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Alright, let’s tackle the ultimate conundrum: “When will I conceive?” Drumroll, please!

Here’s the not-so-secret secret: No fertility psychic holds the crystal ball of certainty. Yep, even our magical powers have limits! So beware of online scammers and questionable practitioners who claim otherwise. They’re about as reliable as a chocolate teapot.

As a reputable and compassionate healer, my mission is crystal clear: I’ll never add more fuel to the fire of uncertainty that already burns within you.

Now, here’s a little glimmer of hope: I do have the ability to channel and connect with your spirit baby. Together, we can explore and ask questions, hoping for some divine answers. Sometimes, those little beings graciously offer a timeframe. But if they don’t spill the beans, it means we’re just not ready for the big reveal.

But here’s something I know for sure: The more you focus on healing your womb, the closer you inch towards your conception dreams. It’s like sprinkling some magical baby dust on your journey!

So, here’s my sassy suggestion: Start by healing any lingering pain, traumas, or negative feelings from your fabulous early years. Trust me, it’s like hitting the jackpot of golden advice!

Get ready for an awe-inspiring exploration of self-healing and transformation. Share your own triumphs and epiphanies using #HealingJourney, and let’s cheer each other on through the ups and downs of the conception rollercoaster! 

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Carolina has served over 500 women from around the world to heal. She is passionate about helping women create their families. As a result, there are over 80 reiki babies in the world.

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You’re listening to the Make A Baby Podcast. This is episode 77, and today’s topic is the most popular question that I receive on a daily basis in client sessions in my membership and in TikTok. Comments and dms on Instagram. But before we get started, I want to do my favorite part of the podcast, which is Thank our listener of the week.

I want to thank Beth Hoen and she said, Powerful and informative and entertaining. I absolutely love this podcast. The topics are insightful and provide real actionable tips for anyone in the fertility space. Thank you, Beth Owen, so much for leaving this insightful and thoughtful review for us. And you too.

Please go ahead and leave us a five star rating and review. It supports our podcast so much and helps us continue to rank across the world and reach more and more people. So our topic is, when will you conceive your Reiki baby? Or when Will Will I conceive my baby? Number one question. However, the answer is tricky, and that is because it’s an impossible question.

I get this question all the time. If I’m on a TikTok live, when will I conceive? Will I conceive this cycle? The problem is that no one knows for sure. And no fertility Psychic knows for sure myself where we have now officially 80 Reiki babies. I found out we have two more. So we have officially 80 reiki babies.

I found out yesterday actually. So even as an experienced medium myself, an improven medium, I am only interpreting the messages I’m getting. Through my intuition from the other side, I’m interpreting messages from spirit, so, Is that without error? Nothing’s a hundred percent. It’s an interpretation and there are a lot of sacracies that can come with it, but is it a hundred percent all the time?

Absolutely not. So no matter how many fertility, psychics say that there are a hundred percent, it’s just not true. So nobody really knows this. Your doctor doesn’t know this for sure until like. Are you pregnant or are you not pregnant And you can take a test, so, but like when will you conceive it? It’s a million dollar question.

The hard answer is nobody knows a hundred percent sure. So the best way to approach this is to work with, if you’re going to ask the question and you are gonna work with someone, you need to make sure that this person is holding your heart. With kindness and ethics because with this impossible question, your heart is surrounding it.

Your heart’s on the line, and as an ethical reiki practitioner, Reiki master womb healer is my mission to ensure that I don’t cause you any more harm or hurt than you’ve already endured. So I’m not gonna promise you the moon and the stars. I can only give you what I can interpret and channel and what’s given to me in the session.

And sometimes in my client sessions, I don’t get the answer, and when we don’t get the answer I trust, and then for my training and my certifications, we’re not meant to have the answer at this time or just aren’t. So we will receive the answers in the wisdom. When we are ready to receive them, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you.

And I get that, well, what’s wrong with me? Why? I don’t get the answer. It’s just, right now they’re not giving it. And for me, the more that we can do to actively work on your womb with emotional healing with reiki, the more that we can. Look at your triggers, indeed trigger you and move you to a place of healing and femininity where you’re in your feminine and you’re in a healing state versus fight or flight the closer you are to conceiving, cuz that means your womb is open and you’re not reacting, you’re living.

So life is happening for you, not to you. And that state is very powerful, and that’s where we see the magic happen. That’s where we see miracles happen faster and quicker. So if we could reframe the question or what can I do to conceive faster? It would be to address any emotional traumas you have from your childhood.

That’s the golden nugget right there. It’s not a magical formula. Womb work is shadow work. Shadow work is the deep questions you’re asking your therapist, but you’re also removing it from your physical body tissues at the same time. So it’s not talk therapy, it’s the removing of the negative energy from all of your is at once.

Reiki allows you to strategically, efficiently heal. His a reiki energy. That high frequency energy will penetrate all layers of your being, and it transcends time and space so that you can heal. Sometimes it’s absolute, so it’s a one-time healing depending on the healing that happens and the volume and how much is released is very dependent on what your subconscious, which is your ego, your tissues, and what your soul is willing to let go at that moment.

I’ve had people like myself conceive after one Reiki session. I had one client that struggled with P C O S for nine years and conceived within three months of us working together. There was another client I worked with for two years and it took her two years to conceive naturally and without I B F or Clomid or anything like that, but she had a lot of emotional.

Things that she had to work through, through the passing of her dad, and also some trauma with some other family members. So the healing that you need to do for your womb is gonna be unique to you because nobody’s lived your life but you so, and the womb work is so worthwhile. You’re gonna become more resilient, stronger, more sure of yourself, and that is very helpful.

As you move through tough situations, you’ll move through them much more with ease. Instead of stricken in pain or maybe, you know, that painful pain you get in your chest when things don’t go just right. So I recommend starting healing with anything from your childhood or any pain traumas or negative feelings that are between ages zero to seven and also look to what is that you’re reacting to.

So, This would be where you want to focus on. So what you can heal to get closer to conceiving. All of these things are stored in your womb, and when we do these releasing of these emotions, it helps also balance your hormones. It helps balance and restore the regularity of your period. It helps improve.

The health of your period. It helps, uh, reduce cramping. It helps reduce clots. It helps reduce any fibroids. It helps bring all of those things that are prominent that you might have issues with. It reduces them, in some cases, can eliminate it. We had reduction in swelling and things of that nature with the help of reiki.

Reiki is never a replacement for medical treatment. Reiki is in addition to what you’re doing with your doctor. It never interferes with any fertility medical treatment plan that you’re doing. It only compliments it. It allows your vibration to increase, which allows healing to happen faster. So when will you conceive?

That’s a good question. Sometimes we can get the answer in a one-on-one session and we pull Oracle cards and I’m able to channel the baby a lot faster, but sometimes we don’t get the answer. So that’s my golden nugget advice is to heal everything that you can. That might be triggers between age to zero to seven, because that’s where most of our pain is rooted.

A lot of our symptoms are coming from, so, If there are any questions that you have regarding conceiving your baby, I wanna hear from you. Shoot me a DM on Instagram, the Carolina Suitor. I want to talk to you friends. I want you to download my sleeping meditation to connect to your spirit, baby in the show notes.

This is the favorite Reiki meditation in the Make A Baby Membership. It is so good. Everyone loves it. It’s gonna allow you to connect with your baby in your dreams, so you’re also manifesting this baby effortlessly. Also while you have your phone open, assuming you’re listening to my voice on your phone, go ahead and open up the Instagram app and shoot me a message and follow me at the Carolina.

So I will shoot you back a voice note and we can discuss what you want to hear, uh, for an upcoming topic on a future episode. Coming up next week on the show, we’re gonna be talking about the best way to have a baby naturally. Mm-hmm. And all the things that come in with it. So go share this show with your friends who are trying to conceive.

Let them know what’s coming up next week and invite them to tune in with you and learn how to conceive with reiki too. Until then, let the reiki flow and I’ll see you back here next time.

When Will You Conceive Your Reiki Baby?

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