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Have you ever wondered if your fertility journey is not just about having a baby but the beginning of a profound spiritual awakening?

Many women on the path to motherhood face the pain of infertility, the disappointment of treatments, and the weight of trauma. It can feel like an endless struggle with no clear answers.

But what if we told you that this challenging journey could be the key to a spiritual awakening? Join Carolina Sotomayor as she uncovers the hidden spiritual dimension of fertility, exploring how your struggles might be the path to a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe.


  • How a spiritual awakening can be triggered by significant life events, including fertility struggles.
  • The importance of questioning and seeking answers to find meaning in your fertility journey.
  • The concepts of reawakening and the dark night of the soul, and how they offer opportunities for growth.

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Podcast Episode Transcript

Welcome back to the Make a Baby podcast. This is episode 96 is your fertility journey the start of your spiritual awakening. We’re gonna break this down and I am so excited because this is actually something I am seeing across So many of my clients and in my community. So but before we start I want you to go ahead and Go ahead and go to Apple Podcasts or Spotify and I want you to leave us a five-star rating and review.

Every review helps us reach more and more listeners and recently you’ve been ranking top 500 in some countries, top 50 in Canada, top 50 in the United States. So every review and every download and every listen helps. So thank you so much for helping us reach all of those milestones. We’re on a special week.

this week. We are posting one episode every day this week on our journey to episode 100. And we couldn’t have made it this far without you. So thank you for being a part of this journey. Thank you so much for being here. We’re so grateful for you. So let’s dive in. What is a spiritual awakening? A spiritual awakening is often misunderstood by and is often dismissed.

So what I really want you to understand is That this, it comes after a profound sense of connection to your higher self, greater than your higher self, a higher power, the universe. And a spiritual awakening is, is, is essentially that an awakening within yourself that didn’t exist before. But what causes a spiritual awakening?

In my experience, this comes when there’s significant trauma, when there is. Um, death in my case, once the loss of my dad, it spurred my spiritual awakening. So, um, in the case of fertility. There are so many aspects of fertility that a lot of people don’t talk about and how fertility can lead you to have trauma.

If you’re going the IVF route, there are certainly painful, um, you know, medications, injections. But also, like, if you do the pharmaceutical route, if you take Clomid, there could be trauma from taking that medication. There are significant side effects that are very physical. But also then, there’s potential loss.

So if you’re going through a fraternity journey, most women are struggling with so many different things with their body not working the way it’s supposed to, they could have lost a baby, they could be struggling to have their period restored or have a consistent period that might be having hormonal changes.

So there are so many aspects that could cause trauma. But overall, when you’re trying to conceive and it’s not happening naturally and it’s not happening with ease and flow. Then that’s a disappointment and those emotions can be messy and they can be really complicated. So I think it’s really important to understand that a lot of women now as our consciousness, as a collective, as a community, as the world, our vibration is increasing.

Your fertility journey, very much, very Well could be the start of your spiritual awakening or you might be already in it and not be aware of it so a spiritual awakening is is definitely going to happen after something significant has shifted you and Changed you and that’s gonna come from Usually something bad.

Um Usually something negative where you’re like I’m done with this Um, patterns and connections that you like previously overlooked. You’re like, no, I don’t want to do this anymore. I need more answers. So with this spiritual awakening comes an increased heightened awareness for wanting of answers, asking the question, why, why is it like this?

Why do we do things this way? Why does it have to be this way? Is there a better way of doing it? And you start to ask yourself, what is the meaning? of all this? What is the meaning of this particular choice? What’s the, what is the meaning of us doing it this way? Why am I struggling with this? What is the cause of this?

And ultimately, when we are asking these questions, I always like to, to encourage people and recommend is to ask what is the lesson I need to receive in this moment? What is it that I need to accept right now in this moment so that I can expand, grow, and have my breakthrough? The reason why A lot of people get stuck in their spiritual awakening is they don’t ask that question.

They don’t ask, what do I need to learn? What do I need to accept? And what do I need to Know to have my breakthrough once you have the breakthrough you have their awareness. You have accepted what is happening. You’ve accepted What is the lesson and then you can move forward with the breakthrough then you get to the other side of it So now when it comes to fertility, this is so specific with a spiritual awakening you’re looking for meaning you’re looking for answers and It’s quite possible your spiritual journey is the start of your awakening or it may have happened before your fertility journey I did get a question recently can spiritual wakenings happen more than once?

Yes, they can we call it like a Reawakening or some people might call it a dark night of the soul, which are kind of different, but they’re very similar A reawakening is basically a deepening of an awareness or, uh, a deeper healing that needs to happen. Um, Significant changes have to be made, um, so that you can have a deeper sense of purpose and more positive changes can come through.

Um, A Dark Night of the Soul is really when we’ve, that specifically most people I know that have had Dark Night of the Souls, I’ve had a few of them, is when you feel like every corner is on fire of your life. And it’s like a deep depression, a deep anxious period of time, and you are really going through it and you’re like, how am I going to get out of this?

And you really are forced to sit with your emotions and you’re forced to sit with, okay, I made these choices, I don’t understand them. It’s not necessary that you made bad, bad decisions. It just could be like you’re going through it. I remember I went through a dark night of the soul probably two years ago and it lasted about three months and it was a really difficult time and I had shed a lot of friends.

I had shed a lot of belief systems and I had let go of everything that was causing me stress and I shifted. Um, I even like got a new business coach and I changed even a lot of how we operate in the online space and it really altered how I operated as a person, how I connected to people. So. A dark night of the soul and a reawakening is not necessarily meant to break you or a lot of people believe that like, Oh my goodness, that’s gonna break me.

No, it’s like, what do you need to learn at this moment? The older I get, the more I realize how little I know. And that humbles me. I, but I’m always seeking to know more. I’m always seeking to know… Why as much as I can I’m a curious person and I accept faults and I make mistakes just like anyone else But with our awakenings, we also develop a higher consciousness We start to see how things are connected We start to see how the world around us is connected how one person led to one Conversation that led you to somewhere else that led you to where you are now and you start to see How one’s self is operating in the world amongst this web of relationships.

It’s really beautiful. With me and my spiritual awakening, my father had died and that spurred a wanting to know more about the spirituality. Death is a very bizarre thing. Grief is a very confusing and bizarre thing. What happened after my dad died was I was seeking to speak to him. I didn’t understand how a person went from Being able to speak every day on the telephone to not being able to speak at all.

And I really, really wanted to talk to my dad and have that connection. Um, I thrived off of it and it was something that my soul deeply yearned for. So I started taking meditation classes, learning about the spiritual side, because I didn’t know anything and church wasn’t helping. So I learned to become a medium.

And there’s a lot of gifts that come out of spiritual awakenings. I learned that I was a gifted medium. I learned that I was a gifted healer. I learned that there was more purpose in my life than my, my career that was literally sucking the soul out of me. I literally learned through my dad’s death what I was meant to do, which is this.

Help women conceive their babies with Reiki. And I took a long time, so my greatest advice, if you are going through your spiritual awakening and you are going through your fertility journey, have compassion for yourself. Not everything comes overnight. My father died nine years ago, so I didn’t instantly know how to channel.

I didn’t instantly know how to speak to him directly and not another entity. I didn’t know how to heal. I didn’t know that I could speak to. People who pass. I didn’t know that I could see inside wombs, but if you develop a practice of self-compassion, a spiritual practice, a mindful practice, meditation, cutting cords, maybe you’re pulling cards, you’re learning about patterns within yourself.

You certainly can develop higher consciousness that is going to be peaceful and more compassionate and healing of yourself. You’re capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. And The more that you have a higher vibration or higher consciousness, the easier it will be for you to connect to your baby.

So, with all of this, is your fertility journey the start of your spiritual awakening? It could be. For a lot of women it is and maybe that is not something we’ve really talked about before now If you are interested in talking about this further, please send me a DM on Instagram I would love to hear from you.

Come follow me at the Carolina Sotomayor. I’d love to know what you thought about this episode And also friends, I want you to go to the show notes where I’ve put a link in to the Reiki Baby’s Vortex. This is a healing your womb movement. This is my free community where I go live every Monday at 11 a. m.

Central Standard Time. Answer your questions and you can connect with other women who are wanting to get pregnant and heal their wombs. So, Next week, we’re going to be switching to one episode a week, but we have a present. As I said, this week we are publishing an episode every single day. So stay tuned to tomorrow and we are going to be having a beautiful step-by-step guide on fertility, womb, healing, and meditation.

So thank you so much for being here and I hope you have the best day. Let the Reiki flow.

Is Your Fertility Journey the Start of Your Spiritual Awakening?


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