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No one is talking about steaming your vagina! This amazing vaginal steaming has been practiced across the world in Africa, Asia, and Central America.

In this episode, Carolina gets the top ten benefits of vaginal steaming from Vaginal Steaming Expert Cassie Beard. She owns the Pink Butterfly Bush in Tampa, Florida. Her business offers a premium V-Steam experience that supports womb wellness, provides an outlet to release negative energy, boosts confidence, and promotes mental health.

What you’ll learn:
1:18 Get to know more about Cassie Beard and what she does
5:00 Where did Yoni Steaming come from
7:00 Top 10 benefits of Vaginal Steaming
9:10 The word “Vagina” is considered a taboo topic
13:40 “Steaming your yoni is essentially steaming your sacral plexus chakra” -Carolina
20:48 Know if steaming is allowed for pregnant women
24:56 Can Vaginal Steaming be done at home?
35:10 How to know what herbs to be used and where to get herbs from

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Full episode transcript:

Hello and welcome to the Carolina Podcast. I’m Carolina, your podcast host and expert womb healer. Today I am here with Cassie Beard. She is our expert, Yani Steamer, and I couldn’t be more excited to dive into this topic. We are talking about the 10 benefits of vaginal steaming.

Cassie, can you tell us all about you and where you’re tuning in from? Hi, Carolina. Hello, girlfriend for having me. I’m so excited for this conversation with you. Me too. Me too. Well, yes. My name is Cassie. My full name is Cassandra Beard, but I go by Cassie. A lot of my clients call me Cassie. I’m in Tampa, the Brandon area in Tampa, Florida, and I own the pink butterfly Bush Yani steam lounge.

It is a very quaint but powerful space that I have here in, uh, Brandon, Florida, and I’d like to call it your Yoi Scape. You. I love that Yuni skate. Yes. I looked you up on Instagram and I tried to find more. I was telling everyone about it. I was like, I found a Vagina Salon

And I was like, why isn’t this in Nebraska and ? But we come to Florida, so I’m gonna be paying you a visit. For sure. I just like, so I love the whole aesthetic On your Instagram, where can people find you at? Can you share us your handle? Yes. Yes. So on Instagram, I am. Pink butterfly bush spelled just normally.

Mm-hmm. . Now my website is www.pinkbutterflybusch.com and through the website you can get my certification courses, which will soon be a release or anything else. Appointments, uh, products, I have apparel, things like that. So, . I love that. Mm-hmm. . So can you tell us essentially what vaginal steaming is?

Essentially? Let’s start with like, what is it exactly? I feel like there is a lot of misconceptions out there. Exactly what vaginal steaming is. Yes. I would agree with you. Some would confuse it with the . That’s more of a topical thing, you know, that you put on top of your super area. But vaginal steaming, you’re actually.

Fitting or hovering above. , a set of steam, a bowl of steam, whether it be in a crock pot, uh, a hot over a hot pot. Well, that’s a great idea. Yeah. A crockpot. Mm-hmm. . You can use a crock pot. You could just boil the water with the herb, put the herbs in there and put it in a bowl and hover over that. So it’s literally, it’s a very simple practice.

It doesn’t take a. Plethora of, you know, energy to get one set up at home, or even when you go to the spot now, a lot go, a lot more goes into it in the spot, but at home it’s not tedious at all. And you really sit there for about 10 to 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your set, you know, circumstances and you really enjoy.

Enjoy a nice warm. Bath on your yoni, on your, on your vagina, on whatever you wanna call it. But it feels amazing. And a lot of times you, she will tell you when she’s ready for another one. It’s almost like one of those things where it’s like, Ooh, I, I like that feeling. I want that feeling again. So it’s definitely something I do monthly.

A lot of my clients, they come to me, they’ve never heard of it, but definitely wanted to try it. A lot of people see it on TV and you know how that goes. Uh, real Housewives and. I think the Kardashians did an episode and they were talking about Yani steaming. They even talked about Reiki too. Yes. It was Courtney.

She’s like the super Yes. Alternative healthy one. Yep, yep, yep. And she was talking about it. Yep. So a lot of people spark interest when they see other people doing it, but when they really start trying it, they’re like, wow, this is actually this. , you know, something that’s just a fad type of thing. A lot of people think that it just popped up, it did not.

This is, can you talk about where like Yani Simi has originated from, because I think it’s super important to establish these practices and these rituals of like, where did they come from? A lot of people, sage, and they don’t understand where that actually come from, or if it’s a closed practice in that.

So Yani seeming is not a closed practice. No, it is a open practice so people of any walk of life can go ahead and partake and do that in their homes or at a business like yourself. Absolutely Africa, ancient Greece, ancient Chinese ages where they were steaming and smoking back in the day. Um, men were doing it too.

So smoking is a, is not steaming. Steaming is using the warm, the moist heat from the water. But you al there’s also a form of smoking where it’s, it’s dry, it’s not with the water. And so that’s been, oh, I never heard of that before. Interesting, interesting. I don’t offering smoking. My mind’s being blown right now, and I’m just like trying to visualize.

Would I be, be comfortable with that ? So you, with smoking, you don’t typically like sit like you do over esteem. You’re not that close. So what you do is though you can have it on the floor and you just stand over it and then stand over it for some time. And that’s, um, what she would say call smoking. So, Interesting.

And both men and women can do smoking or steaming. Absolutely. Absolutely. Men can steam now they steam the prostate area and while women are steaming the vaginal area and, and steaming, really, you’re gonna get the steam in both areas. So steaming can actually help with hemorrhoids to, you know, things that make, oh, Anal side.

Mm-hmm. . Oh, that’s super good to know. So let’s dive in. What are the top 10 benefits of vaginal steam? So these are my top 10 benefits. I’m gonna say that cuz you know, I’m not, there’s no official, these are the top, but I’m gonna say these are my top. Well you’re my guest expert, so we’ll take it as gold

Yes ma’am. Because you’re also a cert, you’re actually, you certified in this. Yes, correct. Certified Perine facilitator. Yes. I’ve been doing this for over two years and I’ve been practicing it for over three now. I’ve steamed well over , 2000 vaginas. It’s definitely how many people can say that I have steamed 2000 vaginas.

Yes, yes, yes. And I plan to, can I touch upon this before we actually get started? Uh, as you and I had talked about, I have been a little bit privy to what Yani seeming is, or vaginal seeming, but, and I know a little bit about the benefits, but do you find that people think that this is a little bit of a taboo topic?

Yes. Why do you think that is? So, because maybe because I am a wound healer and I use all the words and I teach my son to use the word penis and vagina. Oh, I’m glad you were saying this. Like it is what it is. These are my, well, in Spanish I, I’ll be like, these are my tape ass. Yes. But like, He says, breasts and nipple.

We don’t make it shameful, but do you find that the fact that if someone were to discuss Yani seeming would be taboo and like, or they Absolutely. Why is that? Yeah. I will say it culturally, the Western cultures are, you know, shy away from holistic practices in themselves. Sometimes just based off of the whole, there’s no scientific evidence, there’s no, you know, that type of argument.

So you’ll have , you’ll have that aspect, but also. Exactly what you just said is a big part of it. Using the word vagina is so taboo. When I was even a child, I was told to call it something else. A cookie, a pocketbook, a something else. Oh yeah. Some people call it cookie or cooter. I don’t like that word.

Yeah, I hate that word. And I love that you said that you are raising your children to actually just call it what it is. It’s not shameful. It’s, it’s not something that we should be hiding and. , we gotta live with the thing. So why would we ever have to, you know what I mean? Uh, turning right, shouldn’t be talked about.

So that is another reason. So you’re actually, it’s on top of the fact that you are kind of taking medicine in your own hands to some degree. You’re taking the power to heal yourself into your hands. That is scary to some industries, some people, not to say that you don’t need. Doctors, I’m a big proponent of, listen, these are my tuneups.

In between my dino visits, okay, because I’m still going to go to the doctor there. Are I a hundred percent agree? Yeah, a hundred percent agree. Nothing replaces, no reiki, no crystals, no herbal thing. Replaces the use and placement and role in the necessary need of a medical provider, a doctor, a gynecologist, an OB emergency visit.

Don’t think anything online, , that’s alternative or whatever replaces the use of. Appropriate medical care cuz it’s never the case. And if anyone says this modality or this substance or something cures cancer or something, run. Oh my goodness. No. Do your research. Be diligent. Yeah. Don’t take things lightly.

I can never say those things enough. Absolutely. I’m glad you Yes. Yes. Thank you for, for sharing that because I think that also is like people are, you know, depending on what they’re going through, they overlook, like they wait too long to go to the doctor. Yes ma’am. Yes ma’am. And that is a problem in itself.

I will think through, I’ve noticed a lot of people kind of treat steaming the same way they’ve. Waited a while, they’ve been dealing with some symptoms. Maybe they have been to the doctor and just are not getting relief. And then they do decide to try steaming. But you have to kind of act once you notice something.

So let me jump into these benefits because let’s try it. Let’s jump into it. Girl. We could talk forever about so many things. Top 10 benefits of vaginal steaming. Go for it, Cassie. Yes. Okay. So these are the benefits that you nine times outta 10. Can enjoy if you happen to struggle with something along these lines.

Okay. So I will say that, so if you don’t have menstrual pain, it’s not going to necessarily give you menstrual pain. So just Gotcha. So I’m gonna start from, My number 10, and it’s kind of just jumping right in. Hot and heavy relief from sexual ties and trauma, if you’ve gotten out of a relationship, could have been a toxic relationship.

A lot of women feel like seeming, uh, is definitely a time for them to reconnect with their, their womb recharge, their feminine energy, so to speak. And. Themselves, so definitely can get a sense of release after steam, you feel a little lighter, essentially detoxing from your, you know, that area. So you are gonna feel a little different and it’s definitely one of the reasons why women seek to steam.

Um, I do have a lot of clients that are like, I just got this horrible relationship. I knew I needed a Yiannis team. So it’s not just like physical cleansing, it’s also emotional. Al Yes. Any kind of sexual trauma, things like that can definitely be released. During a session, I actually offer what I call like a CSU Steam and it’s steaming while meditating.

So guide and you just kind of enjoy the steam and you follow along. You’re taking deep breaths. You are, you know, following along in your mind and you really go to a different place while you’re steaming. And that is amazing. I’ve had a few clients. emotional release, like you said, you know, crying can definitely happen.

It’s definitely renewing and rejuvenating. Can we touch upon the reason why that area, that steaming GNI is essentially steaming your sacral plexus chakra? This chakra holds on to a lot of stored emotion. Stored emotion that can actually block the chakra and lead to a lot of like complications in fertility, pregnancy, birth, and a lot of the most common stuck emotions.

And there are shame, blame, guilt. Fear, abandonment, neglect, and all of those can come from so many different relationships. So seeming just in general, I love that when we talk about different modalities here on the podcast, these, there’s just not one way to heal and there’s not one way to release things.

And I, I want to put in perspective of the listeners why this potentially could also be another tool in. A spiritual toolbox or a physical toolbox to help them heal. So if you are doing reiki work with me and you wanna do steaming, or if you’re perhaps maybe seeing a therapist and maybe talk therapy works really well for you, this can actually aid in that.

Amplify. Yes. And go along with anything traditional that you might be doing, or some people I know when I was doing talk therapy a couple years ago, recovering my postpartum mm-hmm. , I hit a wall in my healing. This would’ve been really great. Wow. To help me have that breakthrough, you know, if you’ve been.

Plateauing and your healing and you’re like re, you know, like you’re on the cusp of something. Yeah. That really could really impact somebody’s healing journey to have that kind of release and not have to talk about it. Mm-hmm. Absolutely. And. Oh, I love that. Yes, yes, you’re right, because it, oh, and you said chords.

So chords are like, or that connection, so the technical term that I know is called a theor chords, and that’s a chord that connects you to, in this case, your lover or your sexual partner. And it’s breaking that emotional tie. It’s dissolving it so, so that they no longer have access to your energy. And your energy will be turned sovereign to you, particularly sovereign into your, to your wo.

returning your power to you. Yes. And in Reiki, you probably definitely deal with that a lot, don’t you? ? A hundred percent. That’s basically 90% of what we do. Wow. . Wow. Restoring your power may not be from sexual partners, but it’s returning the power because as women, we give our power away so much. We’re nurturer for servers.

Yeah. What’s number two? Sorry, interrupted you so much. It’s fine. Okay, so I’m gonna go to, that was number 10. I’m gonna go to number nine. Um, increase libido and vaginal sensation. This is a popup. Do tell girl amongst all women. I would say, you know, why not? But just, you know, when you’re steam. You’re getting those secretions going naturally.

Natural secretions, you’re opening those pores so that the circulation really helps the blood flow and you can naturally get moist. So that’s the point. Uh, when it comes, she said the word people, she said moist, moist. Moist. Yes. Because that’s what you want. We want natural moisture. You don’t wanna have to go to Walgreens and get a lubricant aisle.

Yeah. Not, yeah. You know if, but if you know, if you need it, if you need it, it doesn’t help, it doesn’t hurt. And make sure it’s natural, uh, if you’re getting it. But definitely helps. With keeping your, your vaginal canal lubricated. All the listeners are like running to kayak.com. Expedia booking their tickets to come to Brandon, Florida to be like, yes, please.

I need the pink butterfly bush right now. Got you, girl. Yes. And this is, this comes from the herbs. A lot of it also comes from the herbs. If you’re using herbs that are moisturizing, they help hydrate, that’s gonna, I have a, a steam called Mother Moisture. and it has nettles, which is very moisturizing. Rose petals is an AST stringent herb.

Now that’s, that helps tighten and tone. So it’s, it’s roses is one of the, I if I learned, was the most high vibrational flower on earth. Mm. I went all of that in my. Yes, yes, I have every one of them. And then Jasmine Flowers. And does Steam make your Yawny smell different? Yes. Okay. Just to recap, so we’ve got relief from sexual ties and trauma.

We’ve talked about how it can increase your libido with your vaginal sensation, increase the moisture as well. Now let’s talk about fibroid management and reduction. It can definitely help with fibroids and I am a testimony to that. So I’ve struggled a lot with pain and heavy bleeding. A lot of bleeding.

I would say like, like I was dying from my fibroids and I, oh my God, it’s so miraculous. Even when I talk about this, it’s like what I still, my mind is blown, but I have turned my period around tremendously. Heavy bleeding is a thing of a past, cramping is a thing of a PA of the past, and last time I got my fibroids checked, they were smaller.

I have had. I love that. Yeah. So just so everyone knows, so like if you have severe cramping, worry debilitating and you have severe like bleeding mm-hmm. , go to your doctor, that’s not normal. No. That’s not normal. No. So, yeah, and I So debilitating period shouldn’t be a thing. If so, then you need to go see your doctor.

There’s something that’s not. . Yeah, absolutely. The fix they offered me for me to try was birth control, and I did try birth control, but it messed with my hormones. I will say my mood. I hate that that’s the answer for everything. Instead of getting to the root cause of like, what is really wrong instead of the band aid fix or like, but like what really is like the problem.

Yeah. Yeah. Yep. I agree it worked for some time, especially cuz of the age I was at the time, you know, I was younger and things like that, but at this age I’m, I wanna have some kids eventually. I don’t wanna be on birth control all the time. So steaming has definitely helped me manage my fibroid pain and just controlling the bleeding.

So it, it really helps, especially depending on where your fibroids are located too. Like I’m no doctor or anything, but you are definitely, like she said, go to the doctor because it depends on where your fibroids are located, how deep they are, and if the steam can actually help reduce them in size. And it’s kind of like a liquefying thing is what it does because fibroids are pretty much congealed phlegm.

Can you see ’em while you’re pregnant? No ma’am. No ma’am. . Okay. That’s good to know. So I had a friend who had really bad fibroids while she was pregnant. Oh. And they were very painful. Oh, bless her heart. No, you should not seem while you’re pregnant, unless you’re good to know for labor prep. So, Oh, good to know that too.

Just prepare for labor. It helps soften your cervix and open your cervix and make the process much smoother for you. , you know, and all of the, and I consider myself, I mean, I’m not a doula. . But in all of my, I’ve taken a lot of childbirth education classes, Uhhuh, . I have never, ever, in all, in all the doulas I have talked to and even the ones I had hired for my own birth, no one has ever mentioned, you know, they say have sex cuz the semen will soften the cervix, walk, eat spicy foods, all of these things.

No one has ever, ever, ever, ever, ever told me. , you can seem to soften the cervix to prepare for. Mind blown right now, ladies, that’s another episode. Yes. ? Yes. Yes. Yes. Wow, you’re blowing my mind today, Kathy. It’s amazing. Yeah, you can use it for so many things. So yes, that is one of them. Very popular one, regulating the menstrual cycle and kickstarting an absent menses.

So if you don’t have a period when you’re of childbearing ages, um, a lot of women try steaming to help kickstart it. Again, the circulation again, the purpose of steaming it helps that uterine lining. So if it’s not shedding properly, the warmth, the circulation, the benefits of those herbs being absorbed through the vaginal tissues are gonna help bring that lining down and come out.

And that’s why, wow, there’s a lot of women that don’t have regular periods because maybe they have endometriosis or they have P C U S and they’re also both very painful. Absolutely. Absolutely. Oh, that’s so great. There’s so many benefits to this. This is incredible. Yeah. Keep going. What’s the, what’s the next one?

Reduce yeast infections or other bacterias, help manage them. So I even use steaming as a preventative measure, like sometimes you can. Feel like, oh, maybe something’s coming on or sense it probably based on what you may have eaten or been doing lately, then you can steam with disinfecting herbs to help r rid of that bad bacteria.

Well, a lot of times after you steam, you will see little, you know, discharge that comes out as a result, which is the result of the bad bacteria coming out. Um, it helps maintain the vaginal. So good smelling cooch. . I would say . I love that. Yes. Yes. Helps maintain that vaginal, but nobody wants to stink down there.

No, no, no, no. Especially, especially when you’re using rose petals and jasmine and lavender. Like, oh, Jasmine, yes, yes. You’re gonna, it’s gonna absorb and you’re going. Smell. Some smell good. What else do we have? Okay. Miscarriage recovery. Oh, this is a heavy one. Yes, it’s. . It is very heavy and I have to pause myself , cause I had miscarriage a couple years ago, but I’m sorry.

Oh yeah, that’s, that’s fine. That’s fine. So it helps with the recovery mentally, emotionally, as well as physically. Just really if you’re still, if you got that bleeding, c, continuous, you know, bleeding, it can help control that. Unfortunately, with the fertility journey, and especially with like fertility, drugs and treatments that may have failed.

Sometimes miscarriage is a part of that and sometimes the bleeding is long and very painful. Is that something that somebody could do at home? Uh, yes, they could. As long as they are being monitored, you know, walkthrough with a certified facilitator, I wouldn’t just, this is definitely one of those times I would not grab the plastic pot, put it on the toilet.

I wouldn’t do that option. Um, no plastic allowed with steaming? No. None. No. I definitely, okay. So that, so if someone is going through, um, and how quickly or how soon is that steaming appropriate? Is that based on person or is there a general, like you have to wait a week or so it’s based, how, what is that?

What’s that like? Based on your symptoms. So if you have ongoing heavy bleeding, we, I don’t recommend that you steam if this is something that’s kind of, you still have trickles left dark brown, nothing fresh, bright red. That means it’s fresh blood. If you still have fresh blood. I don’t recommend steaming in any circumstance.

So if you. Past that point, but you do still have some lingering bleeding going on that’s not your regular period, then I would say that’s a good time that you can steam. Got it, got it. Got it. That’s, that’s gonna be powerful for a lot of women. What’s your next point? I’m hanging on every word, . Postpartum recovery, and this is a big, so important.

Yeah. Yeah. Dealing with. Emotions. Like I said, it’s something that’s gonna captivate your entire body, mind, body and spirit. So you can recover from depression as well with the aid of vaginal steaming. Uh, a lot of this, what we’re talking about is not gonna be I steamed once and I I got this healing. A lot of this is a journey, so keep in mind as.

Giving these points, these are with you continuously, you know, making sure, interweaving, steaming in your life, using it for what it’s worth. What I like to emphasize is a lot of clients or potential clients, I’ll get a DM on Instagram or on TikTok, and they’re saying, I do reiki, boom clearings, and it’s to clear that trauma out so that they can be as well prepared for like their next cycle or their next fertility treatment is possible to ensure that chakra is open.

Mm-hmm. , but usually there’s a lot of trauma. and there’s, everyone has a story. Everyone has had pain points. So I always say healing is not a one time event, and this is not the 7-Eleven or the drive-through of healing. Healing has to be something you have a relationship with, and that’s why I started this podcast is because a lot of women don’t have a relationship with healing and understanding that you can heal in different ways, but through healing you’ll discover who you are on a deeper level and it’s like, oh, it all starts with your.

Everything that you create in your life is from your wo. Oh. So whether it’s Yani steaming, or reiki or talk therapy with your therapist, or maybe like, I don’t know. I’ve never done it, but some people do Ayahuasca or whatever is your thing that you are doing safely. Mm-hmm. is, it’s not a one-time event.

It’s a journey, like you said, and it has to be. A consistent practice that you’re providing and creating space for, and you’re prioritizing. Yeah. It cannot be. Yeah. I seemed once and I’m cured for life. No. Like and, and I, no, no, no. You know, if you’re looking to really recover and heal from something, you have to actually treat each session as such.

Don’t you know, I wouldn’t go for. Because I’m sure your podcast is gonna be heard by women all over the country, and so everyone won’t be in Florida and come to me. But I serve tea during my service and don’t I love that. Let people don’t beat me up. I’m gonna say this, I just don’t recommend drinking alcohol during a steam session, but a lot of people do serve champagne or alcoholic beverages.

Margaritas even sometimes, and I’ve, I’ve seen people give a whole meal, honey shrimp and grits and everything, and it’s like, Hmm, but when do you wanna go take a poop? Like you be sitting on that and you get all warm in there. You like, I mean, I go to Target and I wanna take a poop. You star like . The people are gonna be like, I’m never listening to a podcast again.

You guys, you go to Target Ticket, tell me that you don’t go to Starbucks at Target. And then you walk a few things, you’re like, I gotta go. I know it runs right through. Tell, tell me I’m wrong and I I’ll bet you a hundred dollars. I’ll buy you a Tarbucks gift card. You think I’m wrong? It runs right through you.

Yep. Exactly. So if you, another thing is like with reiki mm-hmm. , I ethically cannot have alcohol 24 hours before I do a session. I’m not a drinker anyway. Right. I drank champagne when I went to a marriage conference. Yeah. And one glass was made me loopy and I was flirting with the check-in lady. I was like, Hey.

So like, I can’t imagine like sitting on a stool. Mm-hmm. wrapped a blanket around me and having steam up into my vagina like, I like where you fall or something. Like that’s not like a very delicate, sensitive, like the movements have to be like very careful. That’s hot water. Yeah, right. What do you mean you serve in grits?

Up in there In Sharpies. . That’s wild. I think I’m a little conservative just because of my training that I feel like healing should be done with a clear head. You need groundness so you can have clarity on what you’re feeling. I agree. And no altering substances. Yeah, I, and not, and that’s why I say, you know, whatever rocks your blow, whatever, whatever rocks your blow.

I’m just a little bit of conservative when it comes to, when it comes to that aspect, just have, and I agree. That’s why I kind of in the beginning set off to say, Hey, I’m gonna serve herbal tea. Um, it’s hand blended. This isn’t just some lipins and things like that. I put some love into this tea. Blending these teas.

They love it. You know, I do. I love loose leaf tea. Yes. Yes, they can. I have a situation where they, if they do like a little party, they can B Y O b I leave that in their hands, but I just don’t serve alcoholic beverages during my services. So I say that to say, Treat it for what it’s worth, you know, if you’re looking to really get some, let’s say, relief from sexual trauma, every session should be intentional.

You have, you know, you should set out that intention during that session and not a hundred percent not hanging out, drinking. And, you know, girl, I’ve even seen him smoking hookah with the, uh, steaming so, I have asthma. I can’t do that anymore.

I tried to do that on my honeymoon and I died. Oh no. But my twenties, it was fun. I know. Yes. No, I’m not against hookah. I just think that there’s a time in play. That’s what I say that to say. I’m dying right now. Yes. I can’t imagine doing hookah and steaming in my vagina. I’d be like so into like what’s going down, down there to be like, you know the sounds of the hookah.

I can’t Right. Hearing it bubble up, can you? I know. Oh my God. Cassie, you’re so funny. What’s the next point? The next one, we’re down to the final two and I would say infertility. steaming, like I talked about before, helps you really complete a full womb cleanse. Helps you create, you know, sorry, complete that full womb cleanse and shed that uterine lining.

that creates homeostatic environment and perfect for pregnancy. So I love that. Yeah. Yeah. It helps create perfect little fertile ground for your eggs to be implanted on. So I will say I have a success story. Woman definitely told me she’s steamed pregnant that next month, and she’s so cute pregnant, so she gonna have like a Yani steam baby.

Yes. I love that. So we have 60 plus Reiki babies, and lemme tell you, those kind of stories never get old. Oh my God, never, ever. I thank you. I never, ever, ever get tired of hearing how babies are brought into the world. So yes, love it. Keep up the great work. Aw. Thank you. Thank you. And last but not least, this is probably the most popular reason why women decide to try steaming is for menstrual pain.

Mm, menstrual pain. And it goes right back to that full wo cleanse. A lot of what’s cramped because our uterus is contracting, trying to push out clots and, and old stagnant blood that’s been in there that hasn’t been able to fully cleanse. Once you get. A womb cleanse that’s fresh, bright blood, minimal clots.

Your cramping should be the same, minimal to none. I have had literally cramp less periods, so it’s, I need, I need, I need that because my periods are actually, they vary depending on the trauma work that I’m doing. I feel like if I have a huge trauma release, then the next period is like, I like to call it a rager.

Wow. Like it’s, because then it’s like this big release. Yeah. And then it’s a really heavy, painful period, but then the next two or three are easier. Yeah. But I’ve always wanted to do a Yani Sea, so we’re gonna have to talk after the podcast. Hook the sister up. Yeah. So can you tell us, so now those are the 10 points.

So you mentioned Irv, so now we know. Steaming needs to be done safely. You need to have probably, if you’re gonna do it at home, you need to have a special stool so you can Amazon that. You should use either a crockpot or you should use a steaming bowl of water that you’ve seeped herbs in. Now, how do you know what herbs to use and then where do you access or get these herbs from?

I imagine that, that’s a very important question cuz it can’t just, Herbs I got from all these? No. No ma’am. , it can’t be. I heard that once. No, ma’am. I would not do that. I would, if you are doing this at home, I recommend just finding, either going online or a local place. A certified GNI steam facilitator, practitioner who has herbs available for you to purchase.

They would’ve properly blended them. Uh, properly Gotcha them because you want them to be, Fresh sifted and you know, no pesticides and things like that in them. So I order my herbs from a, a herb farm in bulk and create my blends that way. I put create ’em in little jars. Now, when people do want them, I put them in little baggies.

So I do recommend going not, I really don’t recommend an Amazon thing on this either, because you really don’t know what you’re getting on. You don’t know how old or like the shelf life or the stability. I used to work in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Yeah. So like a lot of the, the shelf life has a lot of to do with the conditions in which they’re stored, the humidity, the temperature, things like that.

And herbs can go stale, they can go bad, they can grow moldy. All of the things. So like you don’t. Storage conditions that they were given in. And also the storage of these herbs need to be done in certain containers. Like glass, yes. Or metal. They cannot be done in plastic because then that affects their, their pot efficacy and potency.

Mm-hmm. . . Yep, absolutely. So how does one find, is there like a website or an organization someone can find a facilitator in their area? Ooh, there’s a number now I’m on a directory from my, the Perine Hydrotherapy Institute. Mm-hmm. , there’s a directory of all facilitators in Oh, really? All over the world.

That that is a world. Is that the leading governing organization of Yani Cini? No, it is not, but it is one of the. Top, I would say they actually, okay. Uh, steamy Chick, Kelly Garza, she’s my instructor and she’s actually creating a documentary on vaginal steaming. So she’s a leading empire in this industry.

And so kind of getting it back, Popular cuz this is not something that’s new remember, you know? So it’s like just getting Yeah. Into the homes of women all over the place and not feeling shame about it and things like that. Cause this is what we did before we could go to, you know, the doctor of the street and things like that.

It’s been beneficial and it can continue to be beneficial if we use it. I am so thankful for you sharing your wisdom. I’m so thankful that you had the dream and the the vision to create a space for women in Florida to come and experience this. I hope more women have the opportunity come to visit you and experience this amazing vaginal steaming experience.

Next time I’m in Florida, which probably be around Christmas time, I’ll have to stop in and, uh, you’ll have to let me absolutely experience this. I am just in all of you and what you’re doing and what you stand for and just likewise, you have so much knowledge. Likewise, likewise. So, Everyone can find you at the Pink Butterfly bush on Instagram and your website, pink butterfly busch.com.

And are you on any other platforms? I’m on Facebook. I need to get more active on Facebook though. Pink Butterfly Bush Be Steam Lounge on Facebook. Really, if you can see a lot about the company, if you just Google Pink Butterfly Bush in Tampa. Perfect. A lot of, and they can find you there if they need to reach out to you.

They can. Do you offer any online consultations or any online services at this time? I offer virtual, uh, well, not virtual, I would say phone consultations. Okay. So yes, you can schedule a consultation. They’re free. Then you can fill out a little form with your symptoms and we’ll chat more in detail about do you ship the herbs to the people?

Yes, I do. Yes. I love that. Then you just solved half my problems. Yes. So . So thank you so much for taking the time to be here. I’m so grateful for you.

Top 10 Benefits of Vaginal Steaming with Cassie Beard

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