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Have you ever considered that your fertility journey is meant to be an opportunity to embrace life fully, rather than putting it on hold?

In the pursuit of conception, many women find themselves feeling stuck, anxious, and waiting for that positive pregnancy test to bring them joy. But what if you’re missing precious moments and opportunities along the way?

The common mistake here is the belief that once you’re pregnant, everything will be okay, and life can resume. However, this belief can cost you missed opportunities for joy and raise your vibration throughout your journey. Carolina Sotomayor shares a powerful Reiki-infused message on how you can break this cycle and experience more joy and vitality during your fertility journey.


  • The importance of embracing life during your fertility journey.
  • How waiting for a pregnancy to bring happiness sets you up for disappointment.
  • The consequences of not living in the present.
  • How dating yourself and your partner can improve emotional intimacy and connection

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DISCLAIMER: This episode is not a substitute for professional medical care but aims at relaxation and stress reduction to support natural healing. Reiki complements, never replaces, medical care. Carolina is not a licensed healthcare provider; always seek appropriate professional help for physical and mental health. Individual results may vary.

Podcast Episode Transcript

Welcome back to the Make a Baby podcast. I’m Carolina Sotomayor, podcast host and expert Reiki womb healer. This is episode 101. Here’s some fertility Reiki magic. So this is my download. I sat and meditated and I got the download for my spirit guides. And here is my biggest takeaway that I’m seeing as a collective.

And this is your reminder. This is meant for you if you’re trying to conceive. You’re not living enough and when we’re trying to conceive, life gets put on hold when we’re trying to get ready for IU, IUI, IVF. There are so many things that go into it. Shots, medication, doctor’s visits, conversations. It all becomes Just steps that we’re moving through, but this is your reminder that during this process, whether it’s before or during, I need you to come to life, because you’re about to make a life, and I need to remind you that you are still living life.

But I need you to really live it, and not just go through it, because you deserve that. And the mistake that we’re making is that we’re missing out on opportunities where we can raise our vibration, where we can make new memories, we can bring in more joy. And. The reason why I see a lot of women who just stop living when they’re trying to conceive and when they’re going through fertility treatments Or they’re even trying to do it naturally.

It’s based on this belief that an unconscious limiting to believe that Once I get there once I get pregnant, I’ll be okay that I can start I can I can do things again When I get pregnant, it’ll all be okay when I get pregnant I’ll be able to breathe when I get a positive pregnancy test. There’s one thing is that the destination is just a moment.

The majority of the time you’re on the journey. So we’re setting ourselves up for failure. Let’s once… Once I get there, once I get pregnant, it’ll all be okay. So the anxiety, once you get pregnant, doesn’t go away. It’s, it just shifts. So, and the worry, it changes. But it’s still there. So, what is this really costing you when you have this limiting belief?

There is a consequence. There is a consequence for missing moments. There’s an, there’s missed opportunities of Where you can raise your vibration, like I said, where there are going to be long periods of time where you’re feeling lost or even stuck or paralyzed. If you keep with this habit and I see it, so then with Reiki, what happens is women are able to cut this cycle and we’re able to find ways for them to bring in more joy and to find joy on the journey every day, instead of the hope that once they do get pregnant, everything will be okay.

The number one way that we like to do this. are date nights. It’s not just dating your partner. It’s dating yourself. That’s what I said. Dating yourself. Because when you go on a date with yourself, there’s something about the calmness, the confidence, the power, and the strength to sit at a table for one, order for one.

You could be journaling. You could scroll on TikTok. You could just be simply enjoying your food. Um, you could read your favorite book. It is your time to be with yourself and there’s something, there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. When you go to a restaurant and you’re intentionally spending time with yourself and you’re dating yourself, big girl boss power move because a lot of people fill their days.

With other people, other conversations, social media, because they can’t stand to be alone with their own thoughts. You’re not that girl. You’re not that woman. So the number one thing is date yourself, then date your partner. Because the conversations when you do date your partner are different on date than they are in the house.

Because when they’re in the house, it’s logistics, it’s chores, who’s doing what, who’s picking up who, bills, that kind of thing. And when you go into different environments, you’re gonna be, they’re gonna turn conversations in really great ways. Oh my god, look at that painting. It’s amazing. Or, there was a restaurant.

I don’t think it’s open anymore, but we had talked about going there one time. They closed abruptly. It was a brewery. underground in a cave in a local city here. And I thought, oh my goodness, wouldn’t that be so crazy to go and like have dinner? You have to like go down like three flights of stairs to get, or you can take an elevator in this cave.

There’s a brewery and it’s lit up. It’s super cool. It’s just like, can you remember, like, can you imagine the memories that you could have if you go to eat at a restaurant with your partner? The conversations are definitely gonna be different, especially if you’re having them in a cave. So, uh, I totally recommend this because sometimes depending on the date, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it might be cheaper than therapy.

So if you date your partner, I think it’s, um, um, It’s a sure way to make sure that, um, you’re going to stay emotionally connected. That’s going to increase emotional intimacy, and that’s also going to increase things in the bedroom, and also make sure that your libido, that you are more connected to your partner.

Now, this way, I know this works. One, because it works for me, and it works for In almost all of my coaching clients, we had one member who, um, this helped one of our make a baby members who had been told there was nothing wrong with her and there was no reason why she wasn’t getting pregnant. Uh, we did a one on one Reiki session together and her womb was open.

And, but I noticed, I was like, you have no joy. Your frequency is craving more joy, more fun, more play. Um, and she admitted she had stopped experiencing life. Um, so I said, why don’t you just start dating your husband? When’s the last time you went on a date? When’s the last time you did something fun?

When’s the last time you like laughed and went out to dinner? So she. She did that for two months and she got pregnant and Now she is three weeks away from her due date. And so shout out to Jessica. Whoo

So we got a little Reiki baby there so your connection to your husband or your partner It’s super important, but also to yourself. So when you are dating yourself You’re are setting the intention to invite in things to invite in better conversation better connection You’re curious to see what’s going to happen.

You’re curious to see what the person’s going to say when you’re dating yourself You’re gonna be curious Is it what kind of thoughts you’re gonna have? sometimes when you’re sitting alone at a table people are gonna come up to you if you’re sitting alone at a bar and you, you might strike up a conversation with people and you never know what you’re going to encounter.

So it’s super interesting, but also that can lead to inspirations. Also, if you’re curious about something, you should follow that. Your soul gives you hints of things you should do. They’re going to be for your highest abundance and therefore your highest optimization for your fertility, because when you are creative, When you’re curious and you follow those curiosities, it keeps your womb open and it strengthens that chakra, which is the sacral plexus chakra.

So I would invite you to, while you have your phone out, I want you to go ahead and head over to Instagram, since you’re listening to my voice right now, and I want you to follow me at the Carolina Sotomayor. I’d love to hear from you. And I always reply to all my DMs and send me a voice message, let me know what you thought about This fertility Ricky magic.

And if you’re going to date your partner, if you’re going to date yourself, where are you going on your date? I want to know because right after this podcast, I’m going on a date with my husband and I’m so excited. I don’t even know where we’re going. It’s his turn to plan. So also I want to invite you.

You can go to the show notes. And every Monday at four o’clock, you can join me for a free Facebook live. We’ve created this beautiful community called the Reiki Babies Vortex, healing your womb movement. It’s my free community, um, all over there on Facebook. And you can connect to other women who are trying to conceive and all the way through postpartum we’re serving you from conception all the way to postpartum.

And coming up next week. We are going to be talking about the silent killer that’s blocking your fertility. That’s what’s coming up next week. Until then friends, let the Reiki flow and I’ll see you then.

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