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In this episode, host Carolina Sotomayor and guest Dr. Beck Hoehn dive into the world of traditional Chinese medicine and its use for fertility and pregnancy. As a Chinese Medicine doctor and acupuncturist, Dr. Hoehn explains the differences between the two and what to expect when seeking treatment.

They cover a range of topics, including: the benefits of using Chinese Medicine as an alternative source of medicine, how it can help with fertility and pregnancy, and the best advice for someone who has never been to a Chinese Medicine doctor.

Join in as Carolina and Dr. Hoehn break down the mysteries of Chinese Medicine with their signature chemistry and humor, leaving you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of this ancient practice.

What you’ll learn: 
1:31 Get to know more about Dr. Beck Hoehn
7:28  Benefits of Acupuncture
10:05 Chinese medicine is not just acupuncture
17:16 Chinese medicine is not a religion
27:09 Can Acupuncture lift the uterus?

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Podcast Episode Transcript

Now is the perfect time to remove all blockages from your body with Reiki. That’s why I have created the Fertility Foundation Collective. We now have over 60 Reiki babies. To join, go to carolina soor.com.

Hi, I’m Carolina, your podcast host an expert wound. Over the past five years, I’ve served over 500 women to remove physical blockages in their bodies. We achieve this with Reiki. I believe healing doesn’t have to be done alone, nor should I be. We will hear stories of healing methods to heal with and guest speakers covering taboo topics you won’t hear anywhere else.

Let’s continue this journey of wound healing together.

Hi, I’m Carolina podcast host and Reiki Womb healer. So before we dive into today, I want you to take a moment to please subscribe, leave a rating, review for our podcast. It will mean the world to me. And if you have any questions, make sure to DM me at the Carolina Switch my. On Instagram. So today we’re talking to a guest that I’m super excited to.

This is Dr. Beck Hoen, and we’re gonna be talking about breaking down Chinese medicine for fertility in pregnancy. Dr. Hoen, thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for having me. I’m already having such a good time and we’ve only been talking for two minutes, so, uh, we know we’re best friends now.

We’re best friends now for sure. So, Dr. Hoen, where are you located and what is, what are you about? Who do you serve? What is your company? Tell me all the dets. Yes, so I have a brick and mortar, so an office. I’m an LA based fertility acupuncturist and herbalist. I’m on the east side of Los Angeles. I have a specialty in fertility, acupuncture.

I’m also on the board of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, and I have a doctorate in fertility acupuncture. So I’m really passionate about helping people navigate their fertility, so either through IVF and artificial reproductive. Technologies or naturally, I’ve been practicing for about eight years now, and now I’ve gotten to be able to move from people having their first babies with me and now we’re on to baby number two.

So that is, that’s incredible. Really exciting. , do you keep track of how many babies come from your practice? Oh yeah. We have a How many? A baby wall. So can you start a baby? We need a baby wall. Yeah. We have a thing called M mighty babies, and so they get a really adorable t-shirt when they’re born and a little flower arrangement.

And then the whole shtick is that people come in and they’re like, I want my baby on the wall. So they . We have 68 Reiki babies so far. I’m like, oh my goodness. So excited. But sometimes I used to do free circles, so sometimes they will just leave a comment and then they disappear. I’m like, but no, I wanna keep you forever.

I wanna serve you through pregnancy. Yeah, so I love t-shirts. They do. And it’s really funny, to your point about that, is that you do become part of the family, right? Because it’s just like such an intimate relationship. And it’s the same thing that what you do too, right? And so you’re changing the way that they’re being families.

You’re not just making a baby and then they are like, okay, we’ve got our baby. We’ll see you later. And it’s kind of, that part of the rollercoaster is kind of sad too, because you do miss people after a while. You get attached, you know, like you see. Frequently. Yeah. You get attached, attached their stories, attached, their bellies attached to, like with me, I’m able to connect them with their babies sometime before they even conceive them.

So I get to know this soul before they’re even in the womb. And then I, I practice in person at a chiropractor office for years, so then I got to know, Their babies after they were born. And I’m like, it’s such a trippy, wonderful, blissful experience to know the baby before they were born, while they were a womb.

Do reiki on the mother pregnancy, sometimes birth support. Postpartum and then like I’m watching this little, little two or two or three girl, I babysit one of the three key babies, . Oh, so great. He is ornery. I was like, all babies are good babies. But I, I was like, oh, . So my son was easy his, this one is, And I love every part of his ordering as he is fire.

He’s wonderful. So tell me, okay, so you are focused on fertility and pregnancy, so you serve them throughout. Can people get acupuncture and postpartum two from you? . Absolutely. So I’m so glad you brought that up actually, because Albe, I really, really concentrate on the trying to conceive space. We actually see our moms through labor preparation as well, and then postpartum for sure.

But I think one thing that came up when we were talking before is, which is really an interesting point, is like most people don’t know the on-ramp that you need to have a really, really, Conception space and conception set up, and then healthy pregnancy. Right. So ideally it’d be lovely if we saw people for six months before they even started trying to conceive, which is, I think people don’t really see the value of that.

But the herbs and the acupuncture are very, very powerful and we’re also instilling a lot of long-lasting life changes. And those take a long time to start kind of moving the boulder down the hill. So to. I think the preconception planning is actually super important. My concept with reiki runs very parallel to that.

I like to heal as much upfront before we even start trying, because then it’s gonna make everything else less complicated. It reduces less risk because promise that are stored that are unhealed can rupture. And I say the word rupture and disrupt because they will. Their faces, there are very ugly faces of trauma will make their faces known in your most vulnerable moments.

And that starts with trying to conceive. It starts when you’re actively trying to have that baby. And if you’re going through, if say if a person’s going through I U I or I V ivf, there’s hormones and needles and testings and frequent doctor visits and all of those things, you know, that leads you to be more vulnerable than.

I think it is a higher level of stress than if you’re trying to conceive naturally. I think there’s stress throughout the process, but if we can heal and make sure that you have either rituals or ways to cope with those things, cuz life’s gonna happen. I don’t care how spiritual you are, if you think life is not gonna happen to you.

That’s bullshit. Like shit’s still gonna happen to you no matter if you’re zenned out and you’re a monk or if like you’re meditating for five minutes a day, whatever, life is still gonna happen. So I think removing as much or det triggering a person as much as possible upfront before trying is. Actually one of the greatest things you could do when you’re creating your family and planning it.

I couldn’t have said that better myself. Actually, . So one of the things that acupuncture does really, really well in concert with herbal medicine is relaxing the nervous system and creating a sense of resiliency and coping before we’re going to be navigating. This really, really hard thing that women and men do together, couples do together, and as you know, it’s not always a piece of cake walk in the park, so to speak.

I mean, there’s a lot of factors that can be challenging to a couple. So just kind of creating that practice of resiliency and regulation before you kind of go into conception is so powerful and so helpful. Also, a lot of our listeners are same-sex couples that you ever treat. The couple too, or I mean, whether they’re same sex or hetero, it doesn’t matter.

But do you ever, like, do you just treat the person who’s conceiving or do you offer support to the spouse or partner? Absolutely. Absolutely. So yes, we offer a lot. We work a lot with couples. We usually have, like in office, what I normally do is I see the couple together. It’s almost like a ritual, but we do an exercise where we kind of write down everything that is holding the couple back.

Right. So you probably are kind of familiar with this exercise in your practice is just writing down every kind of reservation or fear. . There can be really, really basic ones like being afraid of the delivery room or being afraid of being a parent that they’re not proud of or they’ve had a bad experience with their parents beforehand.

That is a very common fear actually. I hear that a lot. Yeah. I’m afraid I’m a will not be the parent that my kid needs or deserve. It’s a very, or they’ve had a bad childhood, right? So it’s like none of us wanna be our parents. Really. Like how do you be something different? That’s also very scary. Yeah. So that’s a big exercise that we do.

Yeah. At my office is kind of initially with couples, is kind of having them do that either by themselves or in office and just kind of talking it. right together. So that’s like beyond the needles, beyond the herbs, beyond the relaxation and the mental component. There’s this whole other piece of things that are possibly holding you back.

So what exactly is Chinese medicine then? I guess let’s clarify that. So , I believe there, there’s a lot of misconception is of like, what is Chinese medicine and who is it for and who can. Yeah. So do we have a couple of centuries for this question?

Ah, so, so essentially Chinese medicine is not just acupuncture, it’s herbs too. Yes. And you can’t get certified in a weekend to be a Chinese medicine doctor. Like I just wanna like Yes. No, I got my certification at Super Cuts. I’m just kidding. . So, yeah. So, um, oh my God, I might have peed myself a little bit.

So I’ve been studying Chinese medicine for about over 10 years now. So it’s a whole systems medicine, right? So in Chinese medicine it’s a way of life as well as the acupuncture and the meridian system that we work in concert with the herbal interventions. , right? So those are the pieces that people are most familiar with.

But the other things that are really, really interesting are things that you can do without an actual herbalist, without an actual acupuncturist, which is having more connection to nature and more connection to the seasons and those seasonal changes in trying to incorporate that into your nutrition can be a really, really powerful thing that we also practice in Chinese medicine.

In terms of who it serves, acupuncture, again, it’s a whole systems medicine. So now this is a great time to be a Chinese medicine provider in the United States because we’re all starting to specialize in this really powerful way. So I’m a fertility acupuncturist. So I would rarely treat somebody for back pain or elbow pain or pain management, which is what we normally gravitate to in this country.

So it’s used a lot in concert with a response to the opioid crisis, for example, because people are looking for other ways to. Treat pain management other than the opioids, right? So that’s why it’s been accepted by Medicare now. So it’s a really, really powerful adjunct therapy for pain management. But one of the things that’s my side hustle and love is digestive health.

So I work a lot also in digestive health because acupuncture and herbs are so powerfully used in that arena as well. So, Basically a lot of things in acupuncture that people don’t really know how to work with with conventional interventions are space in our comfort zone. So it really, really relies on the meridian system itself relies on the body’s own propensity to heal itself.

So it’s just basically like waking up that system and starting to kind of really tune into it. That’s incredible. I didn’t wanna like talk too long, but No, you did perfect. So this is what I found is that, so I’m a medium, I’m not a psychic, very different, but a medium meaning I’ll talk to my spirit guides, I’ll talk to the client spirit guides, and I’ll channel and I get fragments of information.

But sometimes I’ll just get a message of like, they need to do X, especially, this comes up a lot if they have lost a child or they’ve had pregnancy laws, or if they have had a miscarriage and. If they are not, they’ve done multiple tries, I get the message and I’ll recommend, you need to find a Chinese medicine doctor.

You need to x, or whatever the message may be. But a lot of the times is that I have recommended, I’m like, I think we should stop working together. And we were always really shocked by that. I’m like, I need you to pause. I need you to go to a Chinese medicine doctor. I need you to work with them. And the message is that’s where you need to be right now.

And then come back to me when you’re ready after they’ve set up. But there’s something that is missing. So, and every time that’s happened, they’ve come back and they’ve conceived so, and then we’re doing Chinese medicine. Cuz then at that time, the often word I hear is the word protocol. They’re on a protocol with the doctor, and then we’re doing reiki simultaneously, and then they go on to conceive.

But there’s something that, that the reiki can’t do. I, I think Reiki can help everyone, but again, Reiki is not a replacement for app. Medical care or being seen by someone like yourself that is, you know, that needs herbs or needs acupuncture, things like that. Ricky is a great compliment to any medical treatment plan, but it’s not the fix all.

A lot of people have said, these are the most common things I hear is I wish I had found and started Chinese medicine sooner cuz a combination. Than I have seen of Chinese medicine and I V F like so it’s the mirroring of the eastern and the western medicine. Right. So that’s a good space to be in. And I want to tell listeners that you don’t have to be all or nothing.

You can still do I ivf. You still can do iui. You still can do acupuncture and you still can do reiki and you still could do the herbs I interview. This amazing human, her name is Dr. Carolina Swe, though she’s in Fresno and she’s an r e i. She, she’s a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist.

So it has like all of these amazing certifications, double certified all things. Yeah, and she actively said in her interview that she does like a three arm approach, like lifestyle. Then like, like the ivf, I’m probably butchering this, but all she should recommend. Holistic alternative care, and that included herbalism.

And I think that forward thinking doctors are now more open to it and have more education. Not every doctor knows herbs or what herbs do or how they interact or how they support, but there’s more and more doctors that are becoming more familiar and open to accepting more modality support for the client who is conceiving.

So the last point that I often hear is, why do I need to do that? Or Chinese medicine seems so far out there, what if it interferes with my religion? And my response to that, and I’m gonna, I’m proud you can correct me, but is, is that any healing modality you need to do your research on, but it’s a form of medicine.

So just like a pharmaceutical pill has nothing to do with your. or your religion, Chinese medicine is not replacing who you worship or anything like that. This is, is taking care of your body. What would you respond to that like? So that was just my opinion, my take. But like when someone. Would ask you that question, what would be your response?

Well, I think that, again, this is a really, really great time for fertility, acupuncture, and whole systems medicine, right? Because right, we’ve had a global pandemic. We’re having a lot of people that question the way that we engage and interact with our health and our healthcare systems and the way that we manage those interventions.

That being said, I think that it’s a wonderful way to explore the world and the universe and how you interact with your health. Again, Chinese medicine is not a religion, it’s not a spiritual interference in that sense. You can still practice whatever your religion is. It’s just about your relationship between heaven and earth, so your feet on the ground and the earth, and your connection to the sky and heaven and what that role is, right?

So that’s why we want people to have a better connection to plant medicine, plant-based medicine. We want people to have a better connection to their own inner guidance and their own inner healing system. And I guess there’s an element of spirituality to. But it also, in terms of how it works with fertility, it relaxes the nervous system and it can regulate the cortisol response.

And it can also, it’s known actually with random clinical trials to allow more peripheral vascularization to the reproductive organs and the the uterus and the ovaries. And so you have better implantation, so you have better conception so that you have a healthier pregnancy. So this is the intersection, I guess, of how you live.

Sure. And science, right. So this has been a really, really great time to be a T C M practitioner because we are getting a lot of really, really great RCTs that kind of prove the medicine that’s, oh, I don’t know, a couple of centuries old. Um, I’m gonna ask you a, a kind of a pokey question. How do you tell the difference


I didn’t intend that. Uh, you’re good. God, that was actually dental. How do you tell the difference between a Chinese medicine doctor? and just like someone that says that they’re certified in Chinese acupuncture. Well, I mean, there’s a certification in every state. So in California it’s the most rigorous training in the country.

We have the California Acupuncture, uh, licensing board, and we have to take. Even more tests than most people. So we’re certified. We’re certified in ca. If you say you’re certified in California and then you’re nationally board certified, it’s a different type of certification rather than being certified by state under the national board.

And then there’s certain states that don’t need, you don’t need to have the herbal medicine component, so you can just be trained in only acupuncture. I find the herbs to be the left hand to the right. Right. So this was explained to me by a really powerful herbalist up in Northern California that the acupuncture is great to elicit a response, but the herbs are very powerful, but they’re slow to take effect and they can amplify the energetics of what you’re doing with the acupuncture points along the meridians.

And just to clarify, I like to explain in layman terms what meridians are is, oh, yes. Meridians are the pathway between one point in your body to next. It’s like the highway from one point to another. So a lot of people may not understand what is a meridian, or they might be hearing that first, that word for the first time.

Yes. So again, I love that you used highways here. Love you already. So if you think about freeways, right, because I’m from la, so we have exits off of the freeways and sometimes those exits gets really, really jammed. Right. So when we’re touching a point, we can see whether or not the point needs to have energy drawn to it or away from it, depending on if the point is in excess or deficiency.

And we’re basically helping the body respond and optimize the body’s performance. Throughout the day. So if that, if that makes sense. So is it possible, because I just Googled while we were talking, I was trying to find like a legit Chinese medicine doctor here in Nebraska, but like either they have like a PhD in like massage therapy or like they’re certified in acupuncture or they’re certified in herbs.

But I don’t see a single person. That is in both, that would be , like your parallel peer, like that would be like the equivalent of you here. And I just wonder, like , I’m just like, because I wanna know, but there seems to be a clinic that has multiple people that have modalities but doesn’t do like, Both. So a lot of times these conversations are the first time they might be hearing this.

So if they were wanting to take action for themselves and seek out this modality, how would they know the difference between like a scammer and someone who is legit for like for a reiki master, they might wanna look for that. They’re certified through the International Center of Reiki training, the I C R.

is there like a governing organization or an acronym that they could actively seek out that would show that they are of a, of a certain standard and certification so that they know? Yeah. So in terms of the specialty, so again, I said at the top of this conversation is that this is a great time to be a Chinese medicine practitioner in the, in sense that you really, really wanna try to find somebody that is in the specialty for the, um, fertility.

Yeah. So, For example, since we’re talking about the context of fertility, you would want somebody to be an Aborn fellow. So it’s the the American Board of Reproductive Medicine. So we take special classes in a specific training, and there’s an extra exam that we need to take in order to have that certification.

Again, like honestly, this, I’m, I’m just gonna be on the level with you. This just came up, um, somebody came into my office for back pain and I, I’m embarrassed to say I actually had to phone a friend. Because I don’t like, I can, I can work on it. Sure. But I really, really work in infertility. So , I can, I can talk to you about balancing hormones and like working with you about education and how to make your life better as a, as a new mom.

But back pain is not my, . It’s not my forte at all. So I would suggest if I was just new to Chinese medicine to really interview that person at my office. I do 15 minute consults and these are just to kind of see whether or not I’m the right fit and the patient’s the right fit. Right. So Right. Those are energy.

Trust your gut. Always. Yeah. Do you like them? Do you want them to? Like look inside your souls and you want them to look inside your meridians. Yeah. So to your point about that too is like, honestly with fertility, acupuncture, it’s not an easy road. It’s like you gotta want it, it’s, you’ve gotta be doing some homework at home, right?

It’s not, I’m not doing all the heavy lifting and we need to like make sure that. Those people are also willing to make those changes. You know, it’s like not like you’re gonna be sitting drinking eight diet Cokes a day and watching as they drink me Dr. Pepper. Yeah. Right. Watching selling Sunset and like not, you know, learning about how to make your, your house safe for your baby, right?

So there’s like a lot of, it’s almost like pre-baby bootcamp when you start working with me. , my, my coin phrase I say in every episode is healing is not a one-time event. It’s not, so I did what you said. So for all our listeners, so she’s re I want you to Google A, it’s A as in apple, B as in boy, O as in Oscar, R as in Robert, M as in Mary, A born with an m@then.org.

And you can put in your state, I found one. I found one in Nebraska and I actually know, don’t I know of her. And this lady is booked out forever and she does, I think I know who that is. I pretty name is Donna Huber. Donna Huber. Yeah. And I, when I was learning to develop like my spiritual practice, I had studied under, like I took all these classes with this local psychic.

She always referred everyone to this lady and she did like a lot of classes on fertility and pregnancy. And when I got into postpartum and I was working with moms who had fertility issues, cuz I, I started my reiki career just working with postpartum actually. And then I ended up full spectrum but with a heavy focus in fertility, but, I have heard countless stories of her in the area that she just does fertility in.

People study under her, so she doesn’t do back pain or things like that that I am aware of. I won’t speak for her, but her main thing that she’s well known for in the metro area is fertility. I had a client my first. Postpartum client had trouble conceiving and she had described that sh her acupuncturist was able to lift her uterus with the acupuncture and keep the baby inside for somehow.

This how she described it, she had like medical issues and things like that she had to wear, um, like a bag. And so she had like a complicated medical. So she went on and she had, so that that lady helped her conceive two pregnancies and carry them full term. And when she was ready, they did acupuncture to lower her uterus.

That’s what she told me. And I was like, that’s freaking amazing. I don’t know, can you lift me uteruses with acupuncture? I could. Y for sure. Yeah, for sure. And pro lip prolapse, that’s a common point selection. We actually just had a, A patient, it was just really, really amazing. She had been trying to get pregnant with IVF for nine years.

So she’s been, wow, that’s a long road. That’s It’s a long, hard, hard road. Insane. Right? And she was like driving hours and hours away to get acupunc or to get treated every day, like south, like two hours. And she came in and we did, we did a couple session, which I talked about at the top of this conversation too, of like, what’s holding you guys?

So the, the husband had all of this, all of these things that they hadn’t even addressed yet about things around eating, things around, holding things in, which I thought was really interesting. And we just kind of wrote them all down. And then I gave her a li a little guidance in terms of tracking her hormones and her fertile window.

And she conceived naturally in two months. And it was, it was amazing. It makes my soul like it. Everything that I, that I do, if I ever get tired, I just like stories like that make me wanna go, hit this road harder of just like wanna serve deeper, better, more in every capacity because women deserve to know that they can conceive.

With support and, and in any way that they feel empowered and, and to prepare and that there’s just not just one way and like Western Medicine doesn’t have to be the only resource. I was recording a podcast last night with a gal who’s, she’s a birth worker and she serves military families, and we are discussing choices that those women who are pregnant have.

She said, is it really a choice when you only have one option? And that had hit me so hard, and I know that I’ve served over 500 women over the past five years. And the one thing is, is that there’s a lack of knowledge about our bodies. There’s a lack of knowledge to know about our mindset. Going to consider.

Even the fertile window charting, cycle charting. There’s just a lack of knowledges in general as women when we’re trying to conceive or about our cycles, or like if you’re not trying to conceive, but you have your period’s missing, how that can be, well then it’s not a problem. But it’s your anatomy, it’s your body.

My body’s not functioning the way it’s supposed to. I’m not getting a monthly period. I don’t care if I’m not trying to conceive that. It’s just easily dismissed. I feel like. Huge part of this podcast is for to have thought provoking conversations with experts like yourself so women can consider. Other things that are out there, so they’re aware that there’s other ways to conceive other supporting modalities that can help if they’re open to it, if they choose to do it.

Do your research. Be empowered. Look for what suits you, what resonates with you, cuz what’s gonna resonate with me may not resonate with you. Like I, I never, when we were conceiving and we were planning cuz we planned, we were in our thirties when we got married and we’re trying to. And I had an abortion in my twenties, so I was very intentional when we were going to plan in a family, it was going, I, I was gonna be ready

What my, my whole point is, is that, is that I had choices, I explored things and I felt empowered to explore them. However, if women are not privy to the supporting modalities and they only think that IVF or I u I or Clement, the only option. Or that those things could actually be optimized or boosted with traditional Chinese medicine or with Reiki.

It saddens me to know that women don’t know there’s more support out there or that they, cuz there’s so many emotional needs also that are not met during the process. So, or that they’re dismissed. So like how can. Teach you to advocate, or how can we make sure that your flight or flights mode is not triggered and your nervous system is regulated so that your womb is the happiest place for baby to implant to and whatever path you want to.

And I just wanna make it very clear how you wanna conceive. And how you wanna birth your babies is a hundred percent up to you. And that’s what I always advocate for. Whatever it is that you’re wanting to do, we’re on that wagon. So, and I think that’s just super important for women to know that there’s just not one way to conceive.

There’s a giant, amazing world out there that wants to support you. So that has to. You know, trying to lay on the plane here, but that, that really, really amplified and Yeah, for sure. So like, so find a person that’s meant for to, to serve you in conjunction with your doctor. I don’t think that the doctor can do everything in 15 minute visits, you know?

For sure, and that was one of the things that, I’m glad you brought that up actually, because that was one of the things that came up for me in the past couple of years is studying is like how many women just don’t know about their hormones or don’t know how they work, right? It was like, it’s like this whole party line of.

you’re gonna get pregnant every time you have sex in high school, right? So you need to go on the pill, or you have painful periods, you should go on the pill, or you need to regulate your cycle, right? So you should go on the pill and then you’re getting married and then you just like, it’s no big deal.

Just like go off the pill. Oh, you can’t conceive, right? And then you just go on Clomid. Oh, okay, that’s not working. Iui. And so it’s this really sad, kind of like, Trail of tears kind of, that doesn’t need to happen. And so that was what I was finding a lot when I was studying was time after time I was doing all this education about.

How your periods work and how your cycle worked and how there’s a yin phase and a young phase tier cycle and they’re dependent on each other. Right? And so then that’s when I decided like I can’t serve as many people as I need to, so I need to create a class. So that’s what I’ve been doing. in my spare time, I’m working on a class so that I can empower and educate more people about their choices around how they conceive, and also how they create a better family life for themselves.

What’s that called? Oh, Chan’s Plug here. So it’s called The Positive Pregnancy Project, and it’s a series of modules that kind of take you through all of the steps that you need to create. Not just a pregnancy, but a healthy baby. And a safe and healthy family life. I love that. Do you only offer in person, I know you have a brick and mortar, so do you do virtual visits too, or how can people work with you?

I do virtual visits, and as a matter of fact, I’ll send a link in for you to put in the show notes. It’s called the Get Guide and it’s a little ebook on how to fertility track and know about your fertile window. And there are a ton of ways to schedule with me online so that we can work through that way too.

I love that. So if someone was looking to get Chinese medicine, they’ve already decided they’re curious about it. What’s your best tip to tell them if they’re, if they’re going in for fertility or if they’re pregnant, what is a tip that they should know before they go to their first appointment? I would say that’s a, that’s an awesome question, so I appreciate you asking.

I would say go in with an open mind and have an open line of communication with that provider, because they’re gonna wanna look at a very comprehensive look at where you are now and, and have, make the effort to meet you where you’re at. So, As much of information and history as you can provide about your daily way of life, have that expectation going in that there’s gonna be a big, huge interview and be able to be comfortable talking about it.

And really, really to your point about healing doesn’t happen in one treatment. Amazing comment. There is like, Give it more than just one visit. So it’s, this is a continuum. Health is a continuum. We’re not just there and then we’re not there anymore. There’s, there’s all the space in between that you have to consider is, there is something that I thought of.

So I’m not scared of needles, but my husband is, so how does somebody. That it, and my mom is definitely scared of needles. So like, I’m like, I was like, oh, you should, when she came to visit, I was like, you should get acupuncture. It’s amazing cuz for me, if I have a sinus pre like any, anything, I’m like, give me all the needles in my face.

Like with the, like the sinus pressure. When I go to the chiropractor and she does the acupuncture on my face, when I, especially when I have a sinus affection, I’m almost like, oh my gosh. I love it when they pop like . It’s like a release. Like I feel like the pressure sounds terrifying. When it pops, no, but it, if something happens when I have a sinus affection and I get acupuncture in my face, you know, and there’s just so much pressure in there.

It, it’s a release, it’s a relief. I, I kind of like it cuz it’s like a pimple being popped. I’m like, ah, okay. Sorry. Don’t cancel me, listeners. So anyway, there’s someone scared of needles. What do you do as an acupuncture? . So I would also say the other advice piece that I would like to add to that is don’t go to a dry needle.

Don’t go to somebody that is just certified in a weekend course and knows, oh yeah, so you wanna go. You would wanna go to an chiropractor, don’t listen to this episode. Yeah. . Yeah. Sorry. But you wanna have some, there’s more, there’s more incidents of damage through needling with people that are just do dry needling.

So you really, I mean, we have to study the depth and the type of needle that needs to go into each point. So the training is pretty extensive. Like I said, I did about a five year master’s degree and then I kept studying for another five years for fertility. But I would say that going into there too, but.

Also in terms of being afraid of the needles, have a dialogue about it, and certain points are gonna elicit a different or more powerful response than other points. So you wanna just check in and know that the acupuncturist, if their needle technique is really, really powerful, they’re gonna be able to either use a different point that’s not gonna be at, it’s not gonna be as sensitive or challenging.

Or they’re gonna be able to move the needle between the muscle fibers differently so that it’s gonna elicit a more comfortable response. So, and then keep in mind also, sorry, one last thing is these are needles that are very, very hairlike and very, very fine. They’re not the needles of, of your youth when you had to get vaccinations, and that was very, very terrifying.

So it’s more of, um, a relaxing, energetic experience, so to speak. Gotcha. Got you. You are a breath of fresh air and just so profound. I am super thankful for you. Where can people find you on social media? Yeah, so I’ve got a couple of handles. So Achieve Fertility courses is my courses that I’m launching in January.

That’s. A positive pregnancy project and you can get on the early interest wait list there. And then also you can reach out to our brick and mortar clinic in Los Angeles is Mighty River Wellness. So those are our two places. Or you can just go to our website, mighty river wellness.com. I love that Mighty River Wellness.

This is a perfect name. Yeah, so I’m, I’m from the St. Lawrence River, so I’m from an island called the Mighty R, or I’m from a river called the Mighty River, so Googling it. Eventually I’m going to have a houseboat and do acupuncture on my houseboat on my island.

I, I, I, I love this idea. . Can I come, can I be your first Yes. Patient? Yes. So you can be part of, uh, actually I’m gonna invite you formally to Fertility Island. So we’re gonna do reiki. Wait, is this like a reality show? It is. We’re getting a very, a person in a white tuxedo of short stature to meet the plane.

This is a joke, but, um, I was like, fertility island. Is it like Bachelor’s and par? Bachelor? Bachelor’s. It is. It’s like a place where you go, all the healers are coming together Yes. On the beach. Yes. And everybody gets their own, their own houseboat. For their department. Right. So there’ll be a really cool chiropractor there.

There’ll be an acupuncturist, sogi healer, that’s, you get all docked around this island and you can go as a resort and get ready to go. Wait, where is Mighty River anyway? Like But where really? Where is it? Yeah, it’s in the Thousand Islands and it’s, it’s in upstate New York, bordering Canada. So behind me you can see the picture of my island.

Oh wow. Yeah. I’m getting to spend the rest of my afternoon like looking at this, so, so this is why this is off book, but just so you know, that’s why I started working with Chinese medicine is that I grew up on an island in upstate New York and my mom taught me about medicinal herbs because she was a farmer.

And so we started having this really, really great connection with plants and gardening and things like that. And sometimes when the wind is coming out of the north, you can’t drive to town, so you get stuck on this island. And so, This is how we, you just make do with what you have. And that’s what I love about Chinese medicine is that we work with what we have.

That might be the best thing you’ve said, the whole conversation. Oh, oh my gosh. I feel like I’ve met my twin sister today. Oh good. I feel like I really wanna, like, let’s just have our own podcast and just hang out once a week. Let’s do it. Fun. I’m available for higher , I’m available for higher. I also do those balloon.

I’m available for hire for online business management work, . I, a lady just, oh my God, I’m dying Africa. I don’t even know, I can’t even remember how I got on this podcast, but I’m so excited about it. Like your part will be this, probably one of, one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Who me? Yeah. It was an honor to connect and serve you this week.

If you were a spiritually curious person wanting to conceive, inhale blockages in your fertility, click the link in the episode description to learn more about the Fertility Foundation collective. Until next time, my friend know you are love.

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