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Are you ready to take your fertility, trying to conceive and pregnancy journey to the next level? Whether you’re a superstitious or spiritual person, Carolina has predictions for you in 2023 that will make all the difference! Now is the time to start manifesting and preparing for if and when your baby arrives. Not only can Carolina provide predictions, but she can also guide you on how to strengthen your fertility this season and make sure that it’s in optimal health condition for when you decide to embark on this life-changing journey. Seize this moment of opportunity as 2023 holds all the promise for a beautiful beginning!

What you’ll learn:
1:39 What happens when you finally know your worth
2:40 How knowing my worth changed my life recently
2:50 2023 is the time for change and focus more on yourself
6:00 Card pulling
7:05 An important lesson is 2023: Exchange energy to create abundance
9:20 What we need to know about conceiving in 2023: Connect with your emotions
10:17 What we need to know about babies coming through in 2023: Honor your inner knowing
12:23 What may stand in the way of your aspirations: Perspective
13:05 What will support your abundance: Shifting your perception

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Carolina has served over 500 women from around the world to heal. She is passionate about helping women create their families. As a result, there are over 60 reiki babies in the world.

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Full episode transcript:

Hi, I am Carolina. Your podcast host is expert Ricky Womb healer, and today we’re talking about the upcoming year in my predictions. So 2023 predictions for fertility conceiving and your spirit baby is so, I had downloaded my spirit odds, some very intuitive things that I think you should be aware of, and then we’re actually gonna do our first podcast live Oracle card pool for certain questions for the upcoming year.

But my intuitive message for 2023 was realizing your worth and standing in your worth, and letting the miracles flow with ease once you realize your worth. and you stand in it, things are much clearer and they’re much easier because you instantly, once you know you’re worth, you know what? You’re not gonna stand for, what you’re not gonna tolerate from other people.

And what is your new standard? If it’s not your new scenery, it’s a no. If this is not the vibration, then it’s a no. Realizing your worth is standardizing your vibration. It’s uplevel. , what is my worth? Well, your worth is your birthright, but realizing it and accepting it as your truth, that’s what it is.

And then really, really embodying that. Making decisions by that, living by that. Telling stories and the way that you speak and just literally day in and day out, living and standing in your worth. That’s what it means. Things get easier. I know this to be true because I have been standing in my worth since the beginning of October and things have been flowing for me into my business and my other brand, and with abundance, financially, things with my family, things with trips, and with my connections with my son and my husband and our friends.

Things have been really great and it’s because I realize my worth and I usually, my observation with my life is there’s a pattern. I have these huge breakthroughs right before the people I coach or the people I’m speaking to or the people I’m holding space for will actually go through, I mean, through a really hard time between August and September, questioning things and.

Questioning why challenging those around me? Why are we doing this? What are the results of this? Why are we doing this? Is there a better way of doing this? And then just making decisions for myself and radically changing how I operate in my businesses and who I work with. And it’s been really life changing, really focusing on the podcast, really focusing on my Reiki brand.

And it’s been really an eye-opening experience of how much better things can get when you let go of things that are not matching your worth, and the people who do not appreciate you or recognize your worth or they’re trying to diminish it. So it’s really been a liberating experience and it’s allowed people who.

Appreciate me truckloads full to show up for me and to want to work with me, and for me to coach, and for me to have them create their families. So 2022 is the end of being exploited. 2022 is the end of being tired. 2022 is the end of being, forcing relationships, enforcing jobs that don’t work. 2022 is the end of basically anything that is less than.

Because 2023 is the year that you’re allowed and you’re giving permission to yourself to take up as much space as you want to speak, as loudly as you want to go after the things that you want, and pursue them with what? As much enthusiasm and appreciation for it as you want because you deserve it. Just because you deserve it.

And if that involves having your first baby, your second, third, fourth, or fifth, and giving birth to a baby the way that you want, let’s have at it. So 2023 is realizing your worth and living by that, making decisions by that embodying it. When you speak of your life of yourself, it is with loving language.

Because all of that goes back to your worth. And 2022 is letting go of all the things that pull you down from that higher state of being and happiness. So let’s start this card. Pull for 2023. Let’s take a,

so I always wanted to have a microphone the next time I shuffled.

Okay, so we’re gonna do a card pull for what is the most important lesson for 2023. What do we need to know for conceiving in 2023, what we need to know about the babies coming through in 2023, what may stand in way of our aspirations? And what will support your abundance? Abundance could be financial, it could be the actual baby, it could be the birth that you’re wanting.

Could be anything that you deem and define as abundance. And if you want a personal reading, check out the episode description in the show notes and there will be a link for you. Okay.

Ha, this is really great. So an important lesson in 23 is the traitor. This means to exchange energy. To create abundance. Usually when we see this, this card is very representative of exchanging energy with another person. Meaning emotion doesn’t mean an actual trade or barter, like, I’ll do this for you in exchange, you do this for me.

This would be more concentrated on emotion and energy. So in what ways and what connections, what relationships could you exchange energy with? To create abundance for in 2023. So take inventory of who’s showing up for you, because those will be really great indicators of those connections that you could create more abundance with.

And how do you feel when they show up for you? Because sometimes people show up for you, but you can still feel drained. Like if my mom comes to visit, I love. But when my mom comes to visit, she requires a lot of special treatment or, uh, special care because she has multiple sclerosis and we need to be extra careful with her.

She requires more attention than maybe my cousin who visits, who’s able bodied. So even though my mom shows up for me, How is that affecting my energy? How do I need to care for her? Or how does my energy alter when she does show up for me? Sometimes she may call me five or six times a day, and most of the time I answer, but sometimes, like if I’m drained, I’m not gonna answer the phone, so her energy could actually drain me even more.

So exchange energy to create abundance. So make sure when you’re exchanging energy, you’re knowing who may potentially drain you more and who might uplift you more. So that’s an important lesson in 2023. That also goes with worth being like the huge theme of next year. Setting boundaries and relationship will be huge for keeping that high vibration related to your worth.

Okay, what do we need to know for conceiving in 2023? So this was upside down. That means extra emphasis. This is a water guardian, so connect with your emotions. So baths are good for conceiving in 2023. Anything with water? . A lot of people like to use water around their home for raising the vibration, and that might be with Florida water and a spray could be a tension setting in a bath.

Some people will do spiritual cleanses with two cups of pink Himalayan salt, and that is a good way for them also to start self-care practice or some type of spiritual practice that allows ’em to ground. So what we need to know for conceiving 2023 is connecting to your emotion. And allowing your emotions to be fluid, but also using water in maybe some type of practice.

What we need to know about babies coming through in 2023, , oh man, this is the medicine mother. This is honor your inner knowing. So with this. The babies are gonna be sending you direct messages to your crown chakra at the top of your head. So your thoughts are gonna be very, very potent. They’re gonna be very specific, and they’re gonna come directly from your baby.

So if you’re like, I don’t know why I need to do this. That’s okay cuz the babies that are gonna be coming through in 2023, whether they’re being born or conceived in 2023, they’re sending you messages. Understand the connection between your soul and the baby that you are conceiving is very strong. You are capable of receiving messages.

You may not be aware and how they are coming through, but that’s okay. Come in. Thoughts and feelings and waves. They might send signs just like your spirit guides would send signs. Your angels would send signs and repetitions of three or more. Usually I see things in threes. Like hit me over the head, make it very clearing obvious, like it blatantly obvious.

Please do, because sometimes I miss things. So they might communicate also in numbers, but this will be repetitive. So pay attention to the messages that you’re getting because your inner knowing these thoughts will also be having a strong physical pool in your gut saying, this is what I need to. Baby will start to guide you as soon as you open your womb and your sacro plexus chakra.

Your baby will start to communicate with you as soon as you open that crown chakra and that sacral plexus chakra so that you are receiving messages from them. Medicine mother is no joke, so your intuition is ultimate. Your intuition and your trust within yourself, and recognizing how your body has all the answers you seek.

It’s your eternal compass, it’s your body. The next thing is what may stand in your way of your aspirations is the eagle. So when this comes up, this is really important. Your perspective or your ability to see options. Might be the blockage. So the more that you heal, the more your eyes can open and the more possibilities and options that you may not have seen before.

So what may stand in your way is your perspective, but the more that you heal, And the more that you focus on having a relationship with healing, the greater probability it is to see all of the options that are available towards you. What will support your abundance? While this is amazing, , this is the air guardian.

So what will support your abundance is the air garden. The air guardian is about shifting your perception. Perception has everything to do with using all of your senses, but it’s important to know just like the wind, it can shift, it can change direction. So with your senses, make sure you’re trusting them.

And also dislike your taste buds. You can acquire new tastes in things. So what are you open to? What will support your abundance? Essentially, don’t be too rigid. I’m making sure that you’re using all parts of yourself so you can decipher and discern what is coming to you. Do you like this? Does it feel good?

Does it taste good, or is this, no, that’s not for me. I don’t like the way that hears. I don’t like the way that tastes. I don’t like the way that smells. Trust your body. Trust your body cuz it’s your eternal compass. So for 2022, we’re done. We’re done with being forcing things and being taken advantage of and we’re done being tired and forcing things.

2023, we’re realizing our worth. We’re standing in it and we’re gonna have the most abundant ear of our lives. We’re gonna have the Reiki babies and we’re going to be thriving, and we’re going to aspire and we’re gonna receive abundance. If you have any questions, please send me a DM on Instagram, and I would love to hear from you very soon.

2023 Predictions for Conceiving and Babies

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