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Have you ever wondered what messages your spirit baby has for you? Are you open to receiving guidance and wisdom from the divine realm?

Many individuals struggling with fertility or longing to connect with their spirit babies often doubt their worthiness and question if their desires will ever come to fruition. They may feel lost, disconnected, or uncertain about the path ahead.

But here’s the truth: your spirit baby wants you just as much as you want them. They have a profound desire to connect with you, whether you’re in the process of conceiving, already pregnant, or postpartum. This episode offers a unique opportunity to tap into the messages and wisdom your spirit baby has for you.


  • The profound connection between what you want and what wants you
  • The lesson of going beyond normal and embracing new possibilities
  • The importance of having faith in the process and in yourself
  • Taking action to love yourself free from judgment
  • Overcoming the obstacle of not trusting your instincts and learning to trust yourself

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Podcast Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Make A Baby Podcast. I’m Carolina Sotomayor. You’re your podcast host and reiki womb healer. Today is episode 83 and we are talking about spirit babies and giving you an Oracle card. Reading Spirit. Babies are so special and this has been our theme this month, and.

I do a specialty type of service called Spirit Baby messages, and this is where I channel messages from your spirit, baby. May that be babies that you are looking to conceive, babies that you may have had in a past life, babies that you are hoping to have in your next life, or babies perhaps that you may have lost.

So, Before we dive in, I wanna thank Nikki Lynn 17 for an amazing rating and review. Thank you for the five stars. She says Carolina has such a beautiful spirit and is constantly providing hope and love on what can be a scary journey. Thankful for her and what she does. Well, thank you Nikki. I want you to send me a DM and we are gonna send you a Starbucks gift card.

Thank you so much for being the listener of the week this week on episode 83. We’re super grateful for your support and while you have your phones open, I want you to go ahead and make sure that you leave us. Our rating and review, and maybe on the next episode you’ll be our listener of the week. So it seems like we’re having two episodes a week and trying to keep up.

It’s been really busy around here, so let’s dive in, friends. So Spirit, baby messages this message, if you are looking to conceive in the future, if you’re actively trying to conceive like right now, and if you’re currently pregnant or if you’re postpartum, And you have a baby in your arms. This, this is for you because even if babies are side and in your arms, they still have a spirit and we wanna channel them here for you.

So the questions that we’re going to ask, and we’re gonna channel, we’re using Oracle cards, which are different than tarot cards. They’re a little bit lighter. We’re gonna ask wisdom for your current life situation. What lesson are you learning now? What you need to focus on, what you need to take action on?

What is the obstacle you need to overcome and what is coming next from your baby? Like what is coming to you? So let’s dive in. So I am using a special deck of cards, and one of my clients got from me, my client, Libby. Got me these deck of cards for Christmas. She’s just so sweet and they’re super big.

Little as.

Shuffling and just in case you have your own deck of cards, I wanna make sure that you know that there’s no wrong way to shuffle your cards. It’s really important that you hit it three times to knock out any bad energy from the last time that you use them and maybe someone else touch them. You wanna make sure that energy is active and not stagnant, so you’re gonna hit it three times with your fist.

Good job. I cut ’em again and we have six questions, so I’m gonna pull six cards out. Now, when you’re reading cards, whether you’re reading them for yourself or for another person, this is not a formal training, but just a little insight is you have to decide, in my training and in the course I took from the person I got trained in is that there’s no reverse.

Upside down means extra emphasis for me. So I don’t believe in reverse. And other people they do and that’s how they read cards. But I don’t do it that way. And that’s okay too. There’s not one way to practice reiki. There’s not one way to do things. So just understand that there’s not a right or wrong. So if you’re reading your own cards and you get reverse, some of the books actually might say like reverse.

This is what it means. We’re not doing that for this rating. So we’re gonna call in our angels, our ancestors, our spirit babies, Jesus Kwania, mother, Mary, Mary Magdalene, and I’m gonna create a container between you and me, and only messages and words from healing can be communicated to us. Anything that isn’t for our highest good or anything that I didn’t already declare, cannot communicate with us on this podcast.

So let’s get started. Your current life situation. Ah, this is a really good one. What you want, wants you, so basically with this card, it’s a dark haired girl looking into the wind, and her hair is flowing in the wind with a very beautiful blue sky with white clouds. I’m gonna be descriptive because there might be some people who are listening on audio, they may not be able to see these cards, so you can get a visual.

So what you want, wants you, if something is put on your heart. It’s because you’re meant to have it. If something is put on your heart, it’s because the universe and your angel, your spirit, baby God, or the universe wants you to have it. At some point in your life, you wish to be where you are right now.

It’s not powerful. So just in case someone hasn’t told you lately, you’re doing a great job. I had a friend [00:06:00] tell me, she goes, I wanna quit it all. I said, okay. She goes, it’s all too hard. And I said, it’s okay to take breaks. You don’t have to have all the answers today, but what you want wants you. So that means there’s a vibrational connection there.

You deserve to have what you want. You deserve to have what you dream of. So your current life situation is all right. So if you want that new red car, The red car wants you. And since we’re in the baby making business, that’s what we’re about here. You wanna get you your baby. Your baby wants you back.

Your baby wants you back just as much as you want them. Isn’t that exciting? I think that’s super exciting because maybe you didn’t hear that before. If you’re like, I want to have a family, but maybe you haven’t put a face and a name, you know, maybe that’s been too hard cuz that’s too far off, or you haven’t let yourself go there.

This is your answer. This is the best message you can possibly have. Your baby once you back, or if you’re holding your baby, they’re so glad that you’re here. They want you. You’re doing such a good job. Okay, so the next one is, what lesson are you learning right now? Going beyond normal. So this is a beautiful picture of a woman and she has a veil over her head, but not her face.

And then she has what looks like, you know, like the arms of a clock and the, you know, the different hands in arms of a clock that tell the time on her third eye. Her eyes are looking up and above. Her head is a light bulb. So for me, when we see this card we’re interpreting this is What downloads are you getting?

What beautiful messages are you getting from up above? What beautiful downloads and wisdom is your spirit baby giving you and are you taking action? So going beyond normal, your normal is your safety zone, and that’s based in your ego. So the ego is your subconscious mind and that’s gonna put boundaries in lines and perimeters of where you should live inside, cuz you’re safe inside that box.

If you go beyond that box. It’s unknown. It’s scary, but do you deserve to live that way? No, my friend. So what you’ve been doing up in this case, if you haven’t been conceiving, if you haven’t gotten pregnant or you’re not able to stay pregnant, that means we need to go beyond the normal, what has been your normal, and it’s okay to try something new.

Ask tons of questions. If you have questions about your fertility, send me a dm. I invite you, send me a note on Instagram. Okay? So that’s what you’re learning right now. That’s a lesson. So you’re learning that your fertility, your conception, or your baby is. It’s gonna go beyond what is mainstream or what you have been doing and what is normal.

Let your fertility unfold. It’s okay that you might need a little help. Is it frustrating For sure. But our end goal is to have this baby. So what Amber or Morgan or Karen, Karen did. We don’t give a flying flip anymore because your uterus, your vagina, your menstrual cycle is gonna be different than theirs.

Maybe one of the phases in your cycle is shorter or longer than the next. Did you know o PKS can be wrong? Did you know that only 30% of them are accurate? Did you know that? I recently learned that on a TikTok. I blew my mind. Okay, the next one is what you need to take action on. So this is a very, very stark card.

It says, faith in the process. It’s a girl in a red wagon. She is kneeling down hands to her forehead with a small bird on her back, and she is not wearing clothes. And then there’s a small bird on the wagon. So with this either though, you’re going through the motions. So maybe you’re going through fertility treatments right now and you’re going through the motions, but do you actually have faith that this is gonna work out for you?

Or you’re like, all right, just another round. We’ll see how this goes. Let’s see what happens. Ask yourself faith in the process. And also do you have faith in you? If you don’t have faith in the process, maybe it’s time to re-look at the clinic, the doctor, the treatment plan so that you are having faith in it. 

Because faith is also about alignment. It’s about removing the fear because faith steps in. And that’s the difference, okay? What you need to take action on free from judgment, free to love. So what you need to take action on, and this is really great that these cards are together. So the last card is what you need to focus on, and this is faith in the Process.

But what you need to take action on is a beautiful woman. She’s highlighted in green and has sparkles in her hair. It’s free from Judgment Free to Love. So are you loving yourself free from judgment? Are you allowing yourself to be love freely even by yourself? Are you receiving love from those around you?

So I want you to take action on how you can greater receive love. Okay. Now is what is the obstacle you need to overcome? Oh my gosh. This is the most beautiful card. This says trust yourself. And this is a new deck of card, so I don’t have them memorized yet, but they have the words on the cards when we look at this.

This is a beautiful woman. She is surrounded. It’s her face, and she has all kinds of forest animals and jungle animals Around her. She has a macaw, butterflies, a snake. Frogs hummingbird. Look at this beautiful hummingbird. I’m obsessed with hummingbirds, a face of a big cat. Trust yourself. Now the thing is when you see any type of imagery that uses the word trust yourself or and has animals, the first thing that you need to interpret that is instincts.

Cuz animals are driven by their instincts. By their natural inclination. There’s no thinking when they wake up. I think I’m gonna hang out in my den today, gonna lounge today. Maybe I’ll eat tomorrow. No, they wake up and they’re like, I need to eat. It’s not even like thinking about it, they just wake up and they go.

Or for deer, here’s a sound. They’re not gonna be like, I’m gonna stand around and see if that’s a hunter. No, their instinct is to run. So do you trust your instincts? You need to overcome the conditioning you’ve received to, you’ve been conditioned to not trust your instincts, so you are being asked by your baby to trust your instincts and to trust yourself because that is what Mother Earth has designed you to be.

So how more animalistic. Or instinctual, can you be in your trust? Because animals, when they give their instincts that there’s no thinking about it, they just do.

So with your obstacle in trusting yourself, what’s holding you back Because you are certainly trustworthy. You make great decisions. You’re healing. And it doesn’t mean that you’re never gonna make a wrong decision or a bad decision. You are gonna come back from it if you do so, what You’re meant to make mistakes, you’re human.

Something that a lot of people like you have a lot to say and the things you have to say are interesting and are worth hearing. So, Do you know why? It’s because I made a lot of mistakes. I’ve crashed, I’ve burned, I’ve loved hard, I’ve loved again, and gotten screwed over. I keep going. It’s part of life.

It’s called living. I have a business agency and one of my clients asked. She goes, well, what if this doesn’t work out? I was like, then we try something else. None of these things are a death sentence. None of them. We’re gonna figure it out. If it’s not this way, then we’ll figure it out another way. You have a uterus.

We just may not have found the right fertility plan for you. It doesn’t mean that you’ve made a mistake if it’s on your heart, as of the beginning of the lesson or the Oracle card reading, you’re meant to be a mom. We just haven’t found the right fertility doctor for you. Maybe we haven’t found the right modality for you Reikis on a cure-all, but it does help.

We’re celebrating baby number 82 it wasn’t one thing. It’s about finding what works for you, but also trusting yourself in that process.

You’re like, I’m gonna figure it out. I’m trusting that I’m going to figure this out for myself and for my baby. Again, I’m gonna remind you, you are worthy of being trusted. You’re trustworthy. Okay, so the next one is, what’s coming next from your baby? What are they sending you? It’s like a little package.

Who doesn’t love a package? This could not be more perfect. I wish you can see this. This is called Heaven Scent, and it’s a beautiful face of a woman. Her eyes are closed. And you can’t really see her forehead because it’s so vibrant and so beautiful. It looks like a geometric shapes that are also softened and kind of blurred, but it goes in a pattern.

Heaven sent. So with this, this would tell me that they’re sending you messages from heaven. Through your crown and your third eye and also your ears, cuz your ears on this image are also blurred out. So pay attention to the things you hear, the things that you’re seeing and the things that you’re thinking.

But also them, they’re coming. This is heaven sent. So you literally is like the best spirit babies message ever. So this is your reminder. What you want, wants you, you want a baby. Your baby wants you. That’s what your current life situation is. What lesson you’re learning right now is you need to go beyond the normal, the normal of what society is doing and the normal of what you’ve been doing.

That’s a lesson you’re learning. That’s what it’s gonna take to conceive and have this baby and be a mother to this baby. What you need to focus on is having faith in the process and faith in you. And if you don’t have faith, you need to f figure out why and what you need to change in order to have faith.

Faith will carry you through it more than fear. The next one is what you need to take action on, and that is being free from judgment and free to love. I need you to let go of judgment of your journey of why you haven’t gotten so far or why someone’s getting pregnant faster than you. We don’t care about that.

We care about you. We care about your journey and what we need to do for you, and I need you to work on receiving love better and also letting yourself love you. Okay. The obstacle you need to overcome is trusting yourself and trusting your instincts and thinking that you are trustworthy. This goes beyond you thinking that your womb like trusting your body.

It goes more into like you as a whole person that goes into thinking, like doubting yourself or self-sabotage, that kind of thing. It’s time to cut that out and what’s coming next is Heaven Sent is from your baby. They’re coming for you. So I am super grateful that you tune in every Tuesday and Friday with me.

And before we go, I want you to download the Womb to Dream Connection Sleep Meditation for connecting you with your spirit baby in the show notes. This is the favorite Ricky Meditation in the Makeup Baby membership. And I invite you also to join us in July in the Makeup Baby Membership. We are gonna be doing a weekly release for meditation for.

Manifesting your baby, so I’m super excited about that. While you’re on your phone, assuming you’re listening to me on your mobile device, go ahead and open up the Instagram app and follow me at the Carolina Suit, Tooma York. I’d love to hear from you and then I will always send you a voice note back and make sure to hit me up, especially if you have a topic you want me to cover here on the upcoming episode.

Also coming up. On Friday, we’re talking about why I can’t connect to my spirit baby, like what’s keeping you from connecting to them. So go ahead and share this show with friends who are trying to conceive and let them know what’s coming up on the next episode, and let them tune in with you, share with them how Ricky can help them too.

Until then, let the reiki flow and I’ll see you back here next time.

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