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I’m your host, Carolina Sotomayor, and today’s episode, number 112. In this episode, I discuss the concept of starting the new year with a focus on destiny and epiphanies. I encourage listeners to choose a word for the year instead of making traditional resolutions.

I also explore the idea of new fertility, which involves getting in alignment with oneself and making decisions that honor personal needs. I emphasize the importance of living fully and embracing personal growth, as well as casting a vision for motherhood. I share my own vision for the year and encourages listeners to do the same. I conclude by discussing the power of making decisions in alignment with one’s chosen word and embracing life’s surprises.


  • Instead of making traditional resolutions, choose a word for the year that represents what you want to cultivate in your life.
  • New fertility is about getting in alignment with yourself and making decisions that honor your needs.
  • Embrace personal growth and cast a vision for motherhood that aligns with your chosen word.
  • Make decisions in alignment with your chosen word to create happiness and balance in your life.

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Podcast Episode Transcript

Welcome back to the Make a Baby podcast. I’m Carolina Sotomayor, your podcast host, Reiki Womb Healer This is January 2nd, happy new year. This is episode 112, New Year Means New Fertility. I am gonna give you lots of nuggets today, and I hope that this episode finds you, gives you hope, but most of all, makes you feel comfortable with where you are in your path. This is ending, I think Mercury Retrograde goes direct today.

I have no idea where my makeup bag is, and usually I have a hat, usually I have dry hair on, and a red lip. I don’t know where my makeup bag is. It is really cold, and all of my cozy sweatshirts are wet, and they were just put in the dryer, so we are just feeling all the things. Is this New Year’s bumpy? Short from the collective, when I can tell it’s a bit bumpy.

But the energy is moving towards destiny. It’s moving towards epiphanies. It’s moving towards where are we supposed to be in our happiest and let go of the rest. I pulled a card earlier today for a friend and I kept the card because I was like, I have to share this when I record my next podcast. And I pulled her the Vulture card. And this is a very unlikely bird that we would

Go ahead and pull, but I pulled it from this deck of cards I have that’s only feathers and birds. I love birds. So the vulture, the card says, accept the inevitable, let go of the past and welcome a rebirth to begin. Accept the inevitable, let go of the past and welcome a rebirth to begin. Every year we’re supposed to like.

Set your New Year’s resolutions, new intentions, do the vision boards, make the list, make the categories, make a goal in every sector of your life. There’s six categories, there’s a whole thing, right? This is the first year my husband and I didn’t do that. Instead, we chose a word. And I’ve been doing the word for a while, but I used to do the word and then some. Guess what? I’m tired. I have decision fatigue. I have…

I have the need for more laughter. I have the need for more fun and I have the need for more rest. And my word for 2024 is euphoric. I want more excitement. I want more joy. I want to see how happy I can get. My vision for motherhood this year is to laugh more, is to work less, and to be more present, but just really be happy with my son.

Really be happy in my marriage and really be happy with myself. And if you look at our glass, like half full, yes, we were very happy. We’re very stable. We’re very in love. We’re in love with, you know, we love the three of us love each other. But there still can be some improvements. So is this new year mean new fertility? I don’t think so. What I think it could be is getting more in alignment with yourself.

And choosing you first. And in that, that will give you new fertility. That will give you a new you because once you start honoring yourself and you start putting yourself first and you start making decisions that are going to be the things that are in alignment for you, that’s when your womb opens. That’s when your world opens. That’s when your world changes. That’s when your personality flourishes. That’s when…

Conversation shift, you start to see different miracles present just popping up in your life. And the best way to honor yourself is just choosing the word, not what should the word be, what do you want more of? And if you had to choose knowing a word that was, if your success was inevitable, your fertility was inevitable.

How would you be spending your days and how would you spend your 2024 preparing for that baby? So your fertility is inevitable. Your happiness is inevitable. Your career and money is inevitable. What would you do differently? What would you be planning differently? Who would you be spending time differently?

And then what kind of rebirth would start to begin? What kind of rebirth would happen for you? What passions and hobbies and how would you spend your time if you knew your fertility was inevitable this year?

Because I believe it can be. This is your sign.

The greatest success stories I have are when people start to ascend into who they are, start living again, because with infertility, we tend to stop living. Because infertility and all of the emotions that come with it is very much consuming, and nobody sees that unless you’re going through it. And a lot of people don’t know how to handle that.

You know, if you speak to them and they’ve never gone through, if they’ve never gone through a loss or if they’ve never gone through, you know, with the IVF shots or the hormones or the invasive procedures, they don’t know how to relate.

So my friend this year, the Voltaire. So accept the inevitable, let go of the past and welcome a rebirth to begin. I’m excited for a rebirth. I think it’s been happening for a while. Over the Christmas break, I redid my entire website. I am a talented web designer. I’ve done quite a few websites.

I have upgraded our Make-A-Baby membership and added some new features. I have…

Oh, just done so many things. Podcast planning, we have 12 guest episodes already recorded. They’re going to be starting to be released on Friday, all scheduled. And our podcast editor is a dynamite. She is so wonderful and she’s been working really hard. So the other thing we wanted to talk about was the vision for vision casting. Of motherhood for twenty and twenty four.

Now, now that you have your word, mine’s euphoric, how does this cast your vision for motherhood? For me, my son is seven now, he’s the first Reiki baby. This means us being outside as much as possible, us not on screens very much, us, we are both doing bullet journals, so I see us going to coffee shops and doing bullet journals.

I see us actively doing more STEM projects. We’re doing a hydraulic hand. It’s a STEM activity. Doing a lot more like hands-on stuff and connecting more. I wanna be curious like him. He’s very funny. And I just wanna spend time doing the things that he’s interested in and being more kid-like. I mean, I’ll be the adult, but.

I’m going to do more of the things he does. And over with my business, leaving corporate two years ago, we’ve done, it’s been a lot of me working late nights, building teams, running two businesses. And it’s been a lot more work time than necessarily family time. And now we’ve reached a point in our businesses where I can spend more family time and just balance out the work.

So for me, if my success is inevitable, my healing is inevitable, and my success and my relationship with my son is inevitable, I want to be outside more. I want us to be exploring more. I want us to have more moments with friends. I love spending time with the moms I’ve met at his school.

I have a couple friends here in Omaha. I love having him feel safe that we all can go to the park together and sit. I love going on long walks with him and the puppies. I love being his room mom. I’m the coordinator for his school room, his classroom. And I wanna spend more time with my husband. I want, we go on date nights and I really relish in them. I really savor them.

And the conversations and the memories that we build on, those nights are so different than they are when we go out to eat as a family or if we’re here at home. So for me, I want to see how happy I can get. And if it’s inevitable that I’m gonna get there, I can relax, my nervous system relaxes. So for you, I would love for you to share with me.

The first line in the show notes is Ask Carolina Anything. This is given to us by SpeakPipe. It’s a free service that you’re not sponsoring me. And you can leave me a 90 second voice note by clicking that link. Let me know what your word is for the year. And you could be listener the week next week and we’ll be giving away prizes. Also, let me know how you’re gonna cast your vision for motherhood. How are you gonna feel? What do you wanna be feeling?

What do you want your baby to feel? What do you want to feel during your pregnancy? What do you want to feel when you have a positive pregnancy test? What do you want to feel when you are in your postpartum? All of that can happen in 2024. What are we, what’s your vision? For me, everything’s about emotions. Cause that, I mean, we have a car, we have puppies, we have a house, we have family, but I want to feel things that are different.

I want to feel like I also want more peace in your fork. So, you know, just in every decision that I make is going to be in line with that word in the vision. If I want more free time, how can I simplify my life? Every process, every decision, every hire, every system that I do in my business and our life, it has to be simple. I even told my husband what I’m gonna do and I’m gonna get.

All these shirts made, this is my old logo, and I’m gonna wear the same shirt every single day. I have a decision fatigue, something bad. So I don’t wanna make any more decisions. I don’t want to have to think about what I’m gonna wear, especially since I work from home and I’m a content creator all day, I might as well just wear my logo. So you might be seeing, it might be kind of weird though, some of my logos have my face in them.

So it’d be weird to wear my face on a shirt. I gotta figure that out because I can’t wear my face on a shirt. That’s just too weird. Or walk around Walmart with my face in the back. Like can you imagine if I had like my podcast cover art in the back of my shirt and I was just walking around Walmart? It’s not weird. Anyway, I think it’s weird. But that just goes to show like ways that I can bring happiness. You can get happiness and joy from making things simple.

And what brings me happiness and joy is going to be different than sharing down the street or Megan or whatever. Because my life circumstances and how I live my life and my values and my beliefs are very different from another person’s. Where I like things very simple and I want to wear the same thing every single day. I bet you that would drive someone else nuts. Or if they couldn’t find their makeup bag, they wouldn’t come on and record. Red lipstick.

Is nice to have. My voice is everything. You’re here because of my words, not because of my lipstick. So, but those are just some pointers. Like those are just some, and we’re all different. It doesn’t make it right or wrong, one right and one wrong. It’s just, that’s not it. It’s just different points in our journey and I’m learning different lessons than the next person and you’re probably learning a different lesson than me. But with our words,

Every decision that we make are words for the year.

What decisions you want to make so that you feel in alignment with that word. So you cultivate more of what you want. You don’t have to have it all figured out. You don’t. It’s one day, just the beginning of the year. We have many more days. And honestly, if you had it all figured out, good, kudos to you. But guess what? You’re gonna live many lifetimes this year, and you’re gonna have very high

Victories and you’re going to have many miracle moments and those things are not planned out. Those things are life’s best pleasures and treasures and I’m excited to be here with you. So until next time my friends, let the Reiki flow.

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