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I’m your host, Carolina Sotomayor, and today’s episode, number 114. In this episode, Carolina explores the concept of intuition and its relevance to fertility. She explains that intuition is the voice of our higher self and the universe, while ego is the voice of limitation. Carolina emphasizes the importance of trusting our intuition and using it to make decisions and navigate our fertility journey. She also discusses the role of intuition in self-advocacy and the ability to recognize when a situation or person is not a good fit. Carolina provides practical tips for supercharging our intuition, such as choosing ourselves and honoring our needs. She concludes by highlighting the power of intuition in receiving psychic downloads and invites listeners to join the Make a Baby membership for further support.


  • Intuition is the voice of our higher self and the universe, while ego is the voice of limitation.
  • Trusting our intuition and using it to make decisions can lead to greater success and alignment.
  • Supercharging our intuition involves choosing ourselves and honoring our needs.
  • Intuition can be applied to infertility by guiding us in self-advocacy and decision-making.
  • Believing in our intuition and making good decisions can lead to positive outcomes.
  • Practical steps to apply intuition in daily life include prioritizing self-care and listening to our body’s signals.
  • Intuition can also allow us to receive psychic downloads and divine wisdom.

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Podcast Episode Transcript

Welcome back to the Make a Baby podcast. I’m Carolina Sotomayor and it’s Friday. It’s Supercharge your Intuition for your Fertility in 2024. We’re going to talk about intuition, what it is, what it’s not. And this is particularly important because I think intuition, it’s hip now to manifest. It’s hip to be an intuitive. It’s hip to be a psychic.

It’s hip to have all of your crystals and your sage and all of the things, your palo santo. But we’re about making babies around here. So what is intuition and how can we actually use this to help us get pregnant? Because that’s what we’re after. We want babies, we want to have families. So how can we actually make this happen? So let’s start off with the first question. What is intuition and where does it come from and why does it matter?

Well, intuition is your inner voice. It is your higher self speaking to you. It is universe speaking to you, but it is the limitlessness of life versus ego. Intuition is the opposite of ego, and these are the two voices that exist in your head. Ego is meant to keep you safe, and it has its purpose, but it is also going to limit you.

Your intuition is going to be the one that expands you and says, it is possible. You can do a podcast and you can quit your corporate job and this is real versus the ego might be like, no, this is not real. That is fake. No, you’re not capable of doing that. Let’s just stay right here. So our, these are all sets of belief. Your ego,

Is what our existing beliefs are, whether they’re limiting core beliefs. And our intuition is what is going to expand us past that. And our intuition is also our instincts and it’s also like our nature, our instincts from nature that are saying, yes, this is, no, this is not it or this is it. Or like when you meet a person and you’re like, this person’s good.

Or maybe you meet a person you’re like, “‘Ick, that’s gross,’ but you’re not exactly sure why that person’s ick or gross.” Sometimes I meet people and I’m like, “‘No, that’s not the vibe.'” And they didn’t say anything, they didn’t do anything wrong, but it’s just, I’m not a good vibrational match for them. And that’s enough for me just to be like polite and kind. And I don’t say ick or gross, but I’m like, no, that’s not a match for me.

And that’s enough for me to not proceed with whatever the situation is. My intuition is. Is not just manifesting, but it is the instincts that are. Exactly going to lead you to abundance and also lead you to where you’re going to go for alignment. And when we are, intuition is usually the first thought in our head. And then what comes second is our ego.

And our ego is what’s gonna keep us safe. So like maybe you are starting to become a psychic medium or you see an orb or you hear a voice or you feel a sensation if you’re trying to connect with your spirit baby and you’re like, was that real? And then the second thought is no, that couldn’t have happened that no, no. That’s your ego is the one that’s going to be like making like grounding you and making like you like

No, this is not it. No, that’s not real. That’s not possible. So that’s why intuition versus ego is, and where does it come from? So your intuition is just gonna be your inner voice. It’s gonna be your consciousness. It’s gonna be your conscience. It’s going to be also just a fluid thought from your higher self from the universe. Also, when we’re using our intuition, it is the most common way

That spirit, spirit babies, God, universe, whatever is on the other side that you believe in, will speak to you. A lot of the spirit side will speak through thoughts. And why does your intuition matter? It is our internal compass. It is everything. I use my intuition to make decisions and to see if the situation or where I’m headed or if I’m going to travel feels right. Is this a good match for me or not?

Is this what I wanna do or not? Is this gonna be the best outcome for me or not? And it really, for me, the more that I’ve trusted my intuition, the more success I’ve had. The better outcome for my family, for myself, the more that I have been proven that my intuition is to be trusted. How can you tell the difference between intuition, thought, fear, or imagination?

The more that you use your imagination, the stronger your intuition will be because it is one in the same. Thoughts and fears are different. So thoughts could either be ego or intuition depending on what is first. Intuition tends to be the first thought that comes to your mind, and ego is the second, which is fear. So, I don’t know what this feelings were. So if you’re listening to the audio, I just…

I did emotion, I’m holding up my fingers and balloons came up through the platform. So I’m not exactly what that’s about, but that’s okay. Fear is ego. Anything that is meant to keep us safe and because that is a defined area, that’s what our ego is designed to do and its purpose. Just like, you know, our ego is like, do not go down that dark alley.

That can be dangerous. It’s meant to keep you in the box with the parameters in which it knows and lives within. If you push beyond those parameters and what it is know is possible and what is like the boundaries, the box that we live in, then that’s gonna be painful. That’s gonna incrue our growth. And that expansion comes from your intuition of saying,

Okay, where we’re at, at point A, if we want to go to point B, we’re going to have to try something different and we’re going to have to believe something different. And that is what is, we usually have something called an ego death. And that is the death of a limiting core belief or a limiting belief. And then you replace it with a new belief that then uplevels. This usually is…

Symptoms of a breakthrough or like if you achieve something or if you overcome something or if you’re coming out of grief, all of that is expansion. So it’s not maybe obvious, like if you’re not a deeply spiritual person or if you don’t know the terminology or if you’re not like, you know, sometimes if it’s not obvious, you could be having these intuition expansions.

In ego death and not be even understanding it. Like, why is this so hard? Why can’t I let go of this? Why is like, I thought I dealt with this and I’m back here again. It’s an ego death. And that’s just because where your subconscious is trying so hard one last thread to stay in this reality and to stay with what it knows. And then your reality and your beliefs are pulling you.

Forward into the new reality and what you’ve crafted and curated with the new replacement, higher belief, higher vibration. So that’s the difference. How do you supercharge your mother’s intuition? We all have the intuition. As a woman, as a person who’s going to have a baby, because this is your year to have a baby, and I believe that you’re going to have a baby, that…

How we supercharge our intuition is we choose ourselves. It’s much more than just honoring ourselves. It’s deciding what is the one thing today that I need to do to make me feel at home in my body, make me feel seen within myself, and that I didn’t put myself last. And only you can decide that. Supercharging your intuition is practice, and it’s choosing yourself and recognizing signs. And sometimes it’s also just validating like,

My intuition is spot on. I decided last year I was gonna adopt a belief that I make great decisions. And it made life a lot easier. And that core belief, like allowed me to just like instantly, if I felt something, I didn’t process more than that. It was like, what do I feel? Okay, where did that come from? Great, is this mine? Great, okay, then this is the decision.

Like it is a very, I have decision fatigue a lot of the time and I’m actively working on remedying that. But for me is like, what is the first thing I feel? Great, this is what I wanna do. And I make decisions a lot faster because of what I’m tuned in to what my intuition says. It’s listening to me above all else. It’s listening to the first thought and this took a lot of practice. It took a lot of like prioritization.

And sometimes I didn’t, if you’re hungry, tired, angry, if all the things, you have to be presently in the moment and you have to have capacity and you have to have enough patience for it to actively like, what is my body saying? What is my intuition saying? And then be like, okay, this is how we’re gonna move forward. But over time it becomes almost then immediate and natural.

So like now I don’t have to be so cognizant and conscious to be like outwardly trying to listen to my intuition. Now it’s just like, this is it. So over time it gets easier. How you supercharge it, again, you just choose yourself over and over and over again. So like today I’m gonna go do, I’m gonna batch some social media at the park. It’s a little bit warmer. And I’ve been wanting to do this for like eight days and I’ve been so frustrated I haven’t been able to go and do it.

I’ve gotten ready every day, but something’s always come up. But this is going to help me. It’s going to help me batch content and for social media. It is really important to me and I have really great ideas. This is going to make me feel safe in my body. This is going to make in choosing this, is also going to make me feel excited. When you choose yourself and honor just a thing that you’re going to do today that is important to you,

Your intuition is getting another validation, oh, we’re important. And that’s just going to allow your whole system and the rewiring of your brain is like, okay, we are real, what you think is real, choosing you is correct. And like the intuition and the thoughts are very much valid. And that just rewires you. Because what’s happening is a lot of us are putting ourselves last because we’re conditioned to deplete ourselves.

We’re rewarded if we sacrifice everything about ourselves for the betterment of others and for other, like if we have other children in the house or you get rewarded for being an overachiever. You’re not gonna get, you know, you don’t get a gold star for being tired and having nothing left for your fertility, your womb healing or for yourself at the end of the day. That’s what this podcast is for. We need to change that. We’re disrupting that mindset.

You deserve better. You deserve to live and have joy while you’re trying to conceive your baby and not be in a zombie state because they see it too often. The Reiki can restore you, it can help you heal, but then if we don’t change our habits, then we’re gonna be in this cycle. So your intuition is actually very good. Your instincts are very good. You may have been taught that you’re not trustworthy or to not trust your instincts or someone may have told you.

You don’t make good decisions. That’s bullshit. Complete bullshit. You do make good decisions. And if you don’t, let’s talk about it. Send me a DM. What decisions do you feel like you’re not making good decisions for? I bet you’re doing way better than you believe you are. I used to think that I was doing terrible. But then when I talked to friends, when I talked to a therapist, when I talked to my hypnosis lady.

I got my shit together, it turns out. Who would have thought? Anyway, okay. How can intuition be applied to your infertility? Okay, so your intuition is your guiding light. It’s so touche. So your guiding light is also gonna be like, if you’re going to your doctor’s office and you’re observing it, maybe the front desk lady is not nice, or she’s dismissive, or they had you waiting too long, and people were like, whatever the scenario is.

Then you go into the doctor’s office, you’re already probably a little triggered because doctor’s offices are stressful. And then maybe the person that maybe of rotating doctors comes in and they are just wanna go into the appointment instead of introducing themselves, talking and like getting acquainted. Your intuition might spike and be like, mm, no, this is not right. This is not how I like to do things. So then your intuition is gonna say, say something.

And I hope that you trust that because your intuition is gonna also lead to you to self-advocate. This is an important skill that you need practice with and a lot of women are too quiet or they say something too late or they never say anything at all. And it’s because you’re gonna learn to advocate for your baby. Your baby is around you now. And if someone’s in kindergarten and bullies your kid and whatever grade, you’re not gonna stay silent. You’re not gonna let anything happen.

You are just as important as your future baby. So you are worth speaking up for. And your intuition is going to say, yes, this is a great place, or no, these people are not a good fit. And they’re gonna lead you to either have hard conversations to make the doctor’s office better, or maybe somebody says something while you’re trying to conceive and they say an insensitive comment. You could have…

Hard conversation later or when it’s appropriate that you feel is best and say, hey, what you said on XYZ, it really hurt me and it felt insensitive to my fertility journey. Your intuition is going to protect you, it’s gonna preserve you, it’s going to lead you, and it’s always gonna be honest with you. I’m like, yes, this is a good fit for us or not. And it’s always okay for you to switch doctors.

Always okay to switch doctors. What is one thing that you could do today to apply this to your life? And it’s the same thing I said earlier in the episode, what is one thing that you would do today that would make you feel either calmer or less stressed?

For me, I need to do things in batches. I like to do things in bulk. So I’m gonna probably, I’m gonna make a batch of four lasagnas later. And that’s gonna make me feel like I’m a really good mom and wife. And choosing that is gonna allow me to feel like I did a good job. And that’s for me because.

I made this goal for myself in honoring myself and doing that is going to reinforce my intuition that I’m a priority, what I think is a priority, what I’ve planned is a priority. And that’s going to make me happy. And when I’m happy, I’m going to be at a higher vibrational state. You know what’s going to happen then as a consequence, a positive consequence to my intuition? I’m going to be able to receive more. So intuition is not just guiding you and where you’re supposed to go in decision making.

It’s also about receiving downloads. And we didn’t talk about that. Intuition can allow us to receive psychic downloads from our spirit babies, higher selves, from God, universe, mother earth. And the more that you choose yourself and the more that you honor yourself instead of using words like should or supposed to, the more that you’re gonna be open to receive

You know the words that they say, eternal wisdom, divine wisdom, divine feminine wisdom, your higher selves downloads, all of it’s the same. And it’s going to come through your intuition. It’s going to be like a little thought that gets planted in your head. Sometimes it’s repetitive and you’re often going to get them when you’re in the shower, washing dishes, vacuuming, mopping, doing like a repetitive task. Maybe you’re going for a walk.

Or you’re exercising, those are all like prime moments that you’re home in your body and your mind is relaxed and that your spirit baby and your higher self and the universe is gonna give you like an idea. And I’m sure they’re like aha moments and maybe you don’t even realize you’re getting them and that they’re psychic moments already. So your intuition is all of that. And you are, this is not, oh, someone else can do this.

This is you. I used to think when I first got pregnant, the Reiki master said to me, she said, Carolina you know you can do Reiki And I was like, no, no. That’s a you thing. I am not capable of that. This is a reminder you’re capable of everything. And this is your reminder, you do have intuition and you have the ability to be a psychic, to download the things that your baby is saying to you. They wanna talk to you. Your spirit guides wanna talk to you?

On the other side, just set the intention of love and light and for the highest well-being involved. That’s how the messages are gonna be and you’ll be fine. So supercharge your intuition for your fertility in 2024. Choose you. I want you to go ahead and go to the first line in the show notes. We have a hyperlink and it’s titled, Ask Carolina Anything. I would love to hear your thoughts about this episode. You can click on that link and leave us a 90 second voice note

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Until then friends, let the Reiki flow.

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