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Ask yourself, why can’t you connect to your spirit baby? Are you feeling disconnected and longing for a deeper connection?

In this episode of the Make A Baby Podcast, host Carolina Sotomayor explores the common obstacles that may be preventing women who want to conceive from connecting with their spirit babies.

Discover the pain points and mistakes you might be making when it comes to connecting with your spirit baby, and find out how to overcome them and establish a profound connection.


  • The importance of being open and curious about receiving messages from your spirit baby.
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace your innate psychic abilities.
  • Practical tips for raising your vibration and creating a strong spiritual connection.

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Podcast Episode Transcript

Welcome back to the Make A Baby Podcast. This is episode 84. Why I Can’t Connect to My Spirit, Baby, I’m so excited because mediumship and connecting moms to their spirit babies is one of my favorite things to do in my whole aspect of my fertility Reiki career. It’s one of my favorite things I get to do.

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I’m thankful for her, her podcast, and for the way she and Reiki changed my life. Caroline is queen. Goodness gracious. It’s a little awkward when you’re reading these every week, but. I received that love and I’m so grateful that you’re getting something out of this podcast that actually is one of my greatest joys, is this podcast in my life and providing impact and value to your fertility journey and healing experience.

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So let’s dive in. What are some of the most common things that would prevent a person who wants to conceive from connecting to their spirit? Baby. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with you and you’re not doing anything wrong. There might be some changes we might deem to make, or there’s an explanation as to why.

If you’re trying to connect with them through dreams, mediumship, meditation, why is it not working? Why are they not sending signs? So ways that baby can communicate with you are through dreams are through numbers. Could be through also animals. It could be through repetitive messages. Maybe you hear from several different people.

The most common is people like maybe want to meditate and speak to them in that way, or you could also do intuitive journaling. But if you’re not having any of this happen, or you can use a person like myself and if those things are not happening, Let’s discuss why. The first thing is, are you open to receiving messages?

Most people are like, yes, but really, are you curious? But are you more fearful of what would be communicated? Sometimes that happens and then actually can block the messages. So your dominant feeling around these things are what I want you to pay attention to. So are you open to receiving messages? Most people say yes, but check in.

Are you scared in any way? And look at where that fear is and what it’s related to. What are your core beliefs around receiving messages or connecting to baby? Do you believe that you cannot? More than you can. So a lot of people who are trying to do it themselves or wanna develop this mediumship or this psychic ability, they still think like, oh, this is still something I’m trying to dabble in, I’m trying to do, but I don’t really know if this is something I can do.

So like they believe more that it’s not possible than it is. And again, look at your dominant feeling and emotion. That’s going to be an indicator of where you’re at. So most people believe that they’re not capable of doing this, but being a psychic in a medium, it’s a skill that anyone can learn because you’re born with these gifts.

But it is also a muscle. It has to be exercised, it has to be refined, it has to be practiced. So it’s not like. I’m a medium. He’s taken me many workshops. It’s taken me many years through. Also, several Ricky Attunements have allowed me for my spiritual gifts to be heightened and sharpened so, and also mentorship to understand what I need to do and what is.

Also ethical and boundaries and what are tendencies or spirit and things like that. So you can do this. Anyone can do this. I’m nothing special, but you can definitely do this. You just have to exercise it. But also, since this is a spiritual thing that you’re doing, trying to connect with your spirit, baby, do you see yourself as a spiritual being?

Have you ever considered that when you identify as a spiritual being, having a human experience, you then can open up your mindset and your thoughts to you being more than what you are right now, such as having lives before and having lives after, and have had experiences in between those lives. Have you considered yourself like anger being an existence beyond what you know right now?

When you open that up, it expands your vibration too to understand like it’s all about expanding in your vibration. The most common one is next. Your physical reality might be taking precedence over your spiritual experiences. Could be work motion, could be some drama with your in-laws. Could be stress.

Could be an argument with your spouse or your partner. You could be exhausted. You might have financial struggles right now. So your physical reality and your physical existence will always take precedence over your spirituality. So it’s quite possible that this physical stress or conflict or circumstance needs to be handled before you can get back to your spirituality or to the connection to spirit, baby.

It doesn’t mean that they’re not gonna wait for you, cuz they will, but you gotta handle your stuff and that’s okay. Happens to me all the time. The next one is, your vibration might be too low. Are you depressed? Are you worried? We have some people that are not able to ground yet, that they’re either stuck in the past or they’re stuck in the future and they’re super anxious over anticipating what has not happened.

What that’s actually doing is manifesting more of what they’re worried about. So with this, these are emotions that are lower frequency, lower vibration, and when you’re low and you’re not able to shake it off or cut cords with it so that you’re more hygienically clean energetically, like having good energetic hygiene, then that’s also gonna block your ability to connect or make it harder to connect or as clear.

I know when I’m tired. I’m moody and I’m kind of just grumpy. Then my ability to channel quickly, clearly get answers and very full statements from Spirit is impacted versus when I’m well fed, I’m hydrated. I’m grounded. I am an energetically clean conduit to receive messages through. It makes a difference.

I just mentioned this. Your bodies need to be grounded and cleansed, that you have five major bodies in your aura. You need to make sure that you’re balanced, that you’re grounded, that you’ve eaten your food. If you need to cut cords, sometimes you need to take a shower to rinse off the day. You know, grounding can also be done in the shower.

It’s an earth element. So make sure you’re energetically clean, physically clean. It is quite possible that with you might have other people’s energy on you that could be blocking you from connecting to your spirit, baby. So that means it’s why you need to be energetically clean. And that can be done doing a salt bath, cutting cords with Archangel Michael.

You can look at that on Pinterest or send me a DM on Instagram. We also have this inside the Make maybe membership. Shout out. You can check that and join in the show notes. And the next one is, this one’s the hardest one to accept. Your spare baby may not be ready to communicate. The best way to explain this is we can’t control who’s gonna come through and when and what they’re gonna say.

It’s not that easy. So when I do a mediumship, I can’t control who shows up. Sometimes we get a uncle or a brother that came through and they were trying to connect with grandma and. It’s really just up to who wants to come through and the interpretation of what they’re willing to give. Like sometimes they give full stories, sometimes they give hints and clues.

Sometimes it’s just fragments in like images. If we’re lucky to get that, there is sometimes where babies just don’t show up. But your guides will, someone will always show up, whether it’s your angels, your spirit guides. If the spirit baby doesn’t, I’ve never done a mediumship session or a Reiki session where somebody from your spirit team did not show up.

It’s always angels and spirit guides. Majority of my sessions, the spirit baby comes through. So what happens if the spirit baby doesn’t show up? What does that actually mean? It actually just means they’re not ready to talk. And if they’re not ready to talk, we just have to be patient. And it’s okay if they’re not ready to talk.

Sometimes you’re not ready to talk to someone. You just have to be patient. It also means that perhaps the answer that you’re looking for, you may not be ready to receive what they may have to say, and we never know what they’re gonna say. Sometimes those babies be spicy. And sometimes they’re really peaceful.

Sometimes they’re like really direct, but sometimes the answers that they give really surprise me and also the clients. So if a baby is not communicating with you or is not connecting with you, it does not mean that they’re not there or that they don’t want to come. It does not mean that. It just means right now you need to get back to basics, grounding.

Eating all your meals, drinking all your water, taking care of you, because that will be the quickest way to energetically cleanse yourself. Take care of yourself, which is what you’re supposed to be doing anyway, get you back to being a happier state. Get you back into a healing mode instead of survival mode.

It’ll also be the quickest way to open and raise your vibration in order to receive messages. Get back to basics. Basics could look like different from other people, but they should include rest, hydration, eating a shower, depending. If you’re a caffeine addict like myself, maybe you need a cup of coffee.

I remember when I was learning to become a medium and I was trying so hard to do this and move it faster and force it. I wanna be a medium now. It’s taken years. Years. I’ve been pursuing mediumship since 2014, fall of 2014, so it’s been nine years, almost nine years of workshops and certifications and mentorships.

So many mentors, coaches, courses, practice. I don’t even know what the number is now, back. In 2021, I had served 500 people thus far in my career. In almost every single session that I do has mediumship in it. I’m channeling in some way, and again, it is a skill that anyone can learn. It just determines what your beliefs are.

How determined are you to connect with a baby? How open are you ready to receive their messages? Because sometimes it’s random things or signs or a feeling, maybe it’s not a full sentence. It’s usually like a feeling that people will send. So if your baby communicates with you in dreams, they might just be walking on a beach towards you and you might feel a sense of peace or a lot of people meditate.

And if they’re doing like a meditation from the Make a Baby membership, the baby might speak to them in one of the Reiki guided meditations and have a healing experience that way. But again, it all starts with like what are you open to, what’s your vibration? And also being patient. So if you have questions about mediumship or if you want a Spirit baby session, shoot me a DM.

And we’ll get you scheduled. So before I let you go, my friends, I want you to go to the show notes and I want you to download the Womb to Dream Connection Sleep Meditation for connecting with your spirit baby in the show notes. This is one of the favorite Reiki guided meditations in the Make a Baby Membership.

Honestly, the Reiki guided meditations and the membership are some of the greatest things I’ve ever created. While you’ve got your phone open, assuming you’re listening to my voice now on your phone, go ahead and open up the Instagram app and come follow me at the Carolina Sotomayor. I’d love to hear from you.

I’d love to have a DM from you. I would love to know what you want me to do. Uh, Podcast episode on. Let me know what you wanna hear about or learn about. I will definitely send you a voice note back, and I want you to share this show with your friends who are trying to conceive. Let them know how Reiki can help them in their healing journey and help them have the babies that they’re wanting so badly.

And until then, let the reiki flow and I’ll see you back here next time.

Why I Can’t I Connect to My Spirit Baby?


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