Nice to Meet You, Friend!

I was grieving the loss of my dad, newly married battling infertility, and conceived my son after one reiki session. A five years later, I help women on how to conceive with reiki.  

Let's Dive In...

i am you. 

i struggled to start my family but doctors told me i was normal.

i conceived after one reiki session in 2016.

i had a very traumatic pregnancy and birth with my son, ollie.

I survived a complicated, severe case of postpartum anxiety and depression with the help of reiki. 

i have served over 500 women now with an open heart, soul driven purpose, and reiki womb healing expertise.

serving every type of woman you can imagine, i have chosen to specialize in helping women remove the blockages preventing conception.

I have extensive experience in my mediumship to help baby connect to mom during pregnancy and birth.


technical expertise

heartfelt approach

Why Work With Me?

2016-TraditionalUsui/Tibetan Reiki Levels I& II Certifications

Served over 500 women online and in person

2017- Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Certification

2018- Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Certification

2018- Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™

2019- Business by Design with James Wedmore

2020- Crystal Reiki Master Certification

2021-Kundalini Reiki I, II and Master Certifications

Over 60 Reiki babies conceived 

Unique style of Reiki and soul coaching to efficiently help you heal


The Magic Behind the Reiki

Meet Rayzelle. 

She is the magic behind my business. She makes sure all the systems, social media, podcast, and tasks get done. She is extraordinary in every sense of the word. 

I hired Rayzelle in January 2021 and immediately knew she was the missing piece to my business's harmony and flow. I also easily connected to her rainbow baby. I shared with her that she would conceive in July 2022. We giggled and started our amazing friendship and work journey together. 

Now she is currently in her second trimester with the 71st Reiki baby. Miracles happen, especially when you spend hours editing and listening to Reiki meditations and podcasts with my voice. 

We are so grateful to have her working magic between the scenes. 

success stories


miriam p.

Belkys d.

70 Reiki Babies and Counting...