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Are you ready to experience the incredible journey of a spiritual pregnancy and deepen your connection with your spirit baby?

For women on the path to motherhood, there’s often a missing piece in the journey – the opportunity for a truly spiritual pregnancy. The stress and trauma of infertility and the struggles that come with it can overshadow the beautiful experience of pregnancy. The question is: how can we bridge this gap and have a more connected and spiritual pregnancy?

In episode 104 of the Make a Baby Podcast, we explore the number one best way to embrace the magic of a spiritual pregnancy. A spiritual pregnancy is about nurturing the connection between yourself and your baby, heightening your consciousness, and delving into the realm of ancestral support and sacred birth preparation.


  • How to detach from the past traumas and fears of your fertility journey.
  • Techniques to connect with your baby’s spirit and channel their wisdom.
  • Practical methods to activate your intuition, raise your vibration, and experience the full beauty of a spiritual pregnancy.

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Podcast Episode Transcript

Welcome back to the make a baby podcast. I’m Carolina Sotomayor, your podcast host and Reiki womb healer. So today is episode 104, the number one best way to have a spiritual pregnancy. Let’s start in discussing what is a spiritual pregnancy. So this is. Uh, spiritual pregnancy is one where you’re raising the consciousness of yourself and your baby.

You are spiritually connecting to baby. It could be you are calling in your ancestors to prepare for birth. I mean, it could be a lot of things, so I think it’s very individual. The basis overall generic term would be that you are spiritually connecting to your higher self, baby, in your womb during. The time that you were pregnant, we have implemented something called the spiritual pregnancy reset inside the make a baby membership, which is, uh, a really great way to introduce a way of working with me on a zebra level.

And we just did this last week. So we did a five-day series where, where women who are pregnant with their Ricky babies, um, we worked through so many different things. The first thing is understanding. that we need to detach from the trauma that you endured, um, during your infertility, during your fertility journey, whether that was with Clomid or IVF, needles, losses, we need to honor those experiences and then, uh, de triggerize them so you can fully step into your pregnancy journey.

When women have struggled with infertility, um, no matter what length of time, there is A lot of emotion that goes with it. Confusion, disappointment, fear, resentment, guilt, um, the feeling of failure, like if your body’s not working the way it was supposed to. And some women have tried to conceive for years, so there’s also an identity to it.

There’s a narrative attached to that storyline. So we need to heal that. So you can go full in on your pregnancy because you deserve to have a positive pregnancy experience. And that is one part of spiritual, having a spiritual pregnancy is mindfulness. It’s the thoughtfulness. It’s the wants of what you want out of your pregnancy experience.

It doesn’t have to be woo-woo and witchy. It can be just the thoughtfulness of like, I want to fully embrace this phase of motherhood. This journey that I’m in and It also is trusting and activating your intuition. Your mother’s intuition is gold right now, especially when you are pregnant. You can manifest things at the drop of a hat.

It’s connecting to your baby spiritually, creating a bond with them while they’re in your womb. And fostering that bond, getting to know them on a deeper level before they’re even out of your, out of your womb. They can start to share with you things that they want to do in their lifetime. They can start to share with you things that they want for their birth, how they want to enter the world, how what they need you to do during this pregnancy so you can be the parent that they need you to be.

There’s a reason why they chose you. What are those reasons? What are the things that you are meant to teach them? What are the things that you were meant to connect with them on? What are the things that you and this child are bonded through. What are your soul contracts say? There’s so much that you can achieve in a spiritual pregnancy, but the best way to have one is be open to it.

Be open to let it unfold. Set the intention of wanting to connect to your baby. This is all invisible. It’s all technically intangible. It’s all Through your intuition and your imagination, imagination is the sole part of manifestation. It’s, it’s the, the largest part of achieving and manifesting and using your intuition.

Because all of it is stream of consciousness. So all of that is the same, your intuition, your imagination, and your ability to manifest and your ability to connect to your baby all starts with your imagination. How much can you activate with your imagination? How much can you do with your imagination? Do you imagine that is possible?

You can imagine it’s possible. Then there is the ability to do it. And then we. Seriously set the intention just like you seriously set a goal at your job and career in your home. Have you ever done a project in your home? Have you ever done a diy project in your home? You set a goal you set out to do it.

Why could this be why couldn’t this be the same if you can imagine? It’s possible to connect to your baby in your womb. You have everything within your hands and within your heart and within your womb to do it. Whether you work with me or not, you have the ability to do it. So the best way to have a spiritual pregnancy is to use your imagination and to believe that it’s possible.

And then sit, put your hands on your womb, literally say out loud, Let’s do this together right now. Dear universe, dear baby, dear spirit guides of love and light, I ask for your help to have a spiritual pregnancy, and then this is what you fill in. I want XYZ. So now take a moment and say, I want XYZ in my pregnancy.

I want XYZ from baby. I want XYZ for my birth. Baby, what do you need me to know? Baby, what do you need me to work on? Baby, what do you need me to heal? Baby, what should I be focused on this week for our highest good? And sit, and wait, and listen. And then always close your connection points with gratitude and a thank you of thank you for and sending them back to the connection so it’s complete and closed off.

Another way is to connect with your baby is to write a journal entry to them. And set Dear Baby, and just write them a letter. ’cause it’s your thoughts, it’s your emotions. It’s the intention that will connect you to baby. And sometimes writing letters in a journal or into a notebook doesn’t have to be fancy, is enough.

It’s the act of imagining that the connection is growing. Another way is you can set up an altar in your home. It could just be a bookshelf. Um, you can set a candle on there. You can put a picture of your ultrasound. And you can sit and tell stories to the baby and quiet your mind. Do a meditation. We have plenty of those in the Reiki Baby Membership.

And wait and receive what comes to your mind. What emotions do you feel? What do you see when you close your eyes? All of these could be consciousness and thoughts being sent from your baby to you when you quiet your mind. And those are ways to connect to your baby and have a spiritual pregnancy. So again, a spiritual pregnancy is all on your terms.

And it is with all the intention of receiving information, healing. Um, resting at a high vibration, making sure you and baby are healing and are safe and you, whatever goals you may be, whether it’s for birth or experiences or emotions you want to feel during your pregnancy, or if you just want to feel closer to baby, that’s up to you and know that it’s possible.

So the best way to have a spiritual pregnancy is to activate your imagination. And that’s where we go. So, in the words of TikTok, there are some girls that say, be de lulu. And, um, if you’re de lulu, then you can connect to nunu, which is your baby. Um, I hope that I don’t sound like a boomer, but I am 40. I’m trying to be hip.

So, um, I hope you share this episode with a friend. If you are interested in having a spiritual pregnancy, um, Connect with me on Instagram at the Carolina Sotomayor. Send me a voice note. I want to know if you’re pregnant and come and try the membership out for free for three days. Check out the show notes.

You can check out the membership, um, for three days on me. Before those three days, if you don’t like it, you can cancel. No obligation. Um, it is, Such a transformative experience. I love meeting new women every day that are joining. Uh, we have live calls every single month, but we are just finishing up the spiritual pregnancy reset, which is our five day series on just this exactly.

How did you detach from the old narrative? How to connect to your, to your baby, how to channel your ancestors and connect with your baby, how to meet your future self and your baby. How to activate your womb for your intuition so many fantastic things And we’re also bringing in we have two more calls in November.

We’re bringing in a guest expert on empowered pregnancy mindset in birth prep. And then we’re bringing in a parenting coach and a postpartum doula who will help you plan your postpartum. All very enlightened, awakened women who are about You making your empowered decision and the decisions that are best for you.

Not a cookie cutter Birth plan or anything like that. We’re all about what is best for you What is best for your baby and what do you channel and what do you connect with your baby? So you can make the best decision have the most Positive experiences from fertility to postpartum with the support of us.

I hope you have the best bay day Until then let the pinky flow

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