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Have you ever wanted to know how Reiki can actually help a woman conceive? The United States Center for Disease stated that 26% of women struggle with infertility. 

In this episode of the Carolina Sotomayor Podcast, Carolina will share how Reiki helped her break out of that infertility statistic! If you’re ready to break through your emotional blockages like Carolina did to conceive, this episode is for you.

What you’ll learn:

1:08 “Ferility is different for everyone”

1:26 My fertility story after getting married

2:34 How Reiki helped me conceive after a horse accident

4:49 How I got Reiki and what I felt right after the session

8:01 What I learned from Reiki

11:26 From feeling depressed to feeling lighter

11:38 How can Reiki help in a person’s fertility

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The Carolina Sotomayor Podcast is brought to you by Carolina Sotomayor and the Fertility Foundation.

Carolina Sotomayor is an Expert Womb Healer who helps women conceive by removing physiological blockages with Reiki. She is the host of the Carolina Sotomayor Podcast, a show that covers everything from fertility to postpartum to motherhood, and the creator of Fertility Foundation Collective, an online membership that helps women heal at their own pace to boost their fertility.

Carolina has served over 500 women from around the world to heal. She is passionate about helping women create their families. As a result, there are over 60 reiki babies in the world.

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Full episode transcript:

Hey, hey, hey. It’s Carolina, your podcast host and reiki master. So today we were talking about how Reiki helped me conceive. This is my own fertility story and I don’t think I talk about it enough. It is what led me to do what I do now, and fertility is different for everyone.

We spend most of our time thinking that. Or assuming that when it is time for us to have a family, that it’ll just happen that will have sex and we’ll just get pregnant. However, that’s not the case for many, and it wasn’t the case with me. I was a newlywed. , I was in my thirties. I had met the love of my life and our first year of marriage, we had agreed that we wanted to spend time getting to know each other on a deeper level as a married couple and enjoying this new phase of life and traveling and settling in as a married couple.

So then after that first year was. I got my I u D out and we were trying, but month after month we were not getting a positive pregnancy test. We were getting negative pregnancy tests. I got tested, got my hormones tested. I spoke to the gynecologist and she’s like, there’s nothing wrong with you. You have a normal period.

After the I U D had been taken out, my period had returned and it was normal and I had a normal period before the I U D, so there was no suspicion or. anything to think that they’re, you know, it wouldn’t come back. So I was working a lot. I was in a job that a lot of my identity was wrapped up in. It was also in his at the very beginning of a spiritual awakening, so this is how Reiki helped me conceive after a horse accident.

I was put on medical leave from that very stressful job, and my concussion was not healing properly. During that time, my husband took me to a metaphysical shop. , shout out to psychic Kelly Miller here in Omaha, and she had been in the lobby of her store. She also was doing psychic sessions during that time, and she said it’s not.

A crystal or a stone that you need to help you heal your concussion. It is actually your chakras need to be cleared. Your throat and your sacral plexus chakra chakra are blocked, and you need reiki . She recommended a Reiki practitioner. I was in grief therapy that same week. The grief therapist. , you know, you should be progressing along in your grief journey and your depression more than you are.

Uh, you should consider either doing reiki or getting on antidepressants because I was still depressed. My dad had passed before that. It had been at this point, two years since he had passed. I needed this weight to be lifted, but I didn’t know the connection of the grief, the physical ailments that I was feeling from the grief, cuz my grief was very physical, that it was connected to my fertility.

So I went to the reiki master that she had suggested, and it wasn’t just a reiki session, it was a Reiki massage. So this massage therapist was actually a trauma massage. Specialist, like she specialized in trauma massage, but she also did reiki. So I went in, I got the reiki session done, uh, fairly quickly after had been told that I was doing anything I could to heal.

I was super desperate to get back to work. I was super desperate to get back on my horse again because I knew as soon as I was pregnant again that. . I wouldn’t be able to ride my horse cuz I promised my husband. Issue is I’m pregnant. , I would stop riding The horses. Were a big part of my life at that point, so I got reiki.

I walked outta the session and I had felt better than I had in two years since my dad had passed. I could breathe again. I felt like the giant weight that was on my chest cuz I couldn’t breathe. A full breath. In those two years, it was very difficult for me to take deep breaths. My chest was so tight and I felt so heavy all the time from grieving and missing him, and learning to live life without my person, but also struggling with, you know, you should be happy.

I’m a newlywed. I should be hot to trot and wanna have sex all the time. And all of those stereotypes for that phase of. I had everything except my dad and a baby . I was happy to be married and I was happy to have my dream job and happy to have all these things. for me, but I was still so very, very sad and the sadness never left until I had my reiki session with this lady and she was life-changing and super kind and what it felt like was waves of energy, warmth moving through my body, you know, at a massage.

You laid face down and face up. When I face down and I closed my eyes. I could see different colors flash through my eyelids, and that might sound telic, but I learned later those are actually the colors of the chakras that she was working on, that the energy of the Reiki healing was moving towards. So essentially what really happened with Reiki in that session is, Reiki healed and went to the spot where I was hurting the most, and that was my sacro Plexus chakra, which is in your pelvis.

That’s where your uterus is, your fallopian tubes, your. Ovaries, that’s your entire pelvis. And also my chest and in my throat chakra. I couldn’t voice a lot. I had lost my voice. When my dad died, I felt very unsafe in the world. And I questioned a lot of things like, is this real? What’s not real? What are my beliefs now?

Because it was such a. Rattling experience. Death is very peculiar and very bizarre. How does a person that is a big part of your life and that helps bring you to life and helps shape who you are and you did so much of your life with, how do they go from here to nothing? , and that was something I really just had a really hard, difficult time wrapping my head around that Reiki session was amazing, and I felt goosebumps.

I almost felt like I was floating afterwards. I felt very blissful and I felt happy for the first time besides my wedding day and my honeymoon for the first time in two years. At that point, one month later, we were testing positive. With a pregnancy, and essentially I went on to get certified of course, and get certified multiple times in different lineages of Ricky.

But what I learned was, The technical piece is that my chakras were blocked, and the chakras are energy centers in our body. There’s six that sit on the spine and the seventh is in our ground on the top of our head. And basically what that looks like is all of those energy centers need to be open and flowing.

If they are blocked, that will cause some type of imbalance in that area of the. For example, the SAC PR chakra, it was blocked. The reason why it was blocked is because I felt emotionally unsafe in the world. I was disconnected from who I was and I didn’t know how to. Connect with myself anymore after my dad’s death, that every chakra has something that is in charge of something that it controls in that region of the body.

Our sacral Plexus chakra is in charge of emotional security, pleasure worthiness, but also influences. Our connection to our parents. So if we have childhood trauma and things like that, or fear, a lot of those emotions are in that center. So a lot of. Common emotions that are blocked in that particular chakra are blame, shame, guilt, abandonment, collect a big one is fear.

And after you lose someone and after you’re going through fertility and you get negative pregnancy tests month after month after month, you are gonna have fear, you’re gonna have a feeling of abandonment of some sort. Um, and for me, that one reiki session was enough. To open that chakra. And then I went and did the deed and

We got pregnant, um, to honor my dad the very next month. It was actually the second year anniversary of his passing and. on that day to honor him. We went and told my husband’s parents that we were pregnant, so it was all very, I guess, blessed. Blessed. It was very blessed. All of those things all happened for a reason, and it was part of our story.

I needed to slow down and it took God for me to be God smack to some people. Say I had. Horse accident where I fell off and I had suffered the concussion. And then in turn I went to the psychics metaphysical shop. She told me to get reiki, and then therapist told me to get Reiki. So I went and got reiki and then I was pregnant and I didn’t get back on a horse just in case he wanted that tea.

I didn’t get back on a horse until much, much, much later. And then it wasn’t even the same. So, Reiki helped me conceive by opening that region of my body’s energy and for my energy to flow from one connection to another, but essentially from an emotional standpoint, it relieved me for feeling heavy, and I left that session feeling lighter, and that’s essentially what happened.

And I needed to go from depressed. to feeling lighter in order for me to conceive my son, and it was my emotional state from the grief that was blocking my fertility at that point. So Reiki helps women. And men, but I serve women with their fertility in different ways and what could be blocking one woman is gonna be different from another.

I have worked with over 500 women over the past five years, and the kids, and the number keeps growing, and now we’re up to 68 Reiki babies. . It never ceases to amaze me how Reiki can impact somebody’s life. And for me, it literally saved me. I continued to get Reiki through my pregnancy and postpartum, and it helped me heal through.

Really large traumas that I wasn’t necessarily ready to talk about. And because of those traumas, I am able to hold space for other women going through like circumstances. So if you’re interested in getting Reiki, whether it’s for me or from another person, make sure you feel connected to them and they’re there to answer all of your questions.

Otherwise, continue to search for someone that’s gonna make you feel safe while they help you heal. Reiki. , the life force energy that makes everything feel alive and makes the grass green and makes your lungs grow and expand. Reiki as long as it’s ethically done, is a very great healing modality. So if you are interested in reiki or have questions about it, feel free to DM me on Instagram and mention this podcast, and I can’t wait to connect with you on the next.

take care of my friends.

How Reiki Helped Me Conceive

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