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I’m your host, Carolina Sotomayor, and today’s episode, number 113. In this episode, Carolina Sotomayor discusses spirit babies and delivers messages for 2024. She explains the difference between angel babies and spirit babies and emphasizes that spirit babies are the ones that are coming in to be conceived. Carolina highlights the importance of attention and alignment with one’s desires, addressing fears and shame, recognizing signs and messages from spirit babies, and having faith and trust in the process. She encourages listeners to believe and receive miracles, shift their mindset, and focus on healing and relaxation. The episode concludes with a call to action for feedback and offers to join the Make a Baby membership or the Make a Baby headquarters program.


  • Focus on what you truly want and align your thoughts and actions with it.
  • Release fears and shame that are holding you back.
  • Pay attention to signs and messages from spirit babies.
  • Have faith and trust that things will work out for your highest good.
  • Believe, receive, heal, and shift your mindset on your fertility journey.

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    DISCLAIMER: This episode is not a substitute for professional medical care but aims at relaxation and stress reduction to support natural healing. Reiki complements, never replaces, medical care. Carolina is not a licensed healthcare provider; always seek appropriate professional help for physical and mental health. Individual results may vary.

Podcast Episode Transcript

Welcome back to the Make a Baby podcast. I’m Carolina Sotomayor your Reiki womb healer and podcast host. And today it’s episode 113. And this is really special to me because I have. I love doing this, but also this was your favorite episode of 2023. This was the most downloaded episode. So I’m doing again, but for 2024, Spirit Babies.

Reading. So this is your spirit babies reading or spirit babies messages for 2024. And spirit babies are babies that have yet to be conceived. I sometimes get a question that angel babies, what are those? Angel babies are the babies that we may have miscarried or have lost. And spirit babies are the ones that are coming in. So for the babies that are coming in, whether you’re trying to conceive or you’re currently pregnant, this message is for you.

Or if you’re thinking about becoming a parent in the future, this message is for you and this is your sign that you’re supposed to listen up. So the first thing is they want your attention and whatever has your attention right now is it’s not aligning with what you really want. So what does it mean to have your attention?

It goes much more than your thoughts and your emotions, but it’s not what you write down on a piece of paper. So if you want a new car and say you want a brand new 2024 Honda Odyssey, but you occupy yourself with, I can only afford a Honda Accord, and it’s gonna be a 2019, 2020, and you obsess over the reasons why you can’t afford the car that you really want.

That has your attention more than the car you actually want to have. So your spirit baby saying, what is pulling all of your attention away from the thing that you really want? Is it things that you feel like you should be doing or you’re supposed to do are the things that are capturing your attention, keeping you away from your fertility and what is truly aligning for you and what they’re trying to push in front of you because your baby’s sending you signs.

So I ask you, what has your attention? The next thing is fears and shame. What exactly are you scared of? Whatever brought you shame, the shame is not for you to carry, it’s for the person that caused you the hurts. You no longer have to carry this burden anymore. You can write it all down and burn it and then throw away the ashes, do not put them in the garbage, put them back in the earth.

Or flesh them, but with fear, where did that fear come from? Did you inherit that? Is that your current adult self fear? Or is that a childhood fear? Or did you absorb that from someone else? So it’s really important that you understand that fear, sometimes we don’t even know where they come from until we dissect it. And then the next one is signs. They’re sending you signs, numbers, license plates,

In like maybe subscribers or the number of messages you might have, phone numbers on billboards, they’re sending you numbers, they’re sending you birds, look them up, Google it and see if that resonates with you. You can define what something means to you. Like the number 444 means I’m making the right decision. At this time, I just saw that as evidence over a pattern in my life versus like something I saw in an info.

Like an infographic I saw on Instagram. And then the last thing that I channeled was, I need you to have faith and trust that things are gonna work out for your highest well-being and your highest good. Like, you need to trust that miracles are coming your way. I am a God girl, and not in the traditional sense. I am a God girl, meaning like, I pray to God, but I not necessarily.

In the church believing all the patriarchy, quite feminist. However, I am praying very specific things. I am not praying for strength. I am not praying for clarity. I’m praying for more joy. I’m praying for, if there is a sticky situation, hey, XYZ is bothering me, please remove it from my path and replace it with XYZ that is for my highest good and that’s gonna bring me higher abundance and more joy, more.

Euphoric experiences, because euphoric is my word for 2024. I don’t need more strength. I am strong enough. I don’t need more discernment. I just know that this is not working out. I need you to remove it. Use universe, use God, use your higher self, use whatever your belief system is. And trust more that things are working out for you. It’s your turn.

This is your sign. This is your year. If things were rough the past three years, and I know many people in the collective, it has been rough. This is your turn. It’s your turn to get pregnant. It’s your turn to have a baby. And they want you as much as you want them. So we have to start believing. We have to be open to receive them. We have to be open to receiving miracles. We have to be open and demand the miracles to come through.

And that demand and the miracle might be maybe there’s restoration in your relationship that needs to happen. Maybe there needs to be a change in jobs. Maybe there needs to be an increase in income. Maybe there needs to be a move in your house. Or maybe there needs to be remodeling done. Or maybe none of that needs to happen. And we just need to work on you getting out of fight or flight and getting into relaxation mode where you are feeling safe and grounded enough.

So you could heal and continue to get out of survival mode so you can then have your womb and your sacral plexus chakra open to receive this baby. Maybe you just need to heal a little bit. Maybe you need to breathe a little bit and maybe you need to realize you’re not responsible for everything.

You are not responsible for everything, but this is your year, my friend. I invite you to shift your mindset. So I would really love to know what you thought about this episode. Go to the first line in the show notes. There is a link called Ask Caroline Anything that is through SpeakPipe. I want to know you can leave me a 90 second voice note telling me your thoughts and telling me what you thought of this spirit babies.

Messages for 2024 and what you would like to hear next on the podcast. You’re also welcome to join the Make a Baby membership for three days free. We have office hours calls where you can get hot sea coaching. You can ask any of your spiritual or healing questions in and we also have a live healing call every single month where you can receive group distance Reiki live in a call and every month is a

I would love to see you inside the membership. And if you would like to work with me in a bigger capacity, we are now accepting people into our Make a Baby headquarters, my 90 day signature healing program where we teach you Reiki and heal your blockages, infertility, and we become best friends. So until next time, my friends, let the Reiki flow.

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