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Are you feeling stuck in your fertility journey? Feeling stuck goes back to our mindset. Our mindset is deeply connected to our beliefs.

In this episode, Carolina dives deep into what beliefs are and how limiting beliefs can show up and affect your fertility.

What you’ll learn:
1:10 What are limiting beliefs and how they can affect our fertility?
2:30 My old limiting belief when it comes to money
3:00 How do limiting beliefs affect a person?
5:18 How a person helped me overcome my limiting belief that I could not be a homeowner
7:00 Most common limiting beliefs that women who are trying to conceive have
11:40 “Our mindset is so important when we are trying to conceive”

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Full episode transcript:

I am Carolina, your podcast host in Ricky Master. Today we’re talking about something that’s super important, and I think it’s becoming more mainstream, but not necessarily to everyone. So what limiting beliefs are holding you back from conceiving? So let’s dive into this.

Super important as to know what a limiting belief is and what are the most common ones related to conceiving. So basically, limiting beliefs are. The inherited beliefs or chosen beliefs that we have that are negative or limiting ourselves or holding us back. So essentially those beliefs would be putting a cap on the success in a certain area of your life, and that can come back to really anything.

But most of the time it comes back to worthiness. and there could be trauma, or it could be an inherited belief, meaning like between ages zero to seven, we inherit a lot of beliefs from our parents, and that can be from what we observe. And all of this goes into our subconscious mind. So it’s really important to understand as adults, what are our beliefs around certain topics so that we.

either choose to continue to believe what that belief is or change it and make a active decision to decide what our new belief’s going to be. So that’s exactly what beliefs are. Did you believe it? Did you receive this belief around, let’s say money is the most common thing? So if you talk about money compensation or money mindset, what do you believe to be true about money?

Is money evil? Whereas that could be a very strong belief in money. Or for me, before I did a lot of internal work related to money. I believe that money caused conflict. And that’s not true. It’s the people who use money that cause conflict. So as an adult self, I had to rewrite and decide what my new belief was regarding money.

But growing up I learned. The money wasn’t for everyone and that money caused conflict. So when we’re talking about conceiving, we need to identify what our limiting beliefs are and what do we wanna change them to? How does limiting beliefs affect a person? It literally creates your reality. So if what we believe now and what we’re upleveling to and what we’re deciding is true for us, Is going to create our reality tomorrow, six months from now and a year from now, and.

We’re always changing and we’re always growing, but what are you believing for your fertility? What are you believing for your conceiving? Are you saying to yourself, this is never gonna happen, this is never gonna work out. It’s never gonna be my turn. The language that we use in relation to a topic matters so much and is very telling at the core what our limiting beliefs are.

Some people might use words, Core values or core beliefs, what you believe about something is your truth. So what I believe about money or what I believe about fertility or what is even possible for you doesn’t matter. What matters the most. is for you to decide what is your truth, you to decide what matters most to you in relation to the thing that you’re manifesting or the thing that you’re looking to invite into your life.

So fertility. It’s so important for you to believe that it is possible, that it is going to happen for you. It’s just a matter of time. So looking at the language and the narratives that we’re sharing with people that’s inside of our head is also gonna help us identify what the beliefs are. But if I say I’ll never become a millionaire, guess what?

That is true. If I also say I am becoming a million. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s going to happen. That also is just the truth. So for us to know what a belief is, it is what you believe in your guts to be true for you. Now, that doesn’t also mean it’s positive. It can be very much negative. So for me, for a long time, I believe certain things were not possible.

I remember. We are renting, and someone asked me, why are you still renting? You have a son. You’re married. You have a great job. Why don’t you just go buy a house? I was like, well, that’s not possible for me. And they said, why not? I said, well, I don’t know anyone personally that has bought a house in my family.

That’s never been done. Like why not? So then that person introduced me to my realtor and who was also a coworker at our job, and she’s like, let’s talk about this. And I was like, well, You know, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I went down the rabbit hole, I believe for so many years that we couldn’t be homeowners and thus we weren’t.

But as soon as someone planned to believe and challenged that belief that it was not possible for us, it changed. And I was like open and accepting of that change. So, I explored it, I got curious, and then I did decide, oh wow, knowledge is power and I was able to change that belief to it is possible in a matter of months.

We were able to qualify for a mortgage and you know, soon after we purchased the house, so that was back in 2019. So we need to determine what your beliefs are. How they affect a person is they deeply affect your reality. They deeply affect your mental state, and also it’s very important for you to surround yourself with people that are going to be positive.

They’re gonna be loving and supportive to you as you’re going through this challenging time of conceiving. and that they’re going to not project negative things onto you, so that as you are changing your mindset and you are shedding these limiting beliefs that you’re being held in a supportive space.

So what are the most common limiting beliefs that women are trying to conceive have? The first one is, I’m not doing enough. This is the most common limiting belief. I think you should do less in your fertil. I think you should do less. I think that we get ourselves crazy in doing acupuncture, Reiki, herbs, the diet starting to exercise.

If you’ve never exercised before, meditation, the supplements. I think that taking a 1% change and working with your doctor and coming up with a fertility plan that’s gonna work for you is what’s best. I want you to decide in your fertility what you wanna do and what feels good to you is start to trust your intuition.

So I’m not doing enough. I promise you you’re probably doing more than you have to. It’s really mentally and physically draining to have this limiting belief. That really all you can do is to accept that you are doing enough. I always, always, always will preach, please have a loving relationship with your doctor.

Have one that you can trust. And if it’s not one where you can share what you’re thinking or feeling in a safe place, get a new doctor. They work for you. Fire the doctor, get a. Get a new one. You have permission. This is your sign to get a new one. If you don’t feel like you are going in there and you have a empowered, confident, Fertility plan of the things that you’re gonna do, things you’re gonna test.

Look at what’s not working. If you’ve had miscarriages, what is the reason why you’ve had those? And what are we gonna do differently? What are some options for you? And then maybe you just do Chinese medicine and maybe you add in reiki, or maybe you are doing supplements in the Chinese medicine, in the herbals.

Maybe you’re just doing supplements and meditation. Whatever is decided between you and your doctors is what you need to do as long as you feel empowered and confident in it. So you are doing enough, I promise. The second one is I’m not ready. A lot of women are told. That they need to have children or that they need to have it by a certain age, or they need to have a checklist, like a stable relationship, a good career, own a home.

But the truth is there’s no such thing as a perfect time to have a baby. But it’s really important to understand that. When you’re ready is when you choose to have it. Or sometimes, you know, we have an oops. Or if you’re actively trying, then that’s the perfect time too. So like when you’re ready. Is when you’re ready and you may not be ready, but if you’re actively choosing to have a child, then understand that whoever you’re supposed to become, you will transform into when baby is here, baby will lead you to what?

Kind of person and parent you need to be for them. I am too old is the third one. This is so rampant in our society where we need to have babies by a certain age. There is so much more technology than we had that in the 1950s and our values not based upon. You know, if we’re a good Betty Crocker wife, and if we have five children, our value is our birthright.

Like we’re valuable humans. It’s not based upon what we can provide in a nuclear family setting. So basically, a lot more women are having babies over the age of 35. A lot of women are having babies in their forties, and they’re using. I V F or I U I, or they’re using clom and understanding that there are a lot more options now to help you conceive a baby.

Freezing your eggs is a really common way. Surrogates. Those are all different ways to help you create your family. So limiting beliefs are really, what are we gonna decide? What are we gonna decide that what is our truth now? And when did you first adopt that limiting belief? How old were you? And that’s some deep internal work that no one else can do for you.

But it’s really important to understand that our mindset is so important when we’re trying to conceive and. It’s not linear. You’re gonna have ups and downs, ebbs and flows. So some days might be easier than others. There might be some setbacks. Life’s gonna happen even while you’re trying to conceive. So as long as we believe a positive belief.

That will make things much easier. I believe things are always working out in my favor. I believe life is happening for me, not to me. I believe the best is yet to come and I believe I will always be taken care of, and so far it has been proven true for me. I used to believe that I wouldn’t have enough.

And we overdrafted all the time. I used to believe that people were out to get me. And you know what? I ended up in complicated situations. I believed that I deserved better after being tired and worn down. And I made changes of my life because at the core I changed the belief that I was worthy of better.

So soon as you decide what your beliefs are and for that to be your truth, that’s when things change. That’s when things get lighter. So it doesn’t mean your mindset is going to cure your endometriosis or your mindset is going to cure your P C O S or change how frequently you get your period, or if it’s gonna come this month, or if you’re gonna test positive, but your mindset.

And these core beliefs allow you to be more open to shifts and perspectives, allows you to receive more. Then if you have a closed fist, if you have a closed fist, it’s because you have a limiting belief. If you have an open hand that allows you to receive more blessings. So that’s an important metaphor I always like to give to my coaching clients is understand, are you thinking with a closed fist or with an open hand?

So decide what your limiting beliefs are. Like what are they? Identify them. Identify how they’re affecting your life. And then decide what you want to replace them with. And that will be your new truth. That will be your new core belief. And you will n go from limiting belief to empowered, confident belief.

And at the end of the day, I hope that you feel empowered and your conceiving journey and know that we’re here to support you, not just with Reiki, but just understanding that. Conceiving is also a. Spiritual journey. Sometimes it’s a spiritual weakening for many, and knowing that there’s ways to work through it, more ways than one.

So if you need help, send me a voice note on Instagram. I would love to hear what you thought of this episode. And if you want more episodes like this, just please let us know. And don’t forget to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcast. We’d love to know what you think about it. Thank you so much. Have a great.

What Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back from Conceiving

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