The full moon was last night. My toddler took three hours to go to sleep. My husband was restless. Last night I went to bed in a bad mood thinking of how everything was going wrong. Spirit woke up in the middle night. I gave myself Reiki. I spoke to my inner child and said […]

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You are going to be ok. I promise!

As we honored National Infertility Awareness Week last month, we did some   Common Chakra Blockages Related to Infertility Relationship with father, mother, step parent, or any grandparent that may have raised you. (Feeling of unresolved anger, resentment, suppression, or being controlled) Relationship with Spouse Emotional Security Sexual Trauma Ancestral Trauma Conception: Relationship between parents at time […]

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Common Chakra Blockages Related to Infertility

Happy National Breastfeeding Month! Happy International Breastfeeding Week! This year is a little different, but in the BEST way. Here at Carolina Sotomayor Reiki, we decided to celebrate each and every breastfeeding mom with a gift. We created the Let’s Reiki the Boobies Guide, a PDF sharing Carolina’s personal breastfeeding story, original healing breastfeeding affirmations, how […]

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Happy Breastfeeding Month!

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Carolina is the founder & Womb Healer of Fertility Foundation Collective and Next Level Fertility programs. She has personally coached and healed many women, helping bring over 70 Reiki babies into the world. 


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After using reiki to overcome my own infertility, Carolina knew she had to help other women do the same. She created this podcast to do just that - get you fertile with reiki.

As a newlywed, she struggled with infertility and was told by my doctors everything was fine and just needed to "relax". She was devastated each month when my period came. She was recommended to get reiki to open and align her chakras by my therapist and a trusted psychic in the same week. She received Reiki the next week and the next month I was testing positive for my pregnancy of my son, Ollie. 

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