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Relationships are important to how we live life, how we love, and affects every part of our beings. Relationships can be platonic, romantic, professional, sexual, acquaintances, student/teacher, or placed based.

How we feel when we are in these relationships really affects our emotional and physical well-being. Not every relationship will leave you with the desire to share your emotions. Some relationships will leave you feeling threatened causing you to shut down your feelings.

When we shut down feelings we begin to lose touch with ourselves and our bodies. We lose touch with what makes us happy and what makes us sad. We start to have trouble identifying what it is that makes us feel good about ourselves and what is causing us pain. These can lead to a lot of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety disorders where people feel like they cannot cope anymore because they lost touch with themselves long ago when they started shutting down their feelings due to negative experiences within their relationships or other negative experiences in life that made them feel unsafe opening up about themselves anymore because they were afraid of being hurt again which would lead them back into shutting down again; thus creating an endless loop.

Relationships and Fertility

We all know that the person who gets us can take a toll on our mental health. The person who is close enough to see our flaws and still loves us anyway is also a strong contributor to how happy and healthy we are as individuals. A relationship that is healthy allows both parties involved to grow together while being challenged by each other’s differences in personality traits or character traits (the way they think or behave). It’s important not only for couples but family members as well to know what makes them happy and healthy so they can maintain the connection between each other by taking care of themselves physically mentally emotionally spiritually socially financially spiritually etcetera.

Fertility is complex enough, but when we have relationships that are not supportive, our emotional state can worsen. This will cause your sacral plexus chakra to close and decrease fertility. The sacral plexus chakra is your energetic center where your reproductive organs are located. This chakra represents your emotions, ability to feel your emotions, how your express them, and emotional security. The more a person can do to make their relationships safe for sharing their emotions, then the more open their sacral plexus chakra will be. This will make it easier to conceive.

The sacral plexus chakra

The sacral plexus chakra is the second of seven major chakras in the body, and it’s associated with sexuality and reproduction. The sacral plexus chakra is located at the base of your spine, just above your tailbone.

If you’re having trouble becoming pregnant, chances are good that something is off with this chakra. If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated about your fertility journey, it could be because there’s some pain stored in your sacral plexus chakra that needs to be released before you can move forward.

Reiki can help you get pregnant by releasing any negative energy that may be preventing pregnancy from happening. Reiki works by balancing the flow of energy throughout your body, which can help relieve physical pain as well as emotional stressors that might be holding you back from achieving a healthy pregnancy.

Reiki may help you get pregnant

When you’re ready to open your sacral plexus chakra, you’ll begin to cultivate a life of love. This is the energy that ignites passion into your life and allows you to maintain relationships with others with ease. Reiki may help you get pregnant because it can clear away the emotional issues that get in the way of fertility.

In this post, we have explored the relationship between facing infertility in your life and feeling stuck. I’ve shown you how Reiki can help open your sacral plexus chakra and relieve pain. If you’re ready to increase your fertility or heal some lingering pain from your past, please get in touch with me!

How Relationships Can Affect Your Fertility

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