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Are you curious about the concept of a spirit baby? Wondering if you can establish a connection with your own? Look no further! In this episode, we dive deep into the world of spirit babies and provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to nurture that beautiful bond.

What you’ll learn:

1:26 What is spirit baby?

2:28 How I bring a missing piece

4:12 Why it’s important to know how the baby wants to be conceived and born

4:20 My favorite part of my job

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Carolina has served over 500 women from around the world to heal. She is passionate about helping women create their families. As a result, there are over 80 reiki babies in the world.

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Podcast Episode Transcript

Carolina Sotomayor | Reiki Womb Healer & Podcast Host:
Hello friends, welcome back. This is episode 75, connecting you to your spirit baby. Before we get started, I want you to go ahead and take a moment to go ahead and leave a rating and review. I know you’re already on your phones. Thank you so much for listening. Leaving us a rating and review allows us to reach more people and supports the podcast in so many ways. So thank you so much. Before we dive in, we are gonna be talking about spirit babies. And this is particularly super special to me because I am a medium. I specialize in helping women connect to their babies, to the ones that they’re going to conceive and possibly for the ones that they may have lost. So with this today we’re talking about your spirit baby, the one that you want to conceive. So let’s dive in. What is a spirit baby? A spirit baby is the soul. of the baby that you’re going to conceive. You have yet to conceive them, and that’s what a spirit baby is. Some people might use the word angel baby, and that’s not the same thing. The angel baby is one that a person may have lost, meaning like through miscarriage or pregnancy loss or abortion. So a spirit baby has yet to be conceived. They have not been conceived yet. So the reasons why you want to conceive connect with your spirit baby, is to get the wisdom and the answers you may not be getting elsewhere. So for a common theme in infertility is we struggle to get answers for diagnosis, a reason why you haven’t conceived yet, why your hormones may not be balancing. For whatever situation, a common theme is it’s hard to get answers if you get answers at all. So what I do in my Make a Baby membership and what I do in my Next Level Fertility Group coaching program is I bring in a missing piece. If you’re going to try to conceive a baby, why not account for them? So when we are conceiving, it’s super important to think about when they’re gonna come in, when is that soul gonna be ready to transcend? When are they gonna be ready to be conceived? Because they’re the ones that’s entering your womb. When is their soul gonna be ready to come? Is there anything that we need to implement before they come? Are there life changes that we need to make? Is there wisdom that they could give us? So if you’re here, you’re most likely spiritual. And a lot of people come to me for what we call a spirit baby’s messages session, where we are pulling cards and we’re channeling and we’re talking directly to that baby. There might be some messages, maybe. Perhaps mom needs to look at her self worth. Maybe there’s something mom needs to heal. Maybe there’s something dad needs to do. Or maybe there’s something that would make mom feel more grounded, thus opening up her womb more so that she can conceive easier. What is, maybe perhaps there is a karmic lesson that’s happening in their life. that they need to be aware of so that baby can give them insight on how to move through it. So if this baby is going to be conceived, maybe you should get their opinion on some things. And that’s why I’m a little controversial. I encourage women, if this is something that feels aligned for you, you should account for how baby wants to be conceived when they’re ready to come. And also when you are pregnant. How do they want to be born? How do they want to be cared for? And my favorite part about my job is that I love serving from women from preconception all the way through postpartum. I get to know their baby’s soul before they are even conceived. Through their pregnancy, I can help them move through the birth much easier and then through postpartum. Every single time that I’ve been able to serve a woman that long, one, I can’t help but follow my clients. I have the best clients in the whole world. I can’t believe this is my job. Life is so blissful. Is that when the moms have the babies and they’re postpartum, they’re like, they are exactly the way that you describe them in womb. And it’s so validating for me as a practitioner. And as this career of mine has developed, it’s so, it’s just so fun to know that you can channel. this spirit from the other side and then some of them are really loud and they are very bubbly and they laugh or some of them are really quiet and sweet. Some of them come in like, I’m coming, Hell’s Fury, watch out. And they’re spicy. So it’s been really wonderful to get to know the babies and then also give the moms a heads up like, brace yourself, brace yourself. This one’s going to be a spicy one. this one’s going to be really quiet but also very sweet. So it’s been really fun to connect moms to their babies, their spirit babies, and then watch them come into the world and be these tiny humans full of energy and light and love and be remarkable full personalities. It’s the coolest thing. So by connecting to your spirit baby, you get access to wisdom that your doctor can’t give you, that no one else can give you. That is absolutely priceless information. Also, I teach you in both of my containers in the membership and the Next Level Fertility Coaching Program how to do it for yourself, how to use different methods to communicate, baby. And we’re going to talk about that today. No gatekeeping here, my friend. No gatekeeping. So here are three tips to connect to your spirit baby. You’re definitely gonna adapt this like save this episode. So three ways and tips to connect with your baby. It’s more like three methods. These are things that you can say. The first one is dear universe and spirit baby, I give you permission to communicate with me and help me with X. So here’s a little spiritual lesson is that when you are When you are looking to get help from the other side, from the universe, and you want to do a little while of attraction, and you just want support to help something come to fruition into reality, you need to give the universe, your spirit guides, even your spirit baby to act on your behalf. Now they don’t get to make decisions for you, but they can remove obstacles from your path. They can accelerate miracles. they can give you pieces of wisdom like warn you of red flags, things like that. So that’s why this statement, dear universe and spirit baby, I give you permission to communicate with me and help me with X. Now, the reason why I say help me with X, that’s the fill in the blank part. What is that you want help with? Because this journey is about you and them, not about me. What do you want help with? Do you want help with? Conceiving, do you want to help with? Maybe you’re not ready to conceive yet, but you want to know them, and that happens all the time. Moms want to know their babies ASAP. Maybe you want to prepare the life that you’re going to live when you’re pregnant or in postpartum. Now, maybe you want to get into the job that has a better. maternity leave. So maybe you would say, dear universe and spirit, baby, I give you permission to communicate with me and help me with getting the job at ABC company. And then if you wanted to up level it, you could say, or something better for the highest well-being for those involved. It’s always the extra icing on the cake. Step number two, I like these these deer deer spirit baby the universe, because it’s inviting. Or you can just say, hey, spirit baby, what’s up? Any way that you want to talk to your spirit baby is acceptable. This can be said out loud. This can be said internally. You can journal these as well. There’s no right or wrong here. Dear so step number two, dear spirit baby, please let me know you’re around by showing me. Three of X. So the X could be you choose what symbol you want them to show you. Could be a flamingo, could be an owl, could be the number threes. Maybe it’s your house number, maybe it’s your birth date. Um… hit that part out. So you could ask three of X that could be birds, flamingos, owls, the number threes. It could be a birthday. It could be a truck. It could be, and when you see those symbols and you, they don’t have to be three clustered together. They could be three in a certain time period. It could be on a t-shirt, could be on a billboard, could be on a license plate. If there are numbers, I see numbers like on TikTok, like you can see the number of followers somebody has, how many views are on a video, how many, how many, could be anywhere that you have a mirror, it could be anywhere that you have the number at, but I usually see that there on social media, anywhere that has a numeric number. It has our numeric value. I also see them in license plate a lot. Step number three, dear spirit baby, you have permission to show me any wisdom through dreams when I sleep. And if you wanted to get more specific, you can say, give me any wisdom on X, and then you insert what you want wisdom on, on conceiving you, on conceiving you sooner. or dear spirit baby, you have permission to show me what I need to do to remove all blockages of my fertility to conceive you sooner while I’ll sleep. And these are all very effective. And you’re communicating directly to baby. You’re setting the intention and strengthening the connection and the desire to know them. And these are all very powerful. So if you do not feel like saying these out loud, you can journal about these. and you can Google a form of communication could be intuitive journaling. You can learn about that. I like to set the intention of some of these too before I may meditate. Also, another way is join the Make a Baby membership. It is our monthly subscription membership where we connect women who want to conceive, we help them heal, and we connect them to their spare babies. We have live calls, modules, pre-recorded master classes, but the community is unlike anything else. There’s no other membership on the internet that provides Reiki healing at the frequency we do for fertility and healing your womb so that you can conceive your baby. 78 Reiki babies later, we’re rocking and rolling in there and we’re so excited. We just completed four weeks of a program called Baby Steps inside the membership, and that was four weeks of doing womb Reiki healings, womb activations, to optimize your fertility and conceiving. So it’s been a really fun series. And next month we’re doing your womb, your portal, your baby series, so we’re super excited about that, and we’re doing live channelings. on connecting women to their babies in that series as well. If you are interested in doing that, just check out the show notes. We can’t wait to have you inside the membership. Also, if you would like to support the show further, please make sure you tag me in your stories when you screenshot this and share it with a friend that is trying to conceive. We would be all so grateful. Until next time, my friends, let the Reiki flow.

Connecting You to Your Spirit Baby

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