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Have you ever wondered and dreamed what your future baby is like? Do you wonder what they have to say to you? 

In this episode, Carolina shares what your spirit baby wants you to know. As an experienced medium, she speaks about she connects mothers to their future babies, whether a person is trying to conceive or pregnant.

The biggest oversight I see in the infertility space is the lack of connection and invitation for the babies to communicate with their mothers before the souls are born. Connecting to the spirit babies allows their wisdom and wishes to be accounted for in planning for their arrival, including their birth into the world. 

If you are wanting a spirit baby, then this episode is for you!

What you’ll learn:
1:08 What is spirit baby?
3:30 What does baby want you to know about fertility?
4:45 How to heal emotional blockages?

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Carolina has served over 500 women from around the world to heal. She is passionate about helping women create their families. As a result, there are over 60 reiki babies in the world.

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Podcast Episode Transcript

Hi, I’m Carolina, your podcast host and expert wound healer. Over the past five years, I’ve served over 500 women to remove physical blockages in their bodies. We achieve this with Reiki. I believe healing doesn’t have to be done alone, nor should it be. We will hear stories of healing methods to heal with and guest speakers covering taboo topics you won’t hear anywhere else.

Let’s continue this journey of wound healing together.

Hi, I am Caroline, your podcast host and Reiki womb healer today. Before we dive into our topic, I want to thank you for being here and being a loyal listener. I would like you to take a moment out of your day and leave us at rating and review. I am so thankful that I get to spend every week with you talking about fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum en reiki womb.

So today’s topic is such an amazing topic, and it is, what does your spirit baby want you to know? This has been highly requested by a lot of my TikTok followers, and this is a hot topic that a lot of my work is centered around. So a spirit baby is the soul you’re going to conceive. Another term that’s often used, and I wanna clarify, the difference is an angel baby.

An angel baby is a soul that you may have lost in through pregnancy loss or miscarriage, but today we’re talking about spirit babies. Spirit. Babies are usually with the customers I’m working with who are wanting to conceive and wanting to get pregnant. So this is a conversation I often have on TikTok, and this involves, mediumship involves something called channeling.

And what that is is where I communicate with the spirit baby. They have it arrived here yet. and I am a conduit and I’m able to ask them certain questions and we’re gonna dive into that next, so that mom can have clarity and wisdom. The number one mistake I see in fertility is a lot of women or couples that are approaching fertility are approaching it from a very masculine way, meaning checklist, let’s get this done.

However, they’re not accounting for the spirit baby and their timeline and their wants, and. And timelines are important. You know, a lot of women have, I wanna have all these things before age 30, 35, even 40. But spirit, babies are on a different timeline and we need to speak with them to count for when are they gonna be ready to come.

Can save you a lot of money. Infertility treatments can save you a lot of time and disappointment in actually devastation when some things don’t work. And really is an appropriate way, a really strong way to approach even healing. So if you can talk to them, you can develop a relationship with them before they’re even born.

So when I’m working with a client and they wanna know what they need to know from spirit, baby, these are four the most common questions that I’ll ask. What does Spirit Baby want you to know about your fertility? What does Spirit baby want you to know about your womb? So like your physical womb and your energetic womb.

What does spirit baby want you to overcome? And news is usually the emotional or life obstacle that a person is facing and they need to move through. And sometimes this is also blocking their fertility. What does Spirit Baby want you to focus on? So essentially those are the most important questions that bring clarity to the client.

So what does baby want you to know about their fertility? This could be anything. It could be, you know, depending, we use Oracle cards when we’re doing this type of session. It could be that. Very close. It’s very near. Or that reflections needed, depending on what the card is and what the baby wants to say.

It could be really anything. What does baby want you to know about your womb? It could be that it’s open, it’s close, or it’s strong or it needs more healing. Or that maybe it’s not the mom’s womb, maybe it’s the dad’s womb. There’s dad need to fix any parental relationships. Does he need to heal any emotional wounds?

Because our approach is that. Behind infertility, there’s an emotional cause that’s causing the physical manifestation in your body that’s not allowing you to be pregnant, to fall pregnant easily. And that is some of those physical ailments could be P C O S, hormonal imbalances, problems with your tissues, endometriosis, anything.

However, behind every physical disease, There’s an emotional blockage. So what are we doing to heal that emotional blockage? And that’s where I come in. I help women do that. I help them heal those emotional blockages in their. And I can see them as my gift and we release it with reiki. So what are some issues that potentially a woman would need to overcome in order to conceive?

For example, mine was grief. I didn’t feel safe, and I had a hard time just processing and breathing all this grief. I had lost my dad and then my abuelo, my granddad died three days later, and then one year to the week. My horse died, my heart horse, and I live in Nebraska and this horse was everything to me.

And she died one year later, the same week of the anniversary of my dad’s death. So, and then I was a newlywed and I was trying to conceive and I essentially, my womb was blocked because of my grief. So, Anything related to emotions we wanna look at when you’re trying to conceive and how you’re handling them, how are you feeling them?

How are you releasing them? How are you sharing them, and how is that allowing you to either speak up and communicate them? So because you need to express them, are we keeping them or we’re releasing them and we want to release them. We wanna move through things and move on to better things. What does Spirit Baby want you to focus on?

Really, I want you to focus on. What is gonna make you feel safe? I don’t want you in fight or flight mode. I don’t want you in panic mode. I want you to be in your healing mode, where you feel safe, where you can breathe, where you can rest, where you’re allowing yourself to expand, take up space because Besty, if you don’t know it, you can take up space.

it’s number one thing that I always tell my clients. Take up space, ask the questions. You’re never a burden to anyone. So these are the points I hit in my readings in private sessions and on lives on TikTok. They’re questions my clients find peace with. They end up feeling grounded after the session and they’re tangible things that they can grasp onto when moments are hard and allows ’em to move forward and gives them goals to work.

So if you would like to book a session, head to the show notes or send me an Instagram direct message, and I would love to chat with you. So what is your spirit baby? Want you to know that they’re closer than you think that it’s not impossible, and don’t lose hope. And to ask. Ask for help. And if you wanna connect with your spirit, baby again, reach out.

I’m here for you. Thank you again for listening, and I can’t wait to connect with you next week. It was an honor to connect and serve you this week. If you were a spiritually curious person wanting to conceive, inhale blockages in your fertility, click the link in the episode description to learn more about the Fertility Foundation collective.

Until next time, my friend, know your love.

What Does Your Spirit Baby Want You To Know?


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