you so much for using our speak pipe to leave us a voice note. I loved receiving it. And, um, I hope you know that this episode is a hundred percent dedicated to you.

And we’re so grateful for you supporting the podcast. And if you are listening, make sure to leave us a five-star rating and review. We are so grateful. Um, last week we reached, um, we ranked in England and we ranked in Australia. Uh, Australia, we were 122. Um, I can’t remember the other one, but we’re ranking across the world.

And I also found out we are a globally top 5 percent podcast. So thank you for supporting me in my dreams. Thank you for, um, changing your lives. You are so powerful and I’m so glad that I get to be here every week. in your ears and share my wisdom and share more stories about fertility and healing. I am just so excited that this is my gig, that this is my job.

I have the coolest job in the world. So let’s dive in. So I’m going to treat you as if you’re one of my coaching clients and you’re inside of a healing container, um, or if you’re doing one on one sessions with me. So the first thing we’re going to decide. It’s choices. We’re going to tackle it. And this is probably the hardest thing for people to wrap around.

Choices. And it’s very simple. If you want to get pregnant by Christmas, we have to be very cognizant, very aware, very honest about the choices that we are making. Some of these choices are conscious or unconscious. So it really comes down to what are you choosing to believe. That’s the first thing is mindset.

What are we choosing to believe in? What do and how deeply do we believe those things? I like to compare everything to gravity I know you’re like so what this is to the depths. Do you believe that you can conceive? By Christmas to the same depth into the same reality and there’s the same truth that you believe that gravity is real put it in That perspective.

Do you believe that you’re a good person? I’m sure you do So do you believe without a shadow of a doubt just like you believe in gravity and that you are a good person that you? Can conceive by Christmas? It’s up to you. I can hold space. I can you can listen to this podcast You can even hire me and we can do Reiki, but if you are not ready To change what you think is possible, then nothing will change.

It is simple. It is a choice. It was a choice for me to overcome all of the trauma I experienced in my life. It was a choice to get a RIKI attunement. It was a choice to keep getting RIKI certifications. It was a choice to be a better wife. It was a choice to be a different parent than my mom and my father was.

It was a choice for you. To decide to be where you’re at today, tiny million decisions, which were all choices. So the question is, are you ready to change how you make decisions? Are you ready to make different choices or how you even choose things? It’s also choosing what we consume, social media, television.

Music, um, reading materials. I am watching less and less TV and I’m reading more. I’m currently reading 10x is better than 2x. My one of my best friends Aviva recommended it to me and it changed her life and it’s changing mine. Doubling down on what things bring me the most joy. That is where I’m at in my life.

It is a choice to invite in more joy for me. It’s a choice for me to nurture my heart chakra. It’s a choice for me to meditate every day. It is a choice for me to work less and be present more with my family. It’s a choice for us not to go to Thanksgiving and see our family because we need more rest.

We’re stressed out. It’s a choice also to remedy the things that are stressing us out. So for you to conceive by Christmas, we need to evaluate what choices are you making? And what do you believe? So with your mindset, Do you believe it’s possible? Yes or no? If not, let’s change it. Um, the next thing is choosing what you consume.

I want you to consume things that are positive. You might need to take a break from social media. You might need to binge this podcast. You might need to binge my TikTok or my YouTube, which is going very well, by the way. Um, you might want to join the Make a Baby membership. Be part of a community where people are uplifting each other and they’re loving on each other and they’re going through the same things.

And you can ask advice. It’s a safe place for you to ask advice and receive wisdom from other women who are going through the exact same thing that you are. Also choosing what we are saying to ourselves. What is the narrative that you are speaking inside your mind? What is the language that you are describing your fertility with?

What is the language you use describing your life to others, or how you refer to yourself? Are you self deprecating? Are you always the butt of the joke when you tell jokes? Are you setting yourself up for success with your language? For example, I have not conceived yet. My pregnancy is soon to come.

Those are all more positive than, It’s just not in the cards for me yet. Or not in the cards. Or, I’m infertile. The energy behind both are very strong, but one’s negative and one’s more hopeful. And I’m not invalidating your emotions. But if we are on this train to conceive by Christmas, we got to be bold, we have to be honest, we have to make changes.

And again, that’s a choice. So, also, we might need to choose a different lifestyle. We might need to make different changes in our daily routine. We might need a routine. Maybe routines, maybe you’re a free spirit and routines like freak you out. Maybe you need more sleep. Maybe you need to choose to heal.

Heal your womb. Heal the relationship with your father. Heal the relationship with your mother. Heal the relationship with your partner. Heal the relationship you have with yourself and inner child. Start a better connection with yourself. Maybe you need to start to meditate so you can have a strong mind, body, soul connection.

A lot of people don’t have that connection. They can’t locate what emotion they’re feeling and where they’re feeling it in their body. That’s not innate. It should be, but we’re so conditioned to shut off our feelings and go numb. We have to retrain our connection in our mind and our body to feel that and let it flow so we can decide where we are feeling and where in our body so we can release it.

Choosing to change our mindset. I’m reading this because it’s probably the most important thing. People are going to call you delusional. Good. That’s validating because that means you’re on the right track. You want the impossible that people say is impossible because you know, it’s possible. I don’t know a more deserving person to have a baby than you.

There’s no one more deserving than you to have a baby. If you’re here, it’s because you’re, you’re spiritually curious. You want more. Maybe western medicine didn’t work out for you. Or maybe you can’t afford the IVF or you don’t want to do the needles or you don’t want to do IUI. Whatever it may be, let’s, let’s try it.

Let’s try all these things. Let’s make different choices. And that’s the first step in this series. Looking to see and getting honest, what are we believing, what are we consuming, what are we saying to ourselves, could we be doing anything different in our daily lives, are you sleeping enough, are you moving your body at all, are you meditating, are you grounded, do we need to ground, do we need to clean your energy.

You do need to belong to a community. Are you doing this by yourself? Do you want to do it differently? What do you want to feel and what are you feeling now? Do you want to change how you feel? Do you want to be curious about any of these things? Do you want to create? Do you want to try something new in your fertility journey?

Because that, that’s a choice. Choice is my friend. So in this series, Get Pregnant by Christmas, Choices. What choices can we make? Do you want to make differently? So I want to empower you. No one can answer these questions for you. It’s simple. It’s on you because this is your life and you’re deserving of designing your fertility and making these choices so you feel empowered, you feel safe, you feel loved, you feel ready to receive most of all.

You made the decision that you’re open to receive the miracle. You’re open to receiving a connection to your spirit baby. Let’s do this. Make the decision to try something new. Make the decision to change your mindset that this is possible. Make the decision to heal with me on this journey. And I promise you’ll be forever changed and better off because of it.

Because the healing that we do with Reiki, with my method, it only leaves you with a higher vibration forever. It releases all the heaviness that could be behind your triggers and will allow you to be grounded in who you are and celebrate with joy. And to date we have 95 Ricky babies. So let’s get pregnant by Christmas, my friends.

I want you to go ahead and go to the show notes. The first line is going to be ask Carolina anything. I want you to leave me a voice note. I want to hear from you. It is the most. Big is the most biggest compliment you can give me is to leave me a voice note and I love receiving them I’ve been receiving quite a few It’s been so powerful to connect with you in this way And also if you want to try the make a baby membership, you can try the make a baby membership for free for three days.

It’s been so awesome to see people come into the community and be forever changed because they are coming to the live calls and they are seeing the meditations and they’re moving through the make-a-baby formula and it’s allowing them to feel lighter and aligned and self-advocate. That’s so important.

I want to remind you that, um, also healing is not a one-time event. So we could do a Reiki session, um, one time, but that wouldn’t be enough. Healing is a relationship and it’s something you need to do more than once. And that’s why I always recommend starting out with a membership. Because it’s a community, it has a framework, and you can move at your own pace.

So maybe one day, one week, you’re super busy at work, and then the next week you’re like, Oh, I have four free evenings, I’m going to do a meditation at night. And it’s only 49 a month. So, I always recommend to start with the Make a Baby membership if you’re looking for an introductory way to work with me.

And if you’re not ready yet, that’s why we have this podcast. That’s why we have YouTube. And that’s why we have TikTok. So there’s lots of free content. Also, you’ll find a meditation in there. If you’re, are not ready to, uh, join the membership, you can check out the free meditation, um, and connect with your spirit baby for free through your dreams while you sleep.

And For the rest of the month of November, we are going to be doing the series of Get Pregnant by Christmas. Until next time, my friends, let the Reiki flow.

Get Pregnant By Christmas


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