Want to know the truth about being a parent? It is not cupcakes, unicorns, and puppies all the time.  In this episode, Carolina and Postpartum Doula Patricia Grensemen get vulnerable about sharing their journey with parenthood.  If you are ready to be validated and know it is ok to dislike parts of your parenting journey, […]

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Why I Didn’t Love Parenting My First Baby with Guest Speaker Patricia Grensemen

Postpartum is not maternity leave! Postpartum is a vulnerable two years after baby is born. Most women plan their gender reveal parties and baby showers more than they do their postpartum time.  In this episode, Carolina passionately dives into what most people miss when planning their postpartum.  What you’ll learn:2:00 The postpartum mistakes2:20 Things that […]

Postpartum, Reiki, Self Development

What Most People Get Wrong About Postpartum

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Carolina is the founder & Womb Healer of Fertility Foundation Collective and Next Level Fertility programs. She has personally coached and healed many women, helping bring over 70 Reiki babies into the world. 


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After using reiki to overcome my own infertility, Carolina knew she had to help other women do the same. She created this podcast to do just that - get you fertile with reiki.

As a newlywed, she struggled with infertility and was told by my doctors everything was fine and just needed to "relax". She was devastated each month when my period came. She was recommended to get reiki to open and align her chakras by my therapist and a trusted psychic in the same week. She received Reiki the next week and the next month I was testing positive for my pregnancy of my son, Ollie. 

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