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How can you stop anxiety from taking over your journey to conceive and experience a healthy pregnancy?

For many women, anxiety can be a crippling companion on the road to fertility and pregnancy. It manifests in different ways but often involves overwhelming stress, chest tightness, or even anxiety attacks. The fear and sources of stress are unique to each of us, but they share common elements that can cast a dark cloud over your days.

In this episode of the Make a Baby Podcast, we’ll discuss a powerful method to help you stop anxiety in its tracks. It’s crucial to put an end to anxiety before it spirals out of control, robbing you of precious time and happiness. We’ll delve into a belief system that asserts your worthiness of feeling better, embracing happiness, and changing how you feel.


  • The importance of setting the intention and creating a protective boundary to tackle anxiety.
  • How to call back your power, love, strength, and energy to overcome stress and fear.
  • A guided Reiki exercise to stop anxiety, foster grounding, and promote a harmonious connection to your womb or pregnancy.

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DISCLAIMER: This episode is not a substitute for professional medical care but aims at relaxation and stress reduction to support natural healing. Reiki complements, never replaces, medical care. Carolina is not a licensed healthcare provider; always seek appropriate professional help for physical and mental health. Individual results may vary.

Podcast Episode Transcript

Welcome back to the Make a PB podcast, and I’m Carolina Sotomayor, your Reiki womb healer and podcast host. This is episode 103. Yes, I said that. 103. How to stop anxiety, infertility, and pregnancy fast. So this is really important because when we’re talking about anxiety, um, That looks different for a lot of people, but the stress, the, um, heaviness in our chest, and the just crippling feeling of like, I can’t do any more, and maybe even anxiety attack.

So this is a very real thing. There’s a lot of fear in both fertility and pregnancy. Um, and The sources of the fear are very different for every person, but there are some running similarities that are very common And I want to help you today learn how to stop it in The moment that it’s happening so the reason why we want to stop the anxiety is we want to get you feeling better and We don’t want you to spiral You don’t want you to go down the rabbit hole of letting the fear and letting the source of the stress take over your day Your week and is ruining your precious time because the happier you are the better Um of experiences you’re going to have and you deserve to live a happy life.

So Let’s get started. The first thing is is that What we’re going to do is Is based on the belief of the universe showing up for us. Based on the belief that you deserve to heal. Based on the belief that you deserve to change how you feel. You deserve to feel good. So these are all beliefs that I hope that you adopt.

And that you are deserving to feel better. And I know that may not be super obvious to everyone. Or it may be like, of course. The, but in some, everyone is starting from different places and it’s really important to remind you that you are worthy of feeling great. You’re worthy of being happy. You’re worthy of feeling joy.

So with that, I want you to stop the anxiety with this, with this, uh, exercise. So I want you to sit or be still, you can lie down while you’re doing this, so if you are driving, skip this episode. Um, the first thing is, is we’re going to set the intention and cast a vision, and what that is, is we’re casting a container, a bubble, a boundary of where Who can enter and who cannot and this is really important.

Um, one is that spiritual protection and two we’re setting the intention of what’s going to happen in this bubble for us. So we are going to sit and we’re going to take a deep breath and we’re going to breathe in through our nose. Allow that breath to go over our heads and down our spines, into our wombs for a count of two, three, four, and exhale, two, three, four.

Perfect. Next, we’re casting this bubble, we’re visualizing, imagining a bubble around us, a beautiful golden light’s filling this bubble, and we’re going to ask the universe to fill this bubble around us. With the highest healing, highest frequency energy healing in the universe. And let your body feel this.

This is Reiki. You can do this at any moment. And I want you to have your eyes closed. And I want you to do another deep breath like we just did. We call those womb breaths. In through your nose, over your head, down your spine. Into your womb for a count of 2, 3, 4, and exhale 2, 3, 4. Now, I want you to repeat these words with me.

I release the fear, I release the stress, the anxiety, as it no longer serves me. I release all that no longer serves me, out of this container, out of this bubble. I call back all of my power. all of my love, all of my strength, all of my energy and emotion back to me. I ask for my ancestors, my spirit baby, my spirit guides of love and light to help me ground this energy that’s being returned to me.

The more I’m grounded, The more centered I am, the less fear I feel. And now I want you to take another deep womb breath in through your nose, over your head, down your spine, into your womb for a count of 2, 3, 4, and exhale, beautiful. Now that the Reiki is here and you’ve called your power back, I want you to allow this energy to flow through your crown chakra, your third eye, your throat.

Your heart, your solar plexus, your sacral plexus, your entire womb, and out through your feet. Now you’re balanced and grounded. When you are grounded, you’re focused on the present. No fear is allowed. I want you to place your hands on your womb. We’re gonna allow that Reiki to flow directly to the womb. If you’re trying to conceive a lining, All of your energies harmonizing your womb to be ready to conceive and receive baby.

If you’re pregnant, allow yourself to connect deeper to baby, give them permission to communicate with you with a stream of consciousness through thought. You may feel them move or allow another wave of Reiki to pass through your body, making you feel safe and secure and connected to yourself, to your baby, and to your soul.

Now Reiki is going to now move through your most outer layer of your aura and make sure everything is secure and there’s no cuts or tears in your aura, allowing you to feel stronger within yourself and in your energy, in your electromagnetic, electromagnetic field. Continue to take a deep breath in through your nose.

Allow that to go over your head and down your spine. Into your womb for a count of 2, 3, 4. And exhale. 2, 3, 4. Beautiful. You are now connected to your baby, connected to your womb. Your energy is grounded, and we have stopped that fear. We have stopped the anxiety. Feel free to save this episode. Feel free to come back to this.

Feel free to take this exercise and modify it for yourself. And now that we’re done with this container, we’re going to express gratitude to our higher selves, to our spirit guides, and to our spirit baby, and send them back and dissolve this container. Now you can go on with your day. Know that you’re loved.

Know that you’re powerful. And if you would like more help with your Reiki journey with your fertility journey. You can go ahead and head to the show notes and you can join the Make A Baby membership and you can get a free trial for three days on me. And if you don’t like it, you can cancel, no obligation, but I’m sure you’re going to want to stay.

Until next time my friends, let the Reiki flow have the best day.

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