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Have you ever wanted to know what is behind the Reiki babies? The conceiving of the Reiki babies are something so special, but that can only be done with Reiki womb healing!

In this episode, I will share with you the most important things I have learned after 5 years of my Reiki practice, 500 clients, and 68 Reiki babies. If you want the absolute best tips, then this episode is for you.  

What you’ll learn:

1:24 The Sacral Plexus Chakra and its function.
2:06 PCOS and Endometriosis are the two most common fertility issues.
2:38 It is critical to work on our emotional health while trying to conceive.
3:10 The symptoms are never the fundamental problem since something in our childhood influences how we behave as adults.
4:18 “Even if you’ve had the most perfect childhood, there’s always something to heal.” -Carolina Sotomayor
4:37 Maintaining our chakras open, flowing, and connected allows us to optimize our energy and fertility.
5:07 Compassion for ourselves and others allows us to extend grace and relieve stress.
6:02 “Holding space also is a skillset. You have to learn, it’s more than just active listening.” -Carolina Sotomayor
7:08 Let’s normalize having an emotional release ritual.
7:51 Breathwork as a ritual to release emotions.
8:48 Healing is not a one time event
9:24 Why do I always go back to Reiki despite any other therapies?
11:35 Reiki Womb Healing Session with me.

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Carolina has served over 500 women from around the world to heal. She is passionate about helping women create their families. As a result, there are over 60 reiki babies in the world.

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Full episode transcript:

Hi, I’m Carolina, your Reiki master and podcast host. Do yourself a favor and subscribe and to support our podcast. Please leave a rating and review. I would be so thankful. So today we’re talking about what I’ve learned after 68 Reiki babies. So it’s early October, 2022, and as of right now we have 68 Reiki babies.

Those are earth side and also still in the womb. So we’re gonna dive right. . I have been practicing reiki for over five years and I’ve seen over 500 women and the number one thing I would say is everything goes back to the womb. The womb is where the sacral plexus chakra is located and that energy center, cuz every chakra is an energy center, controls the emotions.

It also controls pleasure, creativity, and also our connection to our soul. and a lot of our emotions that are negative can get stuck in this area, and that also can complicate our ability to have healthy periods. Easy periods, meaning like they’re less painful or pain free. If this chakra is blocked, it can lead to painful periods.

It can lead to complications in our fertility. It can lead to. Things like P C O S or endometriosis, which is very common if you’re trying to conceive. Those are the two top ailments. If you ask any reproductive and infertility specialists, an R e I doctor, they will say the two things that they see the most is P C O S in endometriosis.

I know this cuz we just interviewed, uh, Dr. Selo from California and that’s what she said in our podcast. So it is so important to work on our emotional health when we’re trying to conceive or we’re preparing. I always try to get women before they’re actually trying, so we can do wound blessings and wound clearing and figure out where our chakras are so we can make sure we’re doing a balancing and making sure we know our triggers in actively putting a plan in place so that we are aware of what we need to work on, what our strengths are, and how to re-trigger.

Ourselves so we can leave lives peacefully and happily. So the next thing is this symptom is never the root cause, and that means that if you identify, oh, I’m an anxious person, I’m a shy person. But what made you that way? Is there a life event that triggered that? That type of response? So if a person doesn’t like to be seen or public speaking, like say they’re scared to speak in front of a crowd.

what are their beliefs around their voice? What is their beliefs around communication? What is their belief around being seen in a large capacity? So was there an event when they were young between ages zero to seven, where maybe. They had a trauma where maybe they were picked on or maybe there was a big event and they were terrified or were bullied.

Usually there’s something in our childhood that influences how we behave as adults, so the symptom is never the root cause. Everyone has a. So even if you’ve had the most perfect childhood, there’s always something to heal. Any even of your relationship with your parents is great. I’m glad. We want you to be thriving.

We want you to have healthy relationships with people you choose to have in your life. , but everyone has a story and everyone has something to heal. Not everyone’s sacral plexus chakra is closed, mine’s open right now. So you want your chakras to be open and flowing and connected so your energy could be optimized and your fertility can be optimized.

So have as much compassion as possible cuz you don’t know what other people are going through. They teach in elementary school. Treat others the way you wanna be treated. Is that the golden rule? I’m not sure I’m drawing a blank here, but having compassion and operating is a priority in your life. I wanna live with compassion.

Having compassion for yourself, having compassion for others will also dramatically reduce your stress and also allow you to give grace. And less judgment. And this is really a huge shift in perspective. Having the ability to lead with compassion allows you to hold space for people or give grace to yourself and.

Just really proceed and have outcomes that are more positive than if you hadn’t. And I think that that’s really important as you heal that you know that you’ll have more capacity for that. To hold space for someone like I do is a true honor. This person is opening their energy to me, their soul, their heart, their emotions, their secrets.

and that is a privilege. It is not something I take for granted. Holding space also is a skillset that. You have to learn, it’s more than just active listening. It’s asking the right questions and when it’s validating, making sure you’re not invalidating someone’s pain and their story, but also allowing them to have breakthroughs during that time.

And it’s important not to project onto the other person, to hold space for someone. It’s solely about them and nothing about you. If they ask for, for your experience, then you can share it, but to hold space. . It’s truly an honor because then you can witness their transformation. You can witness, you know, they bear everything, their pain, their tears, their hopes, their fears, and it’s super important to honor that sacred vulnerability.

The last thing is when the emotions get stuck. Breathe them out, have have a ritual to release. It’s really important that we know that emotions get stuck as soon as they come in. We feel them and then we release them. We’re trained as people to stuff our emotions, to shut our emotions off. The quicker that we’re not crying, the better.

Crying is an inconvenience. Crying is an embarrassment. That’s what we’re taught as a society. , it’s okay to feel your emotions. It’s healthy to feel your emotions, but it’s also needed to have a practice or ritual to release them. My favorite is breath work. You feel an emotion for 90 seconds and then you just release it.

You have to make a deliberate choice. Am I going to release this or am I gonna hold onto it? I have already suffered enough in my life and I actively have to remind myself to let go of things, and that has been a lesson I’ve learned a lot in my life and had to relearn it over and over again cuz. , you know, that’s different.

Letting go of people, situations, memories, possessions, anything. It’s not an easy task. So sometimes we have to relearn life lessons. So letting go of emotions and having this skill to breathe them out is really gonna be beneficial in how you continue to heal. The very last lesson, Is healing no matter what modality you’re going to do is not a one-time event.

Healing is a commitment, and you should have a relationship with healing. Just like you have a relationship with your partner, your spouse, or money. You ever heard that like, oh, what’s your relationship with money? How do you speak about it? I advocate for you to have. A relationship with healing and that let me look like Reiki or for some time I did trauma massage and it was really good for me.

I did hypnosis. I have tried different modalities of healing and I . I always come back to reiki, so it’s super important for you to understand how do you heal best. and sometimes different seasons of life determine what I wanna do. Talk therapy really doesn’t do much for me anymore. I live a very accelerated life.

I have a lot of entrepreneurial things, always cooking different projects, so I like to move fast. I like my healing to move fast. I want to release it and move on. I want to get things done. I am a. Always been a high performer doer. So for me, Reiki has allowed me to do that. Learning reiki so that I can help heal myself is great.

Occasionally I will go to another Reiki master and I call it my tuneup. I go minimum quarterly. I did hypnosis for half of last year. That was very effective. So, However you want to choose to heal, just make sure that you have a relationship with it. Check in. How do you speak about your healing? That is just something that’s really important.

So after 68 Reiki babies, everyone’s story is different. Everyone deserves to heal, and every mom that wants to have a baby deserves to have. And how she chooses to have one to hold space for someone is truly one of my greatest honors of my entire life. And every time that someone tells me that they’re pregnant with a Reiki baby, I cry and I threw a celebration and we scream and we’re just so excited.

There’s nothing greater than helping a woman. A family, a couple create something that they have been desiring so long and that looks so different for so many new people. It might be embryo adoption. That might be insemination, that might be I V F. That might be natural. That might be with clom. That might be through a surrogate.

There’s been so many different ways that we’ve helped people have babies, but Reiki wo healing it for everyone. Anyone that wants to heal, that’s for them. And the benefits of a reiki boom healing session and working with me, it just allows you to release things that you don’t even know. It’s. And it allows you to physically feel lighter.

It allows you to feel cleaner. It allows you to think more clearly, and it allows you to move forward with insight that maybe you didn’t have before. So thank you for listening. Thank you for everyone that’s ever contributed to my journey, and thank you for allowing me to get to 68 Reiki babies. I still get my breath taken away when I see a download and when somebody buys a Reiki session or they join my fertility membership or the pregnancy me.

That this is my life and I get to do my life’s work. I never gets old. I always am so grateful from the bottom of my soul.

What I Learned After 68 Reiki Babies

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