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Trying to conceive is hard. Getting your period or missing your period is hard.

You will never have to do this alone.

You don’t need to keep wishing and hoping for something different.

You don’t have to wonder what is missing from your fertility journey.

I am have been exactly through this infertility journey myself. Hoping my baby would come. Praying my period would not come. Hoping we would have a positive pregnancy test the next cycle.

In this episode, we dive deep into what can exactly make your conceiving journey easier to get through. There are no guarantees with any medical treatment or self-care practice. However, these steps Carolina shares will help you move through the journey faster and easier. 

If you are trying to conceive or are currently pregnant, this is a must-listen.

What you’ll learn:
1:30 Things you should never tell a person who is trying to conceive or has infertility issues
1:58 How I coach my clients to make conceiving easier

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The Carolina Sotomayor Podcast is brought to you by Carolina Sotomayor and the Fertility Foundation.

Carolina Sotomayor is an Expert Womb Healer who helps women conceive by removing physiological blockages with Reiki. She is the host of the Carolina Sotomayor Podcast, a show that covers everything from fertility to postpartum to motherhood, and the creator of Fertility Foundation Collective, an online membership that helps women heal at their own pace to boost their fertility.

Carolina has served over 500 women from around the world to heal. She is passionate about helping women create their families. As a result, there are over 60 reiki babies in the world.

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Podcast Episode Transcript

Hi, I’m Carolina, your podcast host and expert wound healer. Over the past five years, I’ve served over 500 women to remove physical blockages in their bodies. We achieve this with Reiki. I believe healing doesn’t have to be done alone, nor should it be. We will hear stories of healing methods to heal with and guest speakers covering taboo topics you won’t hear anywhere else.

Let’s continue this journey of wound healing together.

Hi, welcome back. I’m Carolina, your podcast host and reiki womb healer. Today we’re talking about how to make conceiving easier. Now as I am recording this episode, I’m also live streaming on TikTok, so shout out to my besties with the Rusties. If you haven’t already followed me on TikTok, make sure you do that and make sure that you give me a shout out an Instagram screen.

This episode and tag me. I wanna know who’s listening and I want to know what you think about this podcast. Make sure to send me a dm. So how do we make conceiving easier? I think that that is such important question to ask. It is something, a question I get frequently and we’re all told you need to relax.

Just get drunk and do it. Just let it happen. It’ll come naturally. Miracles happen, right? So to hear those things, they often make a woman who’s trying to conceive and has had infertility issues, they make their skin crawl. The last thing a woman who’s trying to conceive, that’s the last thing they want to hear.

So this is how I coach clients to make conceiving. And it’s gonna sound super simple, and you’re like, no, that’s not gonna work. I guarantee you this is gonna work. It’s gonna make conceiving easier. It’s gonna allow your journey to be easier. It doesn’t. Mean, you’re gonna automatically poof, have a baby.

That’s not it. But the journey of conceiving is gonna make this one tip, make it all easier is the first thing is to ask yourself, do you have a spiritual or mindful or faith-based practice or ritual? For example, do you have a form of meditation? Do you pray? Do you ground yourself? Do you work out? Do you have affirmations that you say every day?

Are you moving your body in a way that reduces stress? Are you doing breath work? Are you doing reiki? So wherever there is pain loss, trauma, Hardship. There are lessons to be seen and transformations are happening. Whether you are seeing those transformations consciously or if someone’s pointing them out, whenever there is pain, we are never left the same.

If you get a divorce, that’s gonna alter how you see things. Pain can change your perspective loss, pregnancy loss, miscarriage. Negative pregnancy tests, disappointment, all of those things, they can really leave you forever changed, and that’s okay. However, and it’s part of the journey for some, I hope, it’s really, this is not your story.

However, how we move through those painful periods, talk about a pun, how we move through those painful moments in life. Is really important. That’s why I ask, do you have a mindful spiritual or faith based ritual or practice that’s consistent in your life when you have a form of mindful practice that is consistent?

Studies show it is going to reduce your cortisol, which is your stress hormone levels. It’s gonna reduce your anxiety, it’s gonna reduce your depression, it’s gonna regulate your blood pressure. All of those things that are super important for conceiving. The doctor’s gonna ask you, what are your stress levels like?

What’s your lifestyle like if you already have children. And you’re trying to conceive a second or third or fourth, whatever it may be, or maybe it’s your first. Maybe you have stress from those other children if they’re young, you know, it can be really loud in your house, and if you have a job on top of that, that’s stressful.

So what are we doing to release the stress? What are we doing to regulate our nervous system? Because that’s really what it’s about. On TikTok. It’s very common to talk about nervous system dysregulation and that that’s essentially talking about getting you out of panic mode, getting you out of survival mode and into feeling safe.

We’ll just go straight to layman terms cuz there’s a lot of mumbo jumbo, but essentially that is. Essentially getting you outta survival mode and getting you into safe mode. And what happens when you’re in safe mode, you can start to feel peace. You can start to think differently. You’ll start to rest differently.

You will start to heal differently. You can heal while you’re still in panic mode, but you’ll heal a lot faster, a lot deeper, a lot more efficiently if you’re feeling safe. Also, what is it like to feel safe? That means you’re starting to express your emotions. You’re starting to give yourself permission to feel all of your emotions.

You’re starting to give yourself permission and grace. If you make a mistake, instead of beating yourself down, you’re starting to experience more joy. You’re starting to feel more like yourself than you did before. So when I ask you do you have a spiritual. Practice. Do you have a mindful practice that you do consistently?

And if the answer is no, There are options for you, and I’ll recap them for you. Breath work, prayer, meditation, grounding. Reiki is not associated with any religion or faith, but it is a great way to ground heal your energy, release what’s not yours. I do it daily. It is my favorite way to consistently regulate my nervous system.

So when we are able to reduce our stress, anxiety, depression, and cortisol levels, we will allow our womb to relax. We’ll allow our emotions to flow, feel safe, to express those emotions and energetically that’s ideal for baby to come into. We’re creating peace in our womb and we’re creating harmony inside our bodies.

And honestly, if you’re not conceiving, we need to look at your womb, which is the sacro plexus chakra. We need to see that open. And if you’re not conceiving and you have infertility, infertility is a sign that that chakra is blocked or closed. So we need to open it. So we need to start to look at your emotions and how to make you feel safe so you can experience them, feel them, release them, and express.

So how to make conceiving easier is to get a consistent practice that you feel safe in, that resonates with you. It’s not forced. So all of those things can be reduced and that will allow you to move through the pain, the losses, the ups and downs much easier, and allow you to have peace when you can during those moments.

If you have questions, I would love to chat with you again. Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, tag me in your stories, and I’m so honored to have been part of your journey. I hope you have the best week. It was an honor to connect and serve you this week. If you are a spiritually curious person wanting to conceive, inhale blockages in your fertility, click the link in the episode description to learn more about the Fertility Foundation collective.

Until next time, my friend know you are love.

How To Make Conceiving Easier

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