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Welcome back to the Make A Baby Podcast! 🎙️

I’m your host, Carolina Sotomayor, and today’s episode, number 111. In this episode, I reflect on the year 2023 and guide listeners through a womb clearing meditation. I encourage listeners to let go of what no longer serves them and celebrate their wins from the past year.

I emphasize the importance of trusting oneself and shares my own experiences of growth and success. This episode concludes with next steps for listeners to engage with the Make a Baby community and provide feedback or topic requests.


  • Reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t worked in the past year
  • Release what no longer serves you and make space for new experiences
  • Celebrate your wins and acknowledge your growth
  • Trust yourself and your ideas for the future

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Podcast Episode Transcript

Welcome back to the Make a Baby podcast. I’m Carolina Sotomayor, your podcast host and Reiki Womb Healer. This is episode 111, the end of 2023, Reiki Womb Clearing. What a year it has been. This will be the 69th episode that we’re publishing this year. We’ve reached 41 countries, and we’ve had over 4,000 downloads, and we couldn’t have done this without you. So our listener of the week is you.

Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for making all of my podcast goals come true. Thank you for joining our free Facebook community. Thanks for joining the Makeup Baby membership and also for the few select you that have joined the headquarters. Thank you so much for joining that. I literally exist and I’m living my life mission through this podcast and through my programs of helping women conceive with Reiki and change entire family lineages.

Entries by ending ancestral patterns and traumas and healing our wombs. Our wombs are the most important part of us as women. It is where our soul resides. It’s how we feel safe. It’s how we operate in the world. It is an extension of our divinity and our divine feminine in our ability to speak and feel and share and receive.

It’s not just creating life. Your womb and the work that we do is so important and it’s literally changed my life and it’s changing the lives. And the work that you do will be forever changing who you are for the better. So for 2023, let’s talk about it. It’s the end of the year. So what does that really mean? What do we need to reflect upon? So I wanna first reflect on

What is working for you in 2023 and what hasn’t worked for you in 2023. First of all, what do you want to let go of? There might be people, there might be places, things, emotions, there might be memories, there might have been some things that have happened, and you’re like, I’m ready to let go of this. And that readiness is actually the key secret ingredient to healing, is your readiness to change things.

Readiness for things to be different so that you’re ready to receive the new things. But first, before we receive and do the womb blessings, we have to do a womb clearing. So that’s what this call is all about. This podcast episode, we are in Mercury retrograde. It is December 27th. And so we’ve had Christmas in Mercury retrograde. We’ll have New Year’s in Mercury retrograde. So Mercury retrograde is not to be feared. It is your time to…

Do internal healing, it’s your reminder to show up for yourself and let go of the things that no longer serve you. So what do you want to let go of in 2023? What are you ready to release in 2023? For me, I have grown so much and I’ve become so confident and so powerful within myself and more secure and both my husband, myself, my son, where we say no more.

That’s to our family members, to friends, that’s even to each other. The word no in saying, no, I don’t want to do that in honoring ourselves is a much bigger piece of our lives than we’ve ever done before. We’ve said no to Thanksgiving. I have changed so much that also my friendships have been impacted. I have fewer friends. I had a friend of 15 years that is no longer in our lives. But also

I look at everything as what is the lesson that the universe and God is giving me in this moment? What am I supposed to be doing because I believe at my core, everything is working for my highest good and miracles are flooding my life. Also in 2023, what was a major win for you? What was a blessing? What was a joy for you in 2023? What were the emotions you felt when these amazing things came into your life?

I want you to hold on to them because they’re going to be really important for an upcoming episode when we cast our vision for 2024. For me, some amazing emotions. For me was I felt victorious. I felt elated when we rebranded. I felt whole. I was like, wow, I really birthed this new rebranding in May. They used to be called the Carolina Sotomayor podcast, but I’m not Oprah.

So nobody knows who I am except a few people on the internet in my little corner of the world. So it didn’t really make sense for if you follow SEO or search engine optimization or for keywords to have the podcast with my name on it. It wasn’t very searchable. So I changed it and I changed my entire brand to Make a Baby. And this is Make a Baby podcast, Make a Baby membership and now the headquarters, which is our 90 day program.

So I felt whole, like this was my creation. It was my idea. I executed it. Actually, I executed the rebranding single-handedly, did the artwork myself, recorded the intro when my virtual assistant was on maternity leave. So it was like, I’m gonna do that. And I did it outside of a coach. I always have a coach of some sort, either in podcasting or business or in financial planning. I always have a coach for something. I’m a coach junkie. I love…

To grow, I’m a huge self-development fanatic. I love that so much. So for me, I felt whole because this was my idea. I didn’t hesitate with it. I knew this is what I needed to do. There was discernment in my decision. And I love that for me because not everything is super clear in life, right? Not everything is super, yes, I should do that and I’m gonna do it and nothing’s standing in my way.

It was the best decision because from that point on, the podcast started to become profitable. The podcast was easily found by more listeners. We had less than a thousand downloads from May of last year till February of this year of 2023. And now we’re ending this year with just under 5,000 downloads. So that has quadrupled.

So at least then some. So when you have an idea, or like what I want to say is, when you have a feeling that was really good, let’s reverse engineer that. Who are you with? What did you do? What actions did you take from that idea? So you can replicate it. So for 2024, I’m going to trust myself so much more than I did in 2022 and 2023,

I have evidence now that my ideas are super profitable and they’re aligned and they’re fantastic and people like my ideas. So for you, what was a moment in 2023 that was amazing? What did you feel? What was that the result of? What were you working on? What was your behavior? And what are the things did you believe?

While you were doing those things to get the end result where you felt amazing and that you were super proud of.

Sometimes we forget how amazing we are. We forget how strong we are or how powerful we are or how smart we are or how brilliant we are.

Not anymore. In 2024 you’re going to shine. 2024 is your year.

Okay, so the next thing is.

Are you ready to release what no longer serves you in 2023? Are you ready to hold on to the things that you are celebrating and that you did celebrate in 2023? I’ll give you a second to decide.

Together, what we’re gonna do now is we are going to do a womb clearing. And a womb clearing is just a short meditation. We’re gonna cut cords, we’re gonna cut and clear out anything that was no longer serving you in 2023. So this is gonna be a very short meditation, no music, just me and you.

So if you’re listening to this to the car, I want you to pause this. I want you to make sure that you are still in safe in a quiet place.

And I’m going to do Reiki on you and your womb and we’re gonna bite in your spirit baby. So again, I do not want you to be listening to this if you are in the car or if you are not sitting or lying down, your safety is of utmost importance. Okay, so I’m going to start by asking you to please close your eyes and we’re gonna take some womb breaths. Womb breaths are breathing in through your nose.

And pushing that breath down to our wombs for a count of two, three, four, and then we exhale through our mouths. We’re gonna do three of those breaths, and then we’re gonna start with the womb clearing. Okay, go ahead and breathe in through your nose. Allow that to go over your head and down your spine, into your womb for a count of two, three, four.

Now exhale through mouth two, three, four.

Beautiful breath number two, in through your nose. Allow that to go over your head and down your spine, into your womb for a count of two, three, four, and exhale, two, three, four, beautiful. Last breath, in through your nose. Allow that breath to go over your head and down your spine, into your womb for a count of two.

Three, four, and exhale, two, three, four.

I call on Archangel Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel.

Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus and Quan Yin to cast a container of love and light. Anything that isn’t for your highest good may not enter. I ask for this healing to be for this lifetime, all past lifetimes, all future lifetimes. We ask for this womb healing to be complete and absolute and not layered. Our intention for this healing is to clear out all things that no longer serve us.

And our journey to become mothers from this year and all years prior.

We are here to release memories, feelings, entities, residual feelings known and unknown that no longer serve us, our fertility or our pursuit of motherhood. We wish to hold on to all the celebrations, high vibrations, great memories and positive emotions going into 2024.

We are ready to leave behind the shame, the blame, the guilt, the fear, the worry.

The abandonment, the neglect, the anger.

The nervousness, the confusion, the waiting.

The self-sabotage, the self-loathing, the feeling of powerlessness.

The feeling of not being enough or unworthy. The feeling of brokenness, misery, anger.

We are ready to release those things and we’re ready to let them go.

Go ahead and take another deep breath in through your nose. Allow that to go over your head and down your spine. Into your womb for a count of two, three, four, and exhale. Two, three, four. Mother Earth is at the bottom of your feet. Ready to receive all that you’re ready to release.

You are powerful. You are lovable.

You are complete and whole. You are fertile.

And the world stands with you in your fertility entering 2024. We are gonna take three deep breaths and on the exhale, you’re going to push out all that you’re ready to release in 2023 and Mother Earth is going to receive it and transmute it back into love and put it back into the ground.

Are you ready to release?

Perfect. Okay, take in the deepest breath that you can. Breathe, breathe, expand those lungs. And now we’re gonna push out, release, breathe out, breathe out, breathe out. Mother Earth is receiving all that you’re gonna release. Fantastic. We’re gonna do this two more times. Breathe in, expand those lungs, expand.

And breathe out, releasing what no longer serves us. Perfect. And breath number three, breathe, breathe in. Perfect. And we’re releasing the less, the rest of 2023, what no longer serves us and our fertility out through those feet. Beautiful. Mother earth is going to take those emotions and feelings and memories.

Places and things and relationships, transmute them into love, put them back into earth.

We ask our spirit baby to step forward. We ask our angels to step forward. And we’re gonna go ahead and replenish and rebalance those chakras.

You are divinely guided. You are trustworthy. And allow that reiki to flow through every chakra. You are a fantastic communicator.

You give and receive love well. You are competent, capable, and love yourself. You are creative, worthy of love and pleasure.

And you are the strongest person that you know. And you are complete and grounded in who you are, living the most abundant stable life of anyone you’ve ever seen. I send back all of our ascended masters, ascended masters, our spiritual team, our spirit babies, our loved ones, and Mother Earth, and I close this container with love, light, and gratitude.

When you are ready, you can bring awareness to your fingers and toes and bring awareness to your eyes. Take a few moments to journal, take a drink of water or tea. Make sure you drink enough water.

And you are loved. You are a complete human being. And in 2024, in our next episode, we’re going to invite in more of what we want in 2024. I ask you to take the time to go to the show notes and join our Facebook community. It’s the Reiki Baby Movement. It’s our free Facebook community. And I’ll be starting to go live starting next Monday, every day at four o’clock.

You are so important to me. And if you have requests or have an episode you want me to do a topic on, send me a DM on Instagram or on the first line of the show notes. It says Ask Caroline Anything. That is our speak pipe where you can leave us a 90 minute voice note letting me know your thoughts about this episode or requesting a topic for me to cover.

Until next time, my friends, let the Reiki flow.

End of 2023 Reiki Womb Clearing


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