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Consumed by grief and anger from your miscarriage and pregnancy loss? Reiki can help you cope with your grief journey.

In this episode, Carolina will explain how Reiki can help release negative emotions stuck in our bodies, like grief, anger, and sadness. She will share how her mediumship skills are key to connecting moms to their spirit babies. This allows the healing process to really move forward with answers. 

If you are suffering, know you are not alone. We are ready to support you. Please reach out on Instagram and send us a DM.

What you’ll learn:

1:01 Carolina’s experiences with grief and how she handled it
3:02 The intention why people want to do Reiki
4:42 How grief really is
5:55 How Reiki helps in Miscarriage and Loss
7:00 How a client felt after a Reiki session
7:19 Women suffering in silence
8:30 Everything about Reiki and how you can heal through the help of Reiki

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Carolina Sotomayor is an Expert Womb Healer who helps women conceive by removing physiological blockages with Reiki. She is the host of the Carolina Sotomayor Podcast, a show that covers everything from fertility to postpartum to motherhood, and the creator of Fertility Foundation Collective, an online membership that helps women heal at their own pace to boost their fertility.

Carolina has served over 500 women from around the world to heal. She is passionate about helping women create their families. As a result, there are over 60 reiki babies in the world.

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Full episode transcript:

Hi, I am Carolina, your podcast host in Reiki Masser. I’m gonna start this episode with giving a trigger warning. We’re gonna talk about miscarriage and loss, and if that is triggering to you, feel free to skip this episode and move on to another episode.

How Reiki helps miscarriage and loss is what we’re talking about today. In my own life, I’ve experienced a lot of grief and a lot of. I don’t know why exactly how this panned out, but I was the person that has watched a lot of the people in our family die on both sides of our family, on my moms and my dads, and have watched people literally pass in front of me, including my own dad.

So I’m very familiar with grief. Spent years in grief therapy and untangling. What my beliefs were around death. And then that sent me on a spiral into learning about spirituality and what are my beliefs about death and our relationships with people who after they die. And so my beliefs are very much my own, and I encourage you to define what your beliefs.

Related to the afterlife, cuz it’s a very deeply personal thing. Um, so today we’re gonna talk about how Reiki helps miscarriage and loss. So as a person that provides service to women who are trying to conceive that is also many of those women are also suffering losses or unsuccessful fertility attempts.

All of those. Attempts are also treated as a loss. So the main thing that Reiki does when we’re helping a mom with grief is receiving her, does. Receiving her as she is and allowing her to exist in this moment. She just have to be anything, do anything, just allows her to be held in a safe space. With Reiki, and she is in charge of that reiki session.

She may wanna talk, may not wanna talk, just may want reiki. She might want into meditation, but most of the time the intention is for her to feel better, less heavy. Sometimes they come and they want answers, and we can do Oracle cards. I can send you some channel. I am a medium, so I’m able to connect to the babies that have lost, they have lost, and the babies that are to come, and they provide insight.

What was it like inside the womb? Why was your life purpose incoming? What messages do you have for mom? What does she need to know for next steps? These are really great questions with my reiki that I’m able to. When a person receives reiki in any Reiki session, it allows their energy to be aligned on a holistic level.

Reiki basically penetrates all layers of your aura that is going to allow your mind, your body, your soul, your spiritual self, your emotional self, your mental state, all to be healed at one time. So Reiki is a very efficient and also strategic way to. Also, if you’re not a talker, talking is top down. So talk therapy is great, but it doesn’t necessarily remove the heaviness from your chest.

It doesn’t move. The stuck energy. And grief is very physical, and a lot of people don’t account for that. A lot of people don’t understand, oh, why didn’t she bounce back? Why isn’t she happy? Why isn’t she smiling? Well, she suffered a loss that is a death and people don’t wanna talk about. So they don’t talk about how grief is also.

in our tissues that the grief you can be throwing up in the toilet, that the grief can leave you not wanting to eat, not wanting to get outta a bed. Those are the most common things with depression, with a loss, but also it can literally interrupt your sleep. I remember after my dad passed, I had panic attacks.

in my sleep, and that was very difficult for me to get through. Grief is a very personal journey and is very different for every single person, so I always recommend make sure that you’re having a team approach. When you’re handling your grief, make sure that you’re in touch with. Either your ob, especially if you suffered a miscarriage or a loss, make sure you do have a therapist sometimes.

It’s really great to look at all things that are all options for you while you’re going through this season or while you’re going and transitioning through this grief journey to know all of your options medically, holistically, and you can decide what’s best for. Reiki is gonna allow you to breathe again.

For me, with grief, it affected my lungs. Felt very tight all the time. Reiki raises your vibration of your physical tissue, of your body. So when you go to take a breath, It’s going to be less restricted because a Reiki has removed that tightness has removed that stuck energy that was making it cramped.

Also, reiki is gonna allow you to feel more like your old self again, as close as possible after a loss. The rule of thumb is, I always say, is that life changes you, but especially. So I would never have the expectation of going back to my old self, but rediscovering who I am now. How do I breathe differently?

How do I love differently? How do I live differently? What does that look like now? But understanding, how do I get back to me? How do I get back to being me? And Reiki allows that essence to be felt again and that feeling. Is best described as coming home or feeling grounded, feeling like a complete person almost.

I had a client once say, I feel the most human I have after our reiki session. And I said, I get that. I know what you’re feeling. She goes, I don’t feel so crazy. I said, you’re not crazy. You are going through a tremendous amount of pain. And most of the time women are suffering in silence. A lot of people don’t know how to handle this level of grief.

A lot of people don’t know what to say or they say the wrong thing. With Reiki, it allows you to honor the waves of life that come after suffering a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. They’re gonna be good days and bad days, but with Reiki, I’ve had women come. That I treated for a long time and they had regularly scheduled Reiki visits.

It was not an option to miss for them. Reiki was part of their recovery plan and it allowed them to, whether they were having on a great day, they left on a blissful day. They weren’t having a bad day, then they left having felt okay enough to function. So no matter whether you’re good or feeling great or not, having Reiki will always uplift you and meet you where you’re at.

I know Ron Reiki session is the same, that’s for sure. I also like to say is that when Reiki has allowed moms to connect with their babies in ways that, I don’t know how else they would, Reiki allows you, it is a spiritual experience, but it’s also healing. So we can do reiki in person or virtually, and we can do what’s called Reiki guided meditations.

And these meditations are very deep and they allow you to turn inward. and it is quite an experience and a lot of times when we do these meditations, the moms are able to connect with the babies that they lost. , they’re able to see them. They’re able to see the angels that are holding them. They’re able to connect with family members that are on the other side that are with their babies.

Everyone is so different. Sometimes they get direct messages from the baby and not from me. We are also able to understand is there any ancestral trauma that we need to address? Are there any generational patterns? A lot of the information that we’re seeking comes from what we call sole. . These are the contracts or the binding agreements that we’re making between other souls before we come into this lifetime.

It’s an agreement between our parents, our siblings, our children, our friends, our lovers, the people who harm us or hurt us, and all of that goes into the larger picture of like shaping us, having polarizing experiences, good and bad, to teach us what we do and do not like, and help us get to our life purpose.

Now with the soul contracts, that life purpose is different for every person and also for souls that live within the womb or live beyond the womb. Meaning like you and me who are here in the world right now, but the babies that may pass in the womb, their life purpose was completed there. And I think once I learned that after my studying and with all my courses and studying for all of these years, and once I started to channel babies and getting specific messages from them, To get to relay to moms, it changed me.

And the sole purposes or the life purposes are so different. They could be to learn to know what love is, to know independence. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m coming to be your lawyer. It’s so different. It could be to know what true love is, it’s to know really just anything. I’ve gotten everything under the sun, so understanding how soul contracts come into play and understanding that sole contract, it’s easier also for moms to move forward.

Having that piece of knowledge, there’s a natural inclination to wanna blame ourselves for something that went wrong. or to be ashamed that this happened to us, and that’s the most natural thing to do. Like, what did I do wrong? Why did this happen? How can I prevent it from happening again? But understanding that the sole contracts come into play, that it’s much larger than ourselves.

When we introduce that, it allows mom to process that and then decide for herself ultimately what she believes. Cuz that’s a belief from all the souls that I have talked to and all the moms I’ve treated. That’s allowed them to move forward in the grief in a much more peaceful way and alleviate that guilt and shame.

So that’s not so heavy. I believe Reiki is only one modality. I also believe healing is not a one time event. A lot of people will come for one time and they think it’s gonna be one time, and then they end up getting multiple sessions with me or even doing coaching with me, or joining the fertility foundation collective when they’re trying to conceive a second time or a third time, and pregnancy loss and miscarriage.

Is still loss, and we go deeper into this with a previous episode, this season with a coach that is dedicated to this grief. It needs to be honored in how you put boundaries around that, and you have a dedicated time to literally grieve any way you want. Screaming, crying, journaling, soaking a tub, talking it out loud.

But just don’t ignore your grief. And if you’re struggling, I want you to know you can DM me anytime on Instagram. I want to hear from you. I want to honor your babies, your journey, your fertility.

How Reiki Helps Miscarriage and Loss

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